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A New Design Partnership


The creative team at May Arts spends countless hours researching color trends, looking for inspiration, listening to our customers, and brainstorming the latest ribbon patterns for our products throughout the year. We are dedicated to giving our customers fresh and innovative design that can be applied across multiple industries. Cutting-edge design is a process we are dedicated to, and enjoy so much, that we decided to let the students at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in on the fun.

May Arts is pleased to announce a new partnership with Moore that will give their students the opportunity to design new ribbons that could be incorporated into their portfolio and added to our inventory!

Moore College of Art & Design is dedicated to excellence in art and design. Founded in 1848, Moore is the first and only visual arts college for women in the United States. May Arts is excited to partner with the up-and-coming designers to highlight innovative ways our customers in fashion and craft sewing can use our ribbon.

May Arts representatives met with Professor Linda Wisner’s students last week to unveil the project. Each student was filled in on our history and our brand. They were able to feel the quality of our ribbon, as well as look at our catalog of over 6,000 sku’s. In order to fulfill the project requirements, each student will be giving May Arts a report of color and fashion forecasting, three to four ribbon designs, and a demonstration of how the ribbons could be used in apparel or accessories. We are excited to see what the students create, and could not be happier that we are able to support the entrepreneurial dreams of students who will one day work in the creative arts.

Check back throughout May for blog posts highlighting the students’ ribbon designs and their illustrations for uses of the ribbon in fashion. If you want to learn more about Moore College of Art & Design, please visit

  1. Virginia Fynes

    That is such a great opportunitiy for both partners, I look forward to creating with new designs and exciting colors!

  2. Sue D

    Looks like a great partnership.


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