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Pumpkin Pillow

The design team was lucky enough to get to play along for fun in the Halloween Challenge!  Here’s a little tutorial on making a cute pillow with the satin cut-out ribbon (EX-28).

I started out by lining up the pumpkins to decide the size I wanted.


This helped me determine the size I wanted my pillow also.  I used felt I bought at Joanns (by the yard) & started with a square approx 9” x 9”.  I liked the pumpkins being in 7 rows of 7.

Next I pinned them in place.



I then sewed the pumpkins down & around the perimeter of the pumpkins- leaving an opening to stuff.



I also pinked the edges.  Then I stuffed it with poly-fil & stitched the opening closed.




Easy-peasy and super cute!!  I think I’ll make more pillows with the other satin cut-outs in the Halloween challenge kit!!!

What are you making?


Blog Posted By:  Jen Shears

  1. Charlene Austin

    OMG I am dieing!! This is so amazing. Jen YOU are amazing!

  2. Creative Mind

    this is awesome..looking smart…

  3. Latrice Murphy

    LOVE!! I’ll be making some of these now!

  4. erin

    How festive.

  5. Karen B.

    This is super cute, and I can see how the other halloween ribbons would make adorable pillows as well!

  6. Megan McDonald

    Super cute! I would never think to use ribbon on a pillow. Great idea.

  7. Kimberly Jones

    Utterly adorable and so creative! I feel inspired to make one myself!

  8. Do of

    Adorable! Need to add this to my list of things to do!

  9. Charlene

    Sweet little pillow!

  10. Lexi

    “sew” cute Jen 😉 Perfect for fall decor!

  11. samantha sibbet

    Another great idea Jen, that really is a cute pillow. You are so crafty!


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