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Ordinary to Extraordinary

Day 4 – May Arts / Jenni Bowlin Week!

Ordinary to Extraordinary

Hello fans, Andrea here.  I'm really excited to join in the fun of our May Arts / Jenni Bowlin blog week.  I have a simple project I think you will en-JOY! Wink!


 Supplies Needed:

Wood block letters, craft paint, paint brushes, mod podge, Jenni Bowlin paper, May Arts Ribbon, scissors, pencil, and hot glue gun.




First, I painted my letters a beautiful hunter green.


Second, I traced my letters on the back of my fabulous Jenni Bowlin paper.


Third, I glued the paper to my letters with mod podge, the gold glitter type which gave it an aged look.


Fourth, I cut and glued May Arts spectacular ribbons 379-15-25 burgundy pleats, AG15 green gold edge,  and G58 around my letters and voila…………


from ordinary to extraordinary!!


I absolutely love the way they turned out.  I hope this triggers some inspiration for your Christmas decor.  See you soon!


Blog Posted By: Andrea Miller

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Hmmmm……What IS Jenni Bowlin up to today???

  1. Berta

    Love the ribbon finish around the edges!

  2. Marie / Legojenta

    This turned out great! TFS =)

  3. jen shears

    I LOVE embellishing big letters- yours look FAB!!! VERY festive!!

  4. Charlene

    So cute and easy! Great job, Andrea!!

  5. Pam Loris

    A very easy project to do, and looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sav O'G

    LOOOOOVE this idea–great idea to spruce up some wooden letters:) FAB!

  7. Rosemary D

    what a super fun project!

  8. Kelly massman

    Very pretty! Love the addition of the ribbon!

  9. Amy Serbaroli

    So pretty! I love the way the ribbon you put on the outside edge looks, perfect choice!

  10. Beth W

    I’m really excited about this one-I have some Joy letters I can make this with!


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