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Post-It Note Holder

Hi everyone. Today, I have a project to share with you and gasp… it’s not a card. 🙂 I decided to make a post it note holder just for fun.



How to:
1. Trace the clip board on the cardstock. 
2. Adhere ribbon scraps along the bottom of the cardstock, then wrap a ribbon to cover the top of all the ribbons. 3. Adhere the decorated cardstock to the clip board.
4. Stamp the flower with text background, layer the flower, finish with a button for the flower center. Adhere flower to clip board. 
5. Stamp the post-it note pages with various stamps and adhere the post-it-notes to the clip board. 
6. Tie a bow through the clip board hole. 

This is a great project to use up your scrap ribbons. 🙂 I hope you like it and thank you so much for stopping by here. Have a blessed day!

Blog post by: Vera Yates

  1. sanya

    very nice and beautiful design of craft

  2. sanya

    very nice

  3. sue wisniewski

    post it note holders are always a good little gift. thanks for sharing,
    stamping sue

  4. Laura Cox

    Sweet and simple project….love it!

  5. Janice Aeschliman

    Cute idea! Love the ribbons!

  6. Daniela

    cute ! 😉

  7. Sharon Gullikson

    Very cute. I like..

  8. Jeyatha

    I have tons of scrap ribbons, this will be a good one to do with it..

  9. Jeyatha

    simple and neat..

  10. KelliJo

    HA! I LOVE that lil dog stamp… he’s the dog from the crotchety ol lady comic!!!! **morning brain fart on name** Madge? Hmmm, anyway, this is a CUTE project and love the ribbon tails… looks like the Cat’s PJ’s sketch that scared me! LOL

  11. Jingle



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