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Party Hat

Hi! Tiffin here from Linwood Avenue. I am a firm believer that every small birthday munchkin needs a party hat. A little one blowing out their candles, wearing a super special party hat makes for a great photo! In this tutorial, I combined May Arts ribbon, a Hero Arts® stamp and some brightly colored paper to create such a hat. This tutorial is great, because you can customize it to match any party theme you have.


May Arts Ribbon

– 1 yd – 3/8″ grosgrain diagonal/stripe (3363814)
– 1 yd – 7/8″ grosgrain horizontal/stripe (3427822)
– 1 yd – 1/8″ curly/sparkle (SE31)

• Hero Arts® cupcake stamp

• 4 sheets of coordinating colored paper

• Party hat (existing image doesn’t matter)

• Spray adhesive

• Straight and scalloped scissors

• Tape (regular and double stick)

• Silver stamp pad




Step 1 – Open existing party hat and spray glue the image side, then adhere it to your orange paper.

Step 2 – Trim edges of orange paper to follow line of existing hat. If you have scalloped scissors, you can add a decorative trim to the bottom edge. Trim 3/8″ off of the top loop of the hat to allow space for ribbon.

Step 3 – Using silver stamp pad, stamp cupcake image onto 3 remaining sheets of paper.

Step 4 – Cut sections of stamp out of each page to create a layered cupcake. Use spray glue to adhere pieces. Glue on decorative beads as sprinkles if you want. Set aside.

Step 5 – Cut your ribbon into 10″ strips, loop and tape to inside of the hat.

Step 6 – Fold your hat back into a cone shape and insert tab into existing slit. Tape flap to the inside of hat if needed to secure in place.

Step 7 – Run a strip of double stick tape down the center of the cupcake and adhere to the front of your hat. With tape only down the center, this will allow your cupcake to pop off the background.

Blog post by: Tiffin Mills

Download the tutorial to this project Here!

Be sure to hop on over to Hero Arts for more inspiration!



  1. Karen

    Very cute!  Love all the details.  Thanks for the instructions.

  2. LinhC


  3. Mary-Anne V.

    What a cute hat… that is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sharon L-S

    What a cute project!  and it's adaptable to kids and inanimate objects (ie the 20 year old car) of all ages – just us different papper and do it a different size.  The cup cake on the hat – great repurposing a stamp!  Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ange

    Very cute! Love the way you did the ribbons out of the top, creative.

  6. Jennifer H.

    What an adorable party hat! TFS!

  7. ellen s

    this is too cute. i love love the colors

  8. Janet L.

    So cute and fun! I love the loops at the top!

  9. Melinda Wilson

    This is such a super cute party hat!

  10. AdrianeC

    This is adorable!

  11. Debstamps

    What a fun labor of love!  A true birthday crown!  Thanks for all the details!

  12. Marie / Legojenta

    Such a fun idea! TFS =)

  13. Cynthia B.

    Fun hat! Love the "sprinkles" on top of the cupcake!

  14. Donna

    Terrific fun looking project.!! Wonderful idea!

  15. Holly Tolman

    This is really cute and could go either boy or girl-y!

  16. barb murphy

    great idea! and a wonderful tutorial…i love the bright colors and the hat topper is so cute 🙂

  17. Michelle Weddle

    So adorable and fun!  What birthday girl wouldn't love it?

  18. Judy1223

    Oh, good heavens, how CUTE is that fun party hat!!!

  19. Pai

    cute hat makeover!

  20. Weenie Thomas

    Suuuper cute. This is one idea I will be trying out

  21. Rosann

    Fun party hat … there's that cute cupcake again !

  22. isabel

    The ribbon on top of the hat was oh so fun!

  23. Sue McRae

    Very fun and festive hat!

  24. Denise Poshard

    Aww!  I love this idea!  Thanks for a unique paper crafting idea!

  25. Terri (blindstamper)

    I love how you have picture tutorials for a lot of your projects!

  26. Natasha G.P.

    SOOO cute!

  27. Nadine Mogg

    How cute!! Love the ribbons on top!!

  28. Debbie C.

    Fun and festive hat….love the ribbon on top.

  29. Robin Mayfield

    What a fun idea, such creativity!!!

  30. Amanda Coleman

    What a fun idea!  My husband's car just turned 20.  I'll need to make  larger version. 😉

  31. Christine Dring

    Great project Tiffin! Thanks for the idea!

  32. Lin B

    How fun!  

  33. Miriam Prantner

    How fun is that hat!  Totally fabulous!

  34. Trudi Wilbur

    Oh that is so cute!  And May Arts ribbons & the Hero Arts cupcake really top it off!

  35. Sue D

    Very cute–love the cupcake and the ribbon loops at the top.


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