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Patriotic Ball Wreath

Celebrate all Summer long with a Patriotic style wreath! You may choose to adorn your entire wreath with the twine-wrapped styrofoam balls or do as I did and attach them halfway.

 Patriotic Ball Wreath

To get started, you will need: two or three different sizes of styrofoam balls, fabric or hot glue, red/white/blue twine, a wreath, various 1.5″ or 2″ May Arts Ribbon and a serrated knife.

 Patriotic Ball Wreath

For the larger, 2″ balls I cut them in half with a serrated knife, but this is not necessary.

 Patriotic Ball Wreath

Apply a generous amount of fabric or hot glue to a section of the styrofoam. Begin wrapping the twine in a cris-cross fashion. Wrap until you have the desired coverage.

 Patriotic Ball Wreath

I’ve used a 10″ styrofoam wreath for the base, but any size or style can be used. Next, I wrapped the wreath in the 1.5″ reversible polka dot ribbon and secured at the ends with straight pins.

Have a design in mind for arranging the wrapped twine balls and begin adhering to the wreath with your fabric or hot glue gun.

 Patriotic Ball Wreath

Next, I tied a large bow from the same, but reversed side of the 1.5″ ribbon. I knotted a separate length of the ribbon and then tied around the center of the loops. I used long (corsage) straight pins to secure the bow to the styrofoam below.

 Patriotic Ball Wreath

For a little extra detail, I cut a few of the puffy blue stars from the strand and then topped them with a silver decorative sequin and red tipped straight pin. Attach these to any of the twine balls via the straight pin.

The wrapped twine balls would also make a nice filler for a glass bowl or add a hanger and use as a Christmas tree decoration!

 By Shellye McDaniel



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  1. Taunya Butler

    Complete and total Awesomeness!! Love all the great pics and how-tos!! Just might give this a try!!

  2. Amante del Papel


  3. barbara macaskill

    This is so pretty! Looks easy to make also! LOVE it!


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