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Did you know that May Arts offers satin/string cording that is perfect for jewelry making? It’s Karen, from The Bald Dragonfly here to show you how a length of beautiful black cord works so well with a few jewelry supplies to create a stunning and elegant pendant necklace in just a few short steps.


First, gather your supplies (supplies listed are for one necklace):


• 16 in. May Arts Satin/String Cord in Black SY10 (length varies on desired length of necklace)

• 3 silver jump rings and filigree tube findings

• 1 lobster clasp

• 1 chandelier earring finding

• Assorted decorative beads

• Pendant (clay flower)

• Glue


Next, assemble your necklace.


1. Adhere clay flower to earring finding with glue dot.

2. Slip earring and decorative beads onto a jump ring.

Optional: Cover the backside of the pendant with a punched pattered paper circle and glossy accents for a more finished look.




1. Slip tube and jump ring onto one end of cord.

2. Pull the cord through the tube until jump ring is taught and secure with drop of glue through holes in tube.

3. Slip on pendant.

4. Repeat step 2 with other side of necklace, except use lobster clasp instead of jump ring.



Imagine the possibilities of beautiful, stunning necklaces that you could create with a few inches of May Arts Satin/String Cord and a few jewelry pieces…

• Change up the colors and styles of beads and findings to coincide with the recipient’s style.

• Gather a tub of plastic beads and the multi-colored Satin/String Cord available through May Arts (SY77) to create a fun project for a girl’s birthday party or sleepover.

• Skip the lobster clasp and knot the ends of the cord to fit the needs of all neck circumferences.


Blog post by: Karen Baker

  1. Karen K

    Very cute necklace Karen. I love the tube you used right next to the clasp. Nice!

  2. Trinh

    Fabulous necklace, Karen!

  3. Lisa Petrella

    GORGEOUS!!! Awesome tutorial! You make it look SO EASY!!! Maybe I’ll give this a try sometime!!!

  4. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    WOW!! Karen, this post is inspired!

  5. Alice W.

    wow! beautiful necklace, Karen! love it!

  6. jen shears

    oh my. this is soooo pretty! I love every little bit- and the findings are such a lovely combo!!! 😀

  7. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! Beautiful necklace!

  8. ellen s

    this is gorgeous!!!

  9. lynn

    gorgeous, karen! love your tutorial–tfs:)

  10. Kathy Skerven

    Your necklace is beautiful! The black cord is a nice contrast to the beautful color of the necklace! Great job!

  11. Chunyuan

    Gorgeous. Love the color and details.

  12. Mel M

    Stunning necklace. Love the turquoise.

  13. ~amy~….soooo pretty!!!!!

  14. Tammy

    Absolutely amazing! You never stop amazing me!!!

  15. Kimberly Jones

    Ooh! So pretty! I love that clay flower and the entire necklace is simply stunning! Great tutorial Karen!

  16. Sue McRae

    Fantastic necklace!

  17. Heather I.

    Karen blows me away EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! Love this – great tutorial!!! I wanna try it!

  18. Holly Tolman

    This is gorgeous!

  19. erin t

    Wow, you have a future career on Etsy, fabulous necklace.

  20. Charlene

    Simple, beautiful, elegant, perfect, Karen!

  21. Anita A

    Stunning idea!

  22. Kathy P

    So beautiful! Love this one a lot! I don’t generally wear jewelry, but this one I would!

  23. Jingle


  24. Wendy Jordan

    Very, very cool. I love this Karen. I will more than likely be making something like this. I can feel my life wandering towards the beads all the time. Take care and thanks for a great tutorial.


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