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Posh Parcels: Presentation Pouch


I love to give and receive presents, but for me it’s all about the packaging! A lovely necklace seems even more special when it’s presented on a pretty beribboned board and tucked into a pouch with a gorgeous ribbon rose!



Here are the elements you need to create your own:

  • May Arts Ribbon: Black Silk, SK10 1.25” {1 piece about 48 inches long}; Moiré/Iridescent Wired Champagne Gray, QP35-  1.5” {1 length cut to 40 inches long}; Gold Mesh/Net, Q99 – 3” {2 pieces cut to 8 inches long each}
  • Canvas pouch from the craft store {I found mine at Hobby Lobby}
  • Chipboard {4 ¾” x 9”}
  • 2” cardstock circle
  • Fabri-Tac or hot glue gun
  • g.c.d. Studios Paris Nights Collection: Front:  Paris Market {6 ¾ x 11};  Back:  d’Orsay  {4 ¾ x 9}


Rose Tutorial



Tie a knot at one end of the champagne gray wired ribbon.


Gently start pulling out one of the wires on the other end and gather the ribbon tightly.



Pull on the wire until the ribbon is completely ruffled.

Cut off the excess wire leaving about 3 inches and tie in a knot



Start rolling the original knotted end, securing with Fabri-Tac to create the center.

Continue rolling the ribbon, securing with Fabri-Tac as you go along.

Tie the wire into a knot and cut off the excess.

The finished rose!



To create the gold mesh leaves:

Fold an 8” length of gold mesh ribbon in half.

Bring the two ends to the middle.

Pinch the ends together and secure with tape. Repeat the process for a second leaf.

Glue the leaves to the back of the rose and then cover with the 2” circle.



Attach the rose to the front flap of the pouch with Fabri-Tac, making sure the circle can’t be seen on the back of the flap.



To create the presentation board:

Wrap the chipboard with the Paris Market paper.

Miter the edges by folding the paper diagonally at each corner and then snip off the edges just beyond the crease line.

Fold the edges up and secure with double sided tape.

Cover the back of the board with the d’Orsay paper.

Wrap the black silk ribbon around the board starting in the back. Tie a knot making sure to secure the necklace chain as you do so.


Bring the ribbon around to the front and tie a bow securing the necklace at the same time. Add a bit of double sided tape to the back of your pendant to hold it in place.

Tuck the presentation board into the pouch and you have a very posh way to present a lovely necklace!


Blog Post By: Kimberly Jones

  1. Noreen

    The mesh leaves and ribbon make an elegant bow!

  2. Michelle Mathey

    Kim! You are da bomb!!

  3. Charlene

    Beautiful and beautifully presented, Kimberly!

  4. Anne Thompson

    This is gorgeous! I can’t wait to try this myself! Anne, yourmainestamper

  5. Karen K

    Both of those are very nice!

  6. samantha Sibbet

    the flower on the clutch is amazing, i love it!

  7. Pam Loris

    Wow! This is just gorgeous!!!!


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