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Out of Season Thrifty Gifting

May Arts / Tattered Angels Blog Week!

Out of Season Thrifty Gifting

Welcome back to the May Arts blog!  We’re so excited to partner with Tattered Angels this week!  I got to play with some products that were new to me and I can tell you it was fun in a bottle!

You know by now that I love to find ways to give gifts with a lot of wow factor but that don’t break my pocketbook.  I was shopping at the end of the spring season at a local arts and crafts store and found this butterfly candle holder on clearance for $5.  Thanks to Tattered Angels and May Arts Ribbon, I turned these spring butterflies into an elegantly eerie fall decoration in 3 easy steps and under 20 minutes!



Here are the supplies I used:

Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam Paint Hammered Copper

May Arts Satin Cut-Outs Ex 28 (there are some awesome leaves as well)

Bazzill Bling – Tangerine Blast

Strong double sided tape

Butterfly candle holder (Michael’s)


Chocolate (we’re waiting for paint to dry)


Here’s what the candle holder looked like before the Tattered Angels magic:



1.     Paint the candle holder with Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam Hammered Copper Glitter paint.  I used an artist’s brush and just painted it on.  Super easy!  Wait a few minutes for it to dry.   Insert the chocolate here!  J


2.     Apply double-sided tape all around the base.  Measure and press on the satin cut out pumpkins.



3.     Add the Bazzill Bling, light the candles and you’re finished!

Thrifty Gifting using out of season supplies? Absolutely…thanks to May Arts Ribbon and Tattered Angels.



Blog post by:  Charlene Driggs


Be sure to hop on over Tattered Angels for another dose of Inspiration!

  1. Sue D

    Great how you switched this to fall decor.

  2. Kelly Sas

    Wow! What a beautiful transformation.

  3. Janet Sisk

    What a great idea! Thanks for the inspiration. 😀

  4. Rebecca Ednie

    Great idea. I love buying stuff on clearance! Next time you could add the trim with Velcro or temporary adhesive and change it with the seasons.

  5. Kim H

    I love this project, great redo on the butterflys. Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. Tini

    wow …what a great home deco! Thanks for sharing this great idea!

  7. McStamper

    What a great project.

  8. Denise Bryant

    Great idea!

  9. Holly Tolman

    That looks amazing, such a simple transformation, but with such wow factor.

  10. Kas

    Just love how that looks. I have so many sad looking metal candle holders that are going to get a dose of Tattered Angels tonight!!!

  11. Kathy P

    That is truly a talent you have to see items that you can re-purpose or jazz up—I definitely do NOT have that gift! Love how you have made these votives your own with the pumpkin ribbon!

  12. f lynn rush

    the black butterflies do look a litte sinister. grab another for spring!

  13. Laura

    Love your ideas! Who would have thought butterflies for Halloween!

  14. Kathy Fox

    It’s thrifty, and also Earth friendly! Thanks for inspiring me to find ways to re-purpose some items!

  15. Karen K

    That is a really great fall decor project!

  16. Mindy

    Butterflies are my favorite…so easy peasy I must try this! Thanks so much…

  17. lalo

    Ooohhh LOVE!!! Finding “cheep” things to alter is the BEST…and you did an awesome job with this project 🙂

  18. Ashley N Newell

    What a fabulous gift! Absolutely gorgeous!

  19. Nicole

    I’ve never seen butterflies used in a Halloween decoration, cool idea!

  20. Marcia D.

    I love this! Just beautiful.

  21. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Anita A

    What a cool idea!

  23. stefeni

    Love it!

  24. christi

    this is just too cute. i wish i saw future projects when stuff is on sale. what a great makeover. i love the eerie candles too.

  25. DeeDee Catron

    Oh.. SUPER JOB! Love some creepy butterflies.. they don’t always have to be cute 🙂

  26. jean marmo

    How cute!

  27. Jingle

    Great project, Charlene!

  28. Tammy Valley

    Love the summer butterflies tied into the halloween/fall theme! Looks gorgeous!


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