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Organization Contest Winner

We have all
been thrilled to see such a wonderful response from everyone!  All of your comments have been inspiring to
read.  The ideas that were posted seemed
to be practical & imaginative all at the same time!   That being said, there must be a
winner.  There was one comment posted
that seemed to stand out as undeniably creative & original!  This was posted by Judi

“I use
ribbons everyday in my business of custom invitations. Storage has always been
a major problem. To solve this, my husband bought four eight-feet lengths of
rain gutter from Home Depot. I attached the end pieces and sprayed them black
and he hung them on the wall of my studio. There are four of them that hold the
bolts upright and the ribbon ends hang over for easy selection. An inexpensive
and perfect solution!”

Judi, we
love this idea!  So much in fact that conversations
have been overheard here at May Arts of trying this out ourselves!  We would love it if you could send in some
pictures for us to post!  Please contact
us at [email protected] with your ribbon
choices & shipping information.                  

Congratulations to the
winner of our first contest!

those of you who did not win last week, fear not!  There is another contest already posted!  Again, thank you for all of your comments
& keep on checking back for the latest & greatest that May Arts Ribbon
Blog has to offer!  We truly hope that
we are all just beginning to share in each other’s ideas & love of ribbon!

-The May Arts Team


Thanks for sending in a photo for everyone to see…

ribbon rain gutters

  1. Kimberly Madrid

    Oh, my! What a clever idea! And it looks great, too.

  2. Leah

    Judi, that is FABuLOUS! thanks for the picture! What a wonderful idea!

  3. Alecia Castro

    Congrats Judi!!

  4. Alecia Castro

    Woo-hoo, congrats Judi!!


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