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Our Favorite Ribbon Embroidery Contest Winner

Thank you all for all of your wonderful comments!  I know Mrs. Nirmala Gunawardene appreciates them, as well.  A big thank to to Nirmala for sending the photos in to us!  The ribbon embroidery is truly exquisite!  We have heard she is working on a website as we speak, so stay tuned!  We will be sure to post the link as soon as we receive it!

We selected the winner of this contest, courtesy of

The winner is #34, Holly:

“Oh MY! These flowers are gorgeous!!!!! What a creative way to use all these different colors of ribbon! I love that first one with the pinks and greens – love those tiny little green ribbon leaves! Wow!”

Holly, congratulations!  Please forward your shipping information & your ribbon selection to [email protected]!


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  1. Holly

    Oh my gosh, I am so surprised! I never expected to win anything – thank you! I love looking at the gorgeous projects posted here on the May Arts blog. Now if I can just stop jumping up and down, I will email you at the address you provided. 🙂


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