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Party Time!

Welcome back to the May Arts blog!  Today, I’m going to share some tablescape ideas that we created for a Spa themed party for some teen girls (and their houseparent Dad!)  The girls got to keep everything on the table even the plates and silverware.  How fun is that!?  

We want to show you how you can use these basic ideas to show you how May Arts Ribbon can take any tablescape from plain jane to runway gorgeous in minutes. 



I think any girlie girl would love all this pinkalicious fun. Let’s take a look at how May Arts Ribbon transformed this table.  We decided on a pink and green color scheme with silver accents since this was for teen girls who love all things pink and glittery.  May Arts makes it so easy to find a color scheme; just type in your desired color and all the ribbons in that color family pop up. 

First up is the table cloth.  We had purchased an inexpensive white cloth – 60” round.  It barely covered the table!  I had this pretty fabric in my stash (now, you know every sewer has a fabric stash…fess up!)

No special sewing skills needed.  I just pressed up a narrow hem and straight stitched it.  Then I seamed it right to the tablecloth.   The next step was simple!  I just used a low temp hot glue gun and glued that stunning May Arts Plaid Loop Edge Wired Ribbon (MR66) to cover the seam.   



I created the gift boxes on the on each plate using this tutorial on the May Arts blog.  I used a glossy pink cardstock that I found at a clearance store.  Each one holds a bar of scented soap…perfect for a spa theme.  The boxes have a Velcro closure so they’re reuseable.



We even dressed up our napkins with May Arts ribbon!  These are inexpensive white napkins that you can find at any bedding store or discount club.  Using a pretty fold and May Arts ribbon took them from ho hum to awesome.



Here are the easy steps.



First, fold your napkin into a square.



Next,  roll down the top two layers.



Grab the folded edges and flip the napkin over.



Turn right side up. 



Slide May Arts Ribbon Silver Metallic Band Edge (383-38-01) under the napkin over the fold.  Twist May Arts Fuzzy Pom-Poms  (346-22) around the silver.  Insert silverware in the pocket.  That’s it.  Easy and elegant thanks to May Arts!



We wove May Arts Sheer Glitter Dots (FD19) around the table to bring out the sparkle.



See that glass vase at the left of the photo?  We hadn’t planned on that.  They gave it to us at the last minute so that the ladies doing the voting could place sugar cubes for the table they liked the best.  We couldn’t leave it bare, right?   Thank goodness we brought our May Arts Ribbon with us!!   We wrapped some May Arts Fuzzy Pom-Poms (346) around the vase then tied a lush bow with May Arts Sheer Twinkle silver (CT31).  Easy, elegant and fun!!

We wrapped each chair with a fluffy bathrobe then placed a basket full of spa goodies on each chair.



We spray painted inexpensive straw baskets then I hot glued May Arts Sheer Butterflies (QT17) around the edges gluing only the butterflies.  Next we tied a bow using the Sheer Glitter Dots (FD19) then twisted some more those fun Fuzzy Pom-Poms (346) around the center before hot gluing our bow to the basket.

For added sparkle, we sprinkled some fine glitter on the table. 

We’d love to know how you use May Arts Ribbon to transform your tables!


Blog Post By: Charlene Driggs

  1. ellen s

    this is so gorgeous! i love the colors and the amazing shots of the napkin. i was just talking about this and how i bought a book on napkin folding!

  2. Casey Marie

    Stunning! I really enjoyed the photos as well as the details of each piece.
    Love the table cloth idea!! Just may have to use that soon, 😉

  3. sue w.

  4. Kimberly Jones

    Gorgeous! What a beautiful tablescape! I love the ribbon embellishment on the tablecloth. What a great idea!

  5. Pam Loris

    This is definately girly!! I usually only make napkin rings, and a table runner when I set up a table. Have never done anything this fancy!!

  6. Karen K

    That is one beautiful fun setting for a party!

  7. samantha Sibbet

    lovely! what a lucky bunch of girls!

  8. Bonnie

    As of now I haven’t…we’re not a fancy bunch…but after seeing that table I think I will do this from time to time with/for my granddaughter (she’s 5) who loves sparkly glitter and butterflies.


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