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Pretty Paper Clips

I’m one of those office supply lovers who doesn’t work in an office. With that being said, there are two criteria’s to this. One, they must be cheap and two, they must look cute. Today I’m sharing a quick and cute way to jazz up your paperclips and non-office related ways of using them.

 Pretty Paper Clips

All you need to make paperclips special is to add a little bit of May Arts Ribbon to the tops. Here I made them in four styles.

  • Just tie a knot at the top.
  • Tie a bow.
  • Loop one ribbon at the top to make flags.
  • Gather many strands and loop them at the top to make a pom-pom.

To secure them you can add a little bit of adhesive to where the ribbon meets the paperclip and let dry.

Of course you can use these in your office but if you don’t have one, here are some examples of other uses for them.

 Use them on a layout or card.

Here I used two paperclips on this one scrapbook page.

 Pretty Paper Clips

The bow clip was used purely as decoration.

 Pretty Paper Clips

The tie clip was used to hold the piece of paper, the photo and the acrylic sheet together.

 Pretty Paper Clips

You could also use these as bookmarks. Here I used the pom-pom clip to hold my notebook page.

 Pretty Paper Clips

With all the beautiful ribbons in the May Arts Store the possibilities are endless.

 By Lalo IK


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  1. Martie Rollin

    Such fortuitous timing…I was just trying to figure out how to use paper clips as functional embellishments…and along comes this posting. Love all these decorated clips!

  2. Jean Bullock

    What a darling idea!

  3. Melin

    Wonderful idea! A great way to add just that extra touch to any paper crafting project!

  4. TracyM #6773

    PRETTY paperclips and FABULOUS layout,
    THANK YOU for sharing this FUN idea Lalo!!!

  5. Shelly

    These are absolutely, SWEET! Such a awesome idea! 🙂

  6. Mallika

    Such a pretty and elegant work 🙂


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