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Picture Frame Christmas Coffee Filter Wreath

Hi May Arts fans, Jenifer here with you today to share a quick fun wreath with you.  

 Picture Frame Christmas Coffee Filter Wreath

Take a frame and hot glue the 5″ tulle so that it hangs over both the inside and the outside of the frame.  Take your coffee filters and wad them into a tight ball, lay them back out flat.  Fold in half and then half again and then 1 more time.  Pinch the pointed end up and hot glue on top of the tulle.  Do this around the entire frame.

 Picture Frame Christmas Coffee Filter Wreath

The next step is to take the wired beads and loop them around and through the coffee filters and the tulle until you get the desired look.

Picture Frame Christmas Coffee Filter Wreath 

I purchased the glittered Merry Christmas at Walmart after Christmas last year and just paid a few cents for it.  I love it hanging in the middle of my square wreath.  Now you are ready to display your quick and fun wreath.

By Jenifer Cowles



Other Supplies Used:

  • Frame
  • Coffee filters
  • Hot Glue 


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  1. Pooja V

    fantastic creativity..I love it!!

  2. Lorraine

    Very nice tutorial, I will be using this for christmas, thanks!


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