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Paper Crafter’s Library March Giveaway – Winner!

We have teamed up with one of our Partners in Craft – Paper Crafter’s Library!  Prima Ribbonista, Jenifer Cowles, has a guest post up there.   Here is a little sneak peek of her project:

Altered Notebook

So be sure to head on over & leave plenty of comments!  If you do, you will enter to win your choice of 2 spools of ribbon:

Then if you head on back here & leave a comment on this post you will enter to win another 2 spools!

(Please note the winner of the Paper Crafter’s Library prize will be announced on their site)

I will announce the winner of the prize pack right here on Monday, March 18th.

Good luck y’all!

The Ribbon Lady


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:

Lisa L. ( Lisa’s Creative Niche)
This is stunning!!! LOVE the writing with ribbon and the beautiful flower!!!

Lisa, email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

**all winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize**

**when emailing, please note which giveaway/prize you are claiming*


  1. Carmen

    I love the notebook – esp the ribbon flowers

  2. MelodyJ

    Ribbon makes great embellishments.

  3. Linda

    have used your ribbon a lot, alway enjoy how it highlights my projects. the above projects are fantastic,great job ladies thanks for sharing

  4. Lynda

    The way you used ribbon to make the flowers is just gorgeous!  I don't understand how you made the french knots though.  How about a tutorial?

  5. Sue Root

    Came here via Paper Crafters Library.  You have beautiful ribbon.  Thanks for the chance to win some.

  6. SharonP

    Awesome!  Who doesn't love May Arts Ribbon, thanks for the chance to win some:)

  7. terriavidreader

    gorgeous! I need to use more ribbon, really.

  8. Glenna Anderson

    Love the quality of your lovely ribbon!  Thanks for the great giveaway.

  9. Linda H.

    A crafter (or anyone else for that matter) can NEVER have too much ribbon.  The ribbon used in the rose is wonderful.

  10. LINDA

    I too would love to win some of your georgeous ribbons.  The flowers project is so absolutely cute.  Cannot wait to learn how to do this technique.

  11. Katherine L

    I would love to win!  Thanks for sharing all your ideas, inspiration and ribbon with us!!

  12. shartl

    Always .love seeing unique ways to use ribbon and May Arts has such a great variety of styles! That altered notebook on the Paper Crafters site is so beautiful!

  13. karenladd

    I left a comment on Paper Crafters Library about those gorgeous rolled ribbon roses on Jenifer's project! Would love to win some May Arts ribbon!

  14. Lora G

    I love seeing knew project ideas with ribbon. 

    I can always use two more spools of ribbon  as these are totally different than what i have to work with from my stash.


  15. Lora G

    I love seeing knew project ideas with ribbon.  I ran out of room for my ribbon and have got to find a new way of storing them.

    But, can always use two more spools of ribbon especially with the new card idea on this blog.

  16. creative goodness

    Love all the ideas and inspiration.

  17. Brenda Lee

    Jennifer's notebook is fabulous.  The ribbon rose is gorgeous.  May Arts is my go-to ribbon supplies.  I love all the varieties offered from color to design to material.  I'm a ribbon-a-holic!! LOL!!  Thank you for this chance at winning this fantastic prize… I can definitley use more ribbon.

  18. Carol Hardie

    That little notebook ribbon is so soft and pretty.  Thanks for the chance to win some ribbon.  I think I may have to order some just to make sure I can get my hands on some.  My ribbon stash is always looking for new colorful friends.  LOL

  19. Carol Hardie

    Love that little Notebook ………. the touch of ribbon is so soft and pretty.  Of course I would love to win the ribbon but I think I'll have to order some just to be sure I can get my hands on some.  My ribbon stash is always looking for more colorful friends..  LOL  Thanks for the chance!!

  20. Sandy Fleming

    Such beautiful ribbons!  I especailly love the leaf ribbon – I cna think of many different ways to use it.  Thanks for the wonderful give-away!

  21. Sara P

    A woman can never have to much ribbon!! Love the ribbon rose!!

  22. Mary Mac

    Thank you again for the wonderful giveaway over at Paper crafters world blog.

  23. Jean Marmo

    What a wonderful chance to win!

  24. Caryn S.

    Wow this is really gorgeous! I’ve had some notebooks I’ve been saving to experiment on. I think I’ll have to try these ribbon flowers!

  25. Deb Sumption

    Ooooh…. I do love ribbon and I love the photo on Paper Crafters that shows the display case with all the ribbon. Ideas, ideas, ideas… they just keep coming!  Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  26. Isabel Z

    Some very lucky person is going to enjoy your beautiful ribbon. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  27. Betty Bunch

    The ribbon flowers are outstanding.

  28. lisa808

    I love your silk ribbon.  The color selection is gorgeous and it makes the most beautiful bows.

  29. rush

    aren't the flowers precious.  may arts is the best in ribbon suppliers!  thank you for the opportunity to win.

  30. Rebecca Ednie

    Gorgeous project!

  31. ava g

    thanks for teaming up with papercrafters library, your leadership and support is appreciated.

  32. Kathy Mc

    Jennifer did a fabulous job with her jazzed up notebook ~ ribbon rose and all. One never has enough ribbon and especially when it comes from the great selections by May Arts. Thanks for the chance to win two spools!

  33. Lisa L. ( Lisa's Creative Niche)

    This is stunning!!! LOVE the writing with ribbon and the beautiful flower!!!

  34. Denise Donald

    Love, Love, Love the shelf of ribbon.  That would look so good in my craft room.  I would love to pick two rolls of ribbon from the shelf.  That would be so much fun.

  35. kathy/NorthCarolina

    That was a wonderful project!  The ribbon rose was so sweet.  Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. Sandi Dailey

    Love your flowers Jenifer!!!  I wish I could have mine turn out like that — maybe I'm using the wrong ribbon????  I would love to win your wide polka dot ribbon, so many possibilities!!  (I also love how you did your leaves — so real!!)

  37. Tammy Hanson

    I absolutely love love love your ribbon.  When one of my favorite local scrapbooking stores has a sale I RUN (I'm not kidding) to get a full roll off my long list of must haves to add to my collection. I only wish it were there were more places to buy your product locally.

  38. Lisa Fuller

    Simply beautiful

  39. Denise Bryant

    I always love the posts over at Paper Crafters Library! And if it features May Arts ribbon, even better!


  40. barbara f

    Hooray for Paper Crafters Library and May Arts!  Love, love, love May Arts ribbon!!

  41. Sue McRae

    Jennifer's notebook has definitely gone from boring to oh, so pretty!

  42. Miriam Prantner

    A great project!  Love how that turned out!

  43. Amy Jones#8546

    Love her notebook.  I love the many possiblities of what we all can do with May Arts Ribbon.  

  44. Sue D

    Lovely way Jenifer decorated this notebook!

  45. Sharon Gullikson

    Your ribbons look so pretty on the notebook. The dark and light colors look great together.

  46. Natasha Poteraj

    Ay carumba, I love that pretty book that she made. I would like to make the flowers like she did.

  47. Sandy Bayles

    Would love to win this… Thanks for a chance to win and good luck to everyone. One of these days it will be my turn to win.

  48. Anita Braddock

    wow how Awesome ribbon project. thanks for sharing and for the chance to win

  49. Carol Vivenzio

    I would love to win some of your gorgeous ribbon! Thank you so much for this chance to win!

  50. Mandie Wade

    Wow!!! Great pairing today!!!

  51. beth

    love your ribbon!!! and that rose of jennifer's is adorable.

  52. Stacy Caddy

    Very nice project, thanks for the chance to win…

  53. Mary Wilkins

    OMG!  I adore ribbons and this selection looks fabulous!  I would love any two of the ribbons in any color.  Can't wait to try the new ideas.


  54. Karen

    Tried to find the article but couldn’t 🙁

  55. Jennifer Scull

    I couldn't find the post – perhaps it isn't up yet. but I will most certainly check back later because it looks super wonderful! 🙂

    love the new additions to the May Arts line this spring! 🙂

    1. The Ribbon Lady

      Hi Jennifer,
      Here is the link to the guest post.
      Hope this helps!

  56. Jeniff

    I would love to win this.


    Great job Jen

  58. Renee VanEpps

    I'm not sure which post at PCL to comment on, but I would love to win some of your beautiful ribbon!!!  Thank you!

  59. {vicki}

    thanks for the chance to win

  60. Cheryl Hutcherson

    Love me some May Arts Ribbon!

  61. Olivera

    I hope that I'll be lucky to win these beautiful gift….


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