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Placemat Stationery Holder

One of the things I love to do after the holidays is take advantage of all the after-Christmas bargains.  The other day I was walking through a discount store and came across their kitchen linen department.  As I looked through the assorted placemats, I came across a single green bamboo placemat.  I loved the color and the sturdy bamboo design and began thinking about what I could make with this placemat.


I picked it up and began to play with it and saw that it rolled and folded easily.  At that moment the idea hit me….I could turn this placemat into an envelope style stationery holder.



Supplies you’ll need:

  • Placemat—any type of cloth, mesh or woven placemat will work as long as it can be folded
  • Fabric-Tac
  • Small round magnets with a strong hold
  • 2 14” dia wood die-cut circle
  • Initial Sticker—I used Sandylion Essentials Stickers
  • Hot Glue Gun




To create the bottom of your envelope, create a fold about 6” up from the bottom.



Now fold the top to the placemat down about 2 ½” to create the top of your envelope.  The top and bottom edge will should overlap.



Next, you’ll want to close up the sides of your envelope.  I decided to use a series of ties to enclose the sides of my envelope.


Cut your desired ribbon (ABB15) in to 3 ¾” strips

Determine the placement of each tie end along the top and bottom edge of your envelope sides.



Once you have the placement of your ribbon ties, glue one end of the ribbon to your placemat using Fabric-Tac.


To create a clean, finished look on the inside of your envelope, glue a narrow length of ribbon (SB06) along each side.  Because my placemat had a coarse edging, I used my glue gun to adhere my ribbon.  If you are using a cloth placemat, Fabric-Tac will work.




When the glue has set, fold the bottom of your placemat up and tie the top and bottom ribbons together.  Trim the ribbon ends to your desired length and now the sides of your stationery envelope are enclosed.

Note:  I butterflied the ends of my ribbon to give the ties more style



To create the closure for the top of your envelope, hot glue your small magnets to the underside of the top flap, and also along the inside edge of the bottom flap.



Now that your envelope is created, it’s time to decorate the outside.


Paint your wood die-cut circle in a color to coordinate with your stationery envelope.  Once it is painted, add your initial sticker, a gathered ribbon edge (373-15-23), and glue the wood circle to the outside of your stationery envelope.



All that’s left to do now is to place some beautiful stationery and writing pen inside your Placemat Stationery Envelope.



I hope you enjoyed this project!


Blog Post By: Shelly Dozier-Mckee

  1. Jennifer H.

    What a fantastic idea! And it is personalized too! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. sue w.

    Very clever idea. thanks for sharing, stamping sue

  3. Casey Marie

    Oh I love this idea!!! So simple. Would make perfect gifts!!!!!

  4. Charlene

    Cool idea, Shelly! I’m going to try this one for sure.

  5. Pam Loris

    Great idea for stationary! I’ve made purses before from placemats, but how cool to incorporate it into my paper crafts! Thanks for the project today!

  6. Andrea

    Awesome!!! I love it Shelly.

  7. Henva

    WOW! I absolutely LOVE this…what a great idea…these are the types of projects I love coming over to this blog and seeing!

  8. Bonnie

    Love this idea. What a great way to give some personalized note cards or stationary as a gift…or just to keep on your desk!

  9. Cheryl

    What a creative idea.. who wouldn’t love to give or receive this as a gift …


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