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Paper Mache Easter Egg

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It’s New Release Week here on the May Arts Ribbon Blog!   And that means all week long we are inspiring you to create with our awesome new ribbons. That also means you have two chances to win some of your own!    Our first giveaway is our Spring Release Giveaway, showing you all our upcoming releases.   And for another chance to win, you just have to comment on any post this week! 

Now, without further delay, here is another healthy dose of ribbony inspiration with Prima Ribbonista Shellye McDaniel:


Paper Mache Easter Egg

Whether you have a paper mache egg or styrofoam egg, creating your own ribbon Easter Egg is a pretty and unique way to enhance a centerpiece, basket, wreath, etc.

 Paper Mache Easter Egg

To begin, I started with a 8″ paper mache egg, a few of the new May Arts’ ribbons and fabric glue. If you are using a styrofoam egg, you may wish to use straight pins to hold the ribbon in place.

 Paper Mache Easter Egg

Start with one of the widest ribbons that you’ve chosen. Cut the length so that it will continuously cover the egg from the top, around and back up to the top; glue in place with fabric glue.

 Paper Mache Easter Egg

Make a criss-crossing pattern with that same ribbon until four strips have been adhered (as shown above).

 Paper Mache Easter Egg

Continue with the next largest ribbon (or ribbon of the same size, but different pattern) and adhere the strips in between the first ribbon’s strips that you’ve glued in place. This will all be done with a continuous piece of ribbon and adhering the two ends to meet at the the top.

Paper Mache Easter Egg 

Next, add two smaller width ribbons in different colors. Lastly, add a decorative piece of ribbon such as the new Wired String w/ Raffia Bows in sections around the egg.

 Paper Mache Easter Egg

From a 1.5″ ribbon, make a standard bow and adhere to the top of the egg.

 Paper Mache Easter Egg

Embellish the front with die-cuts, buttons, stickers, etc. In finishing my egg, I glued it to the center of a premade bird’s nest so that it stands easily for display!

 By Shellye McDaniel


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Other Supplies Used:

  • Hobby Lobby- Paper Mache Egg; bird’s nest
  • Beacon- FabriTac
  • Doodlebug Design- Die Cut, Buttons and butterfly sticker


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  1. Darlene Gabriel

    So pretty. Love the pastel ribbons and buttons.

  2. Miriam Prantner

    Beautiful! Love the trims and the buttons together, perfect!

  3. Nancy Carroll

    What an adorable egg, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Laura Strack

    What a pretty home decor item for the Spring! Love the ribbons, for sure!!

  5. Lucy E.

    This is so pretty! I love all of the spring colors.

  6. Cynthia B.

    I am SO ready for spring! Great Easter project!

  7. Judy B

    Such a pretty egg. All the soft colors you used are just great. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  8. Tonya

    Really really cute project that my 7 yr old daughter and I are going to be doing for Easter! Thanks for such fun ideas!

  9. Emily H

    So fun and pretty! Love it!

  10. Mary Mac

    Something that reminds me of spring!!!!! Love it

  11. Ange

    This is so pretty and fun!

  12. NWFlamingo

    I adore decorated eggs! These are so fresh and “springy” and “ribbon”-licious!

  13. marylouh

    What a pretty idea. Living alone I don’t need a lot of Easter eggs – but you can hardly make just one or two. I can make several of these eggs and have a great decoration for myself. Best thing – I can put them away and have them again next year.

  14. Pam Funk

    On yet another snowy day, this was a ray of needed sunshine. Thank you for sharing. Grabbing some ribbons!

  15. Toni Storie

    What a great idea! This turned out so cute!

  16. Sue D

    So pretty–love your choice of ribbon and the buttons.

  17. Marilyn H

    Got to love the Easter Egg. That is so cool!

  18. stamping sue

    fabulous egg! I need to take a trip to craft store to see what paper mache items they have that I can embellish with ribbons.
    stamping sue

  19. jean marmo

    This could not be any sweeter!

  20. Brenda Haskin

    This is simply precious. I love it in the bird nest so clever. Thank you very much for the detailed instructions. Can’t wait to make my own.

  21. Nikki C

    Beautiful egg and great how to pics 🙂

  22. Scrappin' Diva - Cindy B

    Gorgeous egg! This makes me wish spring was already here!

  23. TracyM #6773

    GORGEOUS egg Shellye!!!

    LOVE IT ALL – your ribbon colours, buttons & bows are a DELIGHT!!!

    THANK YOU for sharing your BEAUTIFUL & clever crafty inspiration … now I know why I should have bought those eggs when I saw them last year, will definitely be looking for them now that Easter is getting close 🙂

  24. Beneta

    Such nice bright colors. Love the Spring look.

  25. Shellye McDaniel

    Thanks, everyone! I think we’re all so ready for SPRING, aren’t we? LOL

  26. Donna Sue

    So springy. Love the colors & ribbons!

  27. Sandy

    Such a cute idea!

  28. Kim Street

    I could make this, but I’d have to keep it for myself. Nobody else would take good care of it at all.. The ribbon is beautiful, and those buttons are fantastic!

  29. Amy C.

    What a pretty project!

  30. Heather Thompson

    that is so cool, What an amazing idea, i am going to have to try this with my daughter!

  31. Carla Hundley

    How lovely!
    So pretty and easy
    to make. Thanks for
    the instructions.
    Carla from Utah

  32. Denise Bryant

    This is so pretty! Love the beautiful spring colors and all that lovely ribbon!

  33. Rebecca Ednie

    Perfect colours for spring! Very cheerful!

  34. Virginia Fynes

    Shelly this is too cute! Great photography!


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