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Pretty In Pink

My friend Tenly has the most beautiful daughter named Perry Rose.  Perry Rose just turned 2 years old, and in honor of her birthday Tenly had some professional photos taken of her.  As a special birthday gift, I wanted to create a frame that was just as adorable as Perry Rose, so I created this Pretty In Pink photo frame.  Here’s the how to:




Supplies Needed: 

  • Glass Clip Frame (this project used an 11” x 14” size)
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Glue Dots
  • Prima Marketing Paper Flowers
  • Recollections Clear Circle Brads
  • Mini Die Cut Wood Letters
  • Craft Smart Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush



The first step in creating this project is to cut a template the size of your frame. You’ll want to use a thin piece of cardstock or cardboard, something with a bit of stability to it. I used a thin piece of cardboard and cut it to measure 11” x 14”.  This template will become the backer for your ribbon.


Lay the photo that you’ll be framing in the center of your template board.



Next, you’ll begin cutting your ribbons into random lengths, to create the patchwork design around your photo.  So that you don’t waste any ribbon, begin by cutting one pattern of ribbon and placing it on your template, and then move on to the next pattern.  Once cut, place the ribbon where you want it on the backer template.



Continue cutting your ribbon into various size lengths and placing them on your template, beginning to develop your patchwork pattern.



As you continue to cut and place your ribbon, place some ribbon running horizontally and some vertically.  Layer some ribbons on top of each other, and overlap the edges of the ribbon.  This will create your patchwork pattern.Don’t worry if you have a couple of small open spots.  They can be covered up later with the layered paper flowers.



Once you have all your ribbon laid out, snap a photo of your work so you have a guide to reference when taping/gluing the ribbon down permanently.  On the sheer ribbons, I used double sided tape to secure the ribbon, and on the heavier ribbon, I use glue dots.


Tape and glue your ribbon into place, covering the entire template board.



Once all of your ribbon is placed, position your photo in the center of the frame.



Next, place the glass over your collage and assemble the clip frame.


To add some dimension, as well as fill in the open spots in your layout, hot glue your paper flowers on the outside of the glass.  Paint your wood initials and glue them to the outside of the frame.




Hope you enjoyed this project and Happy Birthday Perry Rose!


Blog Posted By:  Shelly Dozier-Mckee

  1. Donna

    Beautiful layout, fantastic job!!!

  2. jen shears

    Love all the texture you’ve achieved with all those ribbons!!! 🙂

  3. Kimberly Jones

    What a wonderful gift! Perry Rose is adorable, and the frame is so pretty. Love all the ribbons you used!

  4. Charlene

    Adorable…the baby and the frame!!

  5. Andrea

    This turned out absolutely darling. I’m going to have to make a few of these.


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