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Pumpkin Presentation


When I think of Fall, I think pumpkins.  They are popping up on front stoops and steps all over my neighborhood.  For me, they are the perfect seasonal accessory.  I have many artificial pumpkins that I keep on display until Thanksgiving .  Today’s blog idea can become as elaborate or as simple as you like…adapt it to your taste and you will have a perfect pumpkin present to admire this Autumn.


Ways to adorn your pumpkin:


  • A band of ribbon or ribbons horizontally placed on your pumpkin.  Adhere with hot glue or with glue dots for a temporary hold.


  • Band around pumpkin and tie in a simple bow.


  • Many ribbons adhered to the pumpkin vertically- no bow.


  • Ribbons along the pumpkin grooves and tied into a multi-looped bow.

(to create bow, use 4 ribbons.  Tie two together in a basic bow,  repeat with other two ribbons. With the four ribbon ends, loop each separately and glue in place.)


BROWN and CREAM pumpkins

ribbons include: XL, EX, 361, 367, AR, TS, WR, SK, 372


HOT PINK and PURPLE pumpkins

ribbons used: 345, 350, XA


HALLOWEEN inspired pumpkins

ribbons used: 375, EX, JD, BH, EH


ALL in a row.

Blog Posted By: Leah Farrar-White

  1. Charlene

    Too cute and oh so creative!!

  2. Charlene Austin

    Oh My Word! These are so fantastic!!

  3. Kimberly Jones

    Fabulous! I love pumpkins because when I see them I know it’s time for my favorite season – Fall! I love the brown and cream ones!

  4. jen shears

    Love these, Leah!! My fave is the one with all the different white/ivory ribbons!!! They are all so fun!


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