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Pinecone Ornament

I seem to keep finding endless uses for the faux suede leaves that May Arts offers – I just love them! The jagged edges resemble the look of a pinecone and when I found a styrofoam egg in the craft store, I knew I had the beginnings of a fantastic ornament. These could be used to decorate your doorknobs for Thanksgiving or as ornaments on your Christmas tree.



May Arts ribbon
– 1 foot – 3/8" Dk. red velvet ribbon (PV25)
– 3-4 yards – Faux suede leaves (XL33, XL32 or XL09) *about 30-40 leaves

• Pinking shears

• 1.5" Square of brown felt

• Clear tacky glue

• 30-40 Small craft pins

• 2-4 Gold headed pins

• 1" Diameter white button

• 3" Styrofoam egg

• Fray check




Step 1 –Beginning at the pointy end of your egg, attach 3 leaves equally spaced by pinning
the bottom and middle of the leaf. The top tip of the leaves should overlap.



Step 2 –place your next row of leaves in between the first row, but pin farther down the egg. I used the horizontal mold mark on the egg as a guide.



Step 3 –To keep leaves from moving around, apply small drops of tacky glue to the middle of the leaf on it's underside. Keep glue away from end points of leaf because you want the tips to be free. This will form a more realistic pinecone.



Step 4 –Keep alternating and pinning your leaves all the way to the top of the egg. My last row consists of 6 leaves equally spaced around the small circle on the egg.

Step 5 –To cover the top of the final row of leaves, cut a circle of felt with your pinking shears. Note: you can use a quarter as your size guide. With tacky glue, glue your felt circle in the center of the top row of leaves.



Step 6 –Next, find the center point of your velvet ribbon and position it on top of the felt circle with right sides together. Place your button on top and secure in place with gold head pins. The number of pins you use will depend on whether your button has two or four holes. Be sure to line up pins so that you are securing the ribbon in place.



Step 7 –To form hanging loop, grab both ends of velvet ribbon and secure with an overhand knot. Finish pinecone ornament by running fray check along each cut end of velvet ribbon.


Download the tutorial Here!

Blog post by: Tiffin Mills

  1. Mary Reppe

    In Love! I’ll be making these for a simple gift that Anyone can use. Brilliant tutorial.

  2. Christine Dring

    These are so cute!

  3. Jingle

    These are really cute!

  4. Amanda Coleman

    Fantastic! What a great idea to start with a Styrofoam egg. These would look perfect on our Christmas tree!

  5. Annette A.

    wow these are amazing…so creative..i love it

  6. B. Poteraj

    I love those leaves–I’ve never seen what to do with them, but I’ve always loved them and wanted them. Maybe you can have more blogs showing what can be done with them.

  7. Kristie Maynard


  8. Kelly Sas

    OMGoodness! I have this ribbon and NEED to make these!!! Thanks so much.

  9. Charlene

    Super creative fall idea!

  10. Karen K

    Those are really cute. Great project!

  11. Sue McRae

    What a great project!

  12. Andrea

    Wow! I absolutely love these!!! What a great way to put a twist on things.

  13. ptitesmimines

    wonderful project !
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. Corinna

    This is a fabulous idea!!!


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