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Projects For Ribbon Lovers

Entry #24 from our Calling All Bloggers Challenge was sent to us by Michele Caron:

Projects For Ribbon Lovers

How to make a hip necklace with ribbon

ribbon challenge

Using metal and fabric to create the styles people are paying to add to their wardrobes and dress up their simple outfits.
Many types of fabric can be used to acquire the right “look” your clients are seeking.

How to take dollar store item to designer dream gift

ribbon challengeribbon challenge

Using plain notebooks and stationery  from your local “dollar” outlet, can produce a unique one of a kind gift item. Using ribbons with unique patterns and designs will turn simple into sensational! Note cards or greeting cards with fun multidimensional effects. The possibilities are endless..and wonderful for the millions of card makers and stationery lovers.
Gifts that fit every age and are useful for many occasions.

With the fashion world ever changing its colors and designs…

ribbon challengeribbon challenge

What better way to spruce up your wardrobe with a new belt or sash…perfect for wedding parties trying to blend a variety of dress styles.

A neck choker or headband for teens…unique and special.

Wrap your wedding bouquets with those special fabrics that are featured as sashes on the dresses of bridesmaids…accent with pearl accents…no need to buy yards of fabric when you can buy it finished as a roll of ribbon…May Arts makes designing simple and easy!

Cheering squads and tweens and teens will love the new clip bows….your imagination will soar will the colors and possibilities…grosgrain, shiny, or fabulous ribbon designs to mix and match your styles. You can’t go wrong and only make a big splash of color with May Arts Ribbon. Why be plain and predicable when you can be PERFECT!

For all the scrapbookers and paper artists…

ribbon challenge

Make your memory pages POP!! Using a mixture of ribbon fabrics on your pages. Using card stock and other types of paper art…there is no limit to your creativity.
Personalize your style and express your feelings with May Arts ribbon. The use of ribbon helps tell your story just a little better than stickers or other embellishments. Its adds color and depth to pages, cards, and posters. Try it today!! Release the inner creative genius in you!!

  1. nettie laurita

    Love entry #24 by Michele Caron.She has my vote.


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