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Paper Crafting With Ribbon

Entry #13 of our Calling All Bloggers Challenge was sent to us by Jenifer Cowles of Cloth – Paper – Scissors:

Paper Crafting With Ribbon

Hi! I am so excited to share my project with everyone today.  After reading everyone’s comments on the Blog Ideas post, I decided to do a paper crafts project for my submission.  My family and I went on this wonderful trip to the San Juan Islands and I wanted to put everything into a little Mini Album.  Unfortunately we had a little boating incident and my camera was toast after day 3, so I have to rely on other family members for pictures.  So at this time I have half of the album completed and maybe May Arts will let me do a Part 2 when I have the other pages finished.

Ribbons used (11 so far)

359-34-27 Elastic plaid ruffle in yellow
357-34-04 Velvet corduroy in Aqua
357-34-47 Velvet Corduroy in Purple
QN09 Twill in Cream
365-2-46 Stripes in Green
353-15-01 Sheer woven Rosettes in white (I altered them to get other colors I needed)
XL16 Leaves in Green
350-58-94 Sheer ruffle edge in Aqua
330-17 Jumbo Ric Rac in Pink
WQ04 Webbed Weave
EN22 Satin Scalloped edge In Hot Pink

The Cover

ribbon challenge

I used 4 different ribbons on the cover. 365-2-46 Stripes in Green on the spine just tied in a bow this ribbon was perfect and really gave my album the finishing touch it needed.  I used the 375-34-04 Velvet corduroy in Aqua sewn along the bottom.  I made my own custom twill tags by stamping on them.  I used QN09 Twill in Cream I tried a couple of different ink pads and the Staz On worked the best.

ribbon challengeribbon challenge

**I also did a little experiment because I thought these would be great for custom clothing labels and the ink held up wonderfully in the wash.**

For the Sun I really wanted it to stand out so I cut out 2 suns from my die cut machine and put some stickles along the straight edge and then put foam tape on them to make them really stand out.  I attached the 359-34-27 Elastic plaid ruffle in yellow by just quickly putting a running stitch through the elastic part and sewing it down to the die cut.  Then I pulled out 2 different sized buttons and sewed them on as well.

ribbon challenge


Page 1

ribbon challenge

On the first day we went to this wonderful outdoor quilt show and I just had to showcase a couple of the quilts there.  This page is pretty simple I attached my custom Twill tag to EN22 Satin Scalloped edge In Hot Pink along the bottom.  I also took 353-15-01 Sheer woven Rosettes in white and cut them apart along with XL16 Leaves in Green and just attached them with glue dots and put pink rhinestones in the center.



Page 2

ribbon challenge

On the second Day we met up with some family and so this is a picture of the girls.  I wanted this page to be pretty simple as well so I put 357-34-47 Velvet Corduroy in Purple along the bottom and attached another one of my custom Twill tags to it.  I took the 353-15-01 Sheer woven Rosettes and sprayed them with a little Glimmer mist to make them the color that I needed.  I attached them with glue dots along with XL16 Leaves in Green but this time I attached Pearls to the center.  The big flower on the bottom corner is 330-17 Jumbo Ric Rac in Pink All I did was run a stitch along one side of the ZigZags and pulled it tight to get the cool starflower shape then I attached the rosette to the top and called it good.


Page 3

ribbon challengeribbon challenge

This is my favorite page out of the bunch that I’ve done so far.  The first picture is with a cool Hamby overlay over the top.  If your anything like me you have a bunch of these stored up for the perfect picture.  Well pull them out and start using  them.  The second picture is without the overlay and you can see the wonderful ribbons that I used on this page.  The first one I used was the WQ04 Webbed Weave in blue, this to me looked like it should be part of the ocean so I used that with the 375-34-04 Velvet corduroy in Aqua over top, I just wanted to keep everything pretty simple and let my pictures be the focus.  Now my favorite accident so far is the little ruffle you see around the picture.

ribbon challenge

I dropped my picture on 350-59-94 Sheer ruffle edge in Aqua on this ribbon and just knew that it would be the perfect frame.  I cut the ribbon down the center and just taped it on the back.  A quick and easy frame for any picture, I know I will be using this over and over again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at the beginning of my Summer Mini Album.  I hope I’ve inspired you to try some of these techniques.  I would love to see what you come up with.  Leave me a link in the comment section and I will go check it out.

  1. Jackie

    I was wondering which die cut *machine you used to cut the sun image?  Thanks sorry

  2. Kristi

    Would you kindly tell me what kind of die cut machine you used to cut the sun image?  I am searching for a sunburst image that I can use in a big shot and not finding anything! Thanks….

  3. Charlene

    Using the ribbon as a frame for your photos is a wonderful idea!

  4. judean

    love your twill tags–great album!

  5. Pam Thomason

    I love what you have done with the ribbons and this picture book of your vacation is really cool. Hope to see more of this.


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