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Princess Hair Bows

Hi all! Johanna here with a sweet project every little girl will love.  A friend’s daughter is celebrating her birthday this week with a princess-themed party, and I was trying to think of simple party favors that would be easy to make en masse, yet still have a “royal” feel.  I decided on these cute hair bows, which are especially quick to make if you have a Mini Bowdabra:

I was obsessed with the movie Marie Antoinette when it came out a few years ago, and I wanted to go for a similar color scheme as Kirsten Dunst’s wardrobe in it – pale, muted pinks and blues, ivory, and gold. I also love the combination of velvet, canvas, satin, and silk. Something about the mixture of textures just makes it feel so much more rich and luxurious.

Use your Mini Bowdabra to layer the ribbons in the order you want and create a perfect bow, then tie it off with some bow wire. Don’t cut your bow wire yet if you want to add embellishments – you can use the leftover ends to tie your beads in. I went for small pearl beads and glass heart beads I had leftover. Once you’ve tied in your embellishments, cut your edges, and fluffed your bow, you can slip a bobby pin through the wire in the back.

Since I used all different colors and textures for these bows, I made sure to keep one element the same in every bow  – the pretty crown canvas ribbon. This helps to tie them all together into a cohesive display.  These would look super cute fanned out on a silver platter for each girl to pick her favorite. And they’re much lighter than heavy, pesky crowns!

Blog post by: Johanna Descoins

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  1. Nicole

    These are fantastic!

  2. Kristie Maynard

    How sweet!  When my daughter was little I loved to make things like this for her.  Alas she is now almost 23 and I don't get to do that anymore.  They are very cute though, maybe some time I will have a grand daughter to make them for. TFS!

  3. Becky D

    These are so adorable Johanna! I wish my girls were young enough to wear these! Maybe I will make some for my nieces 🙂

  4. Sharon Gullikson

    Those look really cute, and easy to make. What a combo…

  5. Virginia Fynes


  6. Sue D

    So cute–love the ribbon you used.

  7. Court's Crafts

    Gorgeous bows!!!

  8. Chrissy

    Beautiful!  I love that khaki and white harlequin ribbon you used.  Great use for the crown ribbon as well.


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