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Hi everyone, Virginia here. Thanks for stopping by the May Arts blog for some fun and inspiration. This week we’ve teamed up with the folks over at Vintage Street Market for some cool projects with old time flair.

Paper dolls were one of my favorite pass-times as a girl; I would get a book at the grocery store each Friday.  I was so excited when I got my hands on these papers I knew exactly what I was going to make! None other than a Paper Doll book for my little girl of course ramped up to 2012 and made pretty with some darling ribbon!

Without further ado… please take a look:

This book was actually very easy to make once I got the layers down pat.

To create this book you will need:

  • 3534-34-05 Purple elasic/plaid
  • 390-78-09 two-12” pieces
  • Vintage Street Market– Family Fun Paper Kit
  • two 12x 12 sheets of DCWV pattern paper
  • 2- 12”x 4” pieces of fabric or felt plus a rounded flap
  • We R Memory Keepers- Cinch, binding wire
  • 2- 12 x 12 Chipboard pieces
  • Sheet of cardstock for back cover
  • 3M- Spray Adhesive
  • Sewing Machine


  1. Arrange dolls on two 12x 12 sheets of DCWV pattern paper (Leaving 4” on the outer edge for pockets) Laminate Family as well as the pattern pages of Doll Clothes.
  2. Cut around clothes pieces. Apply Velcro pieces to doll body and individual clothes pieces. ** Put female side on clothes**
  3. Lay Pockets on outer edge of laminated family sheets, and sew along the bottom edge (closest to Man and Woman) of the pocket.
  4. Spray adhesive on sheets of chipboard. Adhere Laminated family sheets to chipboard. On opposite side adhere cardstock (with spray adhesive) to back cover.
  5. On front cover, tack 3534-34-05 Purple elasic/plaid around outer edge of chipboard.
  6. Make ruffle skirt on girl by cutting small strips of 3534-34-05 Purple elasic/plaid tack in place and sew layers with sew machine, overlapping one another. Spray Pattern Paper with adhesive and adhere to chipboard (overtop of ribbon edge).
  7. Sew a 12” piece of 390-78-09 Lace to top of pocket flap. Tack flaps in place using a tape runner (as you sew around outer edge you will be sewing down sides of pockets and flap)
  8. Using a sewing machine slowly sew around the edges of the chipboard, leaving the edge to be binded undone.
  9. Punch holes in finished pieces and bind.
  10. Enjoy hours of clothes changing fun!!

I hope you enjoyed my creation. My daughter has had hours of fun with this book; it is perfect for the car and even got us through a long wait in the emergency room! Perfect for keeping little ones busy.  Thanks for stopping by the May Arts blog!

Blog post by: Virginia Fynes

Hop on over to Vintage Street Market for more Inspiration!


  1. Marilyn Hughes

    Who does love paper dolls?  Brings back fond memories.

  2. Lillian Child

    Paper dolls were my FAVORITE activity when I was a little girl, and I can't wait to pass this along to my granddaughter! What a fabulous projects!

  3. Amy #8546

    Very fun idea.  

  4. Miriam Prantner

    SUCH a great idea!  Love the gingham skirt!

  5. Janet Sisk

    Oh my goodness!  I was a paper doll addict as a kid.  I had store bought ones, but my favorites were the ones that I cut out of the Sears or Montgomery Ward catalogs that my grandma would save for me.  I would cut them out and then arrange them into families for hours.  Thanks for the memories.  My daughter now has my shoebox of old homemade paper dolls and she is 21.  Maybe someday I will have a granddaughter to pass them down to.  😀

  6. Sue D

    How fun!  I loved paper dolls as a girl.

  7. darcydaydream

    loved paper dolls as a kid…this one is right up my street.. will be making for my granddaughter. thanks for this wonderful project..x

  8. sharon gullikson

    I used to love paper dolls. Actually, I still do. I made some from a book recently.

  9. Nikki C

    So sweet love the skirt on the cover and the outfits are wonderful 🙂

  10. Kristie Maynard

    Oh MY!  This is wonderfu!  Absolutely love it!  TFS

  11. JoyceEJW

    What a fabulous idea. I was wondering what to do with that paper. So very clever and cute.  Love it.

  12. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Clever, clever, clever!  My granddaughter would LOVE this!

  13. Barb Ghigliotty

    These darling papers with May Arts Ribbon take me back to my childhood…so, so sweet!
    Thank you so much for a chance to win some goodies!

  14. Charlene


  15. sherry b

    I remeber doing something like this as a kid! too bad that these products did not come along then.  Love to win some too.  TFS

  16. Starqueen

    Oh Virginia,
    Your book is beautiful! Talk about a walk down memory lane! I loved paper dolls too, and i would love playing with those dolls today :-))!

  17. steph d.

    cute doll book.  your daughter will love it :)!

  18. Lynda

    Totally fantastic project…love the details on each doll!

  19. Keri

    I just love this…what a great idea, and a great combo of the VSM and May Arts products!  Especially love the layered/ruffled trim skirt on the front, so adorable!

  20. Gail L.

    Great idea!
    Kinda wish I knew a little one to make it for!

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  22. Elizabeth

    Wow what a cute idea!


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