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Operation Write Home – Make ’em Laugh {giveaway}

May Arts Ribbon is proud to support our nation’s deployed heroes through Operation Write Home®! This organization has sent over 1.5 million cards overseas so our service members can keep in touch with their loved ones while they’re away. And our blog is participating in the Make 'em Laugh Blog Hop this weekend! Please check out the projects we’re sharing – and take some time to visit OWH’s blogs and all the others participating, starting at the top of the hop, You’ll be inspired!

Here's the line up, just in case you missed one:


Now….on to some card fun:

Charlene Driggs:

My heart is full of gratitude for the men and women who so valiantly serve our country.  Their courage, their strength and their sacrifices are a constant reminder that "freedom is not free".

Jess Mutty:
I always jump to support Operation Write Home.  They are a great organization and I can only imagine how needed a little smile is to our troops overseas.  Make 'Em Laugh was a tough assignment but possibly one of the most necessary!  I can only hope that my quirky card will brighten the day of both the giver and receiver… it's the least I can do!

Karen Baker:

Our service men and women work hard, long hours to keep me and my family safe so the least I could do is create a little card that would put a smile on their face and might, just might make them laugh out loud. I grabbed a fun image and sentiment and brought them to life with a bit of coloring and some handmade fun, May Arts ribbon grass.

Samantha Sibbet:

I am just guessing, but I would think that most of the cards sent from overseas troops are cards with sweet sentiments to spouses and romantic interests.  I hope that this little card will one day soon bring a smile to the military personnel that sends it and to the dear person that receives it.  There is a bit of glitter on the appliance sticker, but that glitz is in the paint, it will not rub off on to a uniform.  I used the very sunny yellow ribbon RG27, it is a very thin width and perfect when I want to add ribbon to a project, but still keep everything at a very low profile for mailing.

Vera Yates:

Love making card for OWH. It's great when I can use my hobby to support the troop and show them how much I appreciate all that they do.

Peggy Cain:

I am so proud of the Men and Women in our armed services. It's because of them that I have my freedom today to worship Jesus, my Lord and Savior. And  my husband, myself, children and grandchildren can proudly say "We are Americans"

Now for the giveaway!  🙂

All you have to do to win your choice of 3 spools of May Arts Ribbon is comment on this post!   I will announce a winner right here on Tuesday, April 17th!

The next stop on the hop is Hambo Stamps!


-The Ribbon Lady


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:

Those are some great ideas for cards.  Love the washer and dryer one best! Thanks for sharing!

howdyheidi, email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

**all winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize**

**when emailing, please note which giveaway/prize you are claiming**

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  2. Pingback: OWH Make Em Laugh bloghop! | Operation Write Home

  3. Heather

    I just love Operation Write Home & made a card to send too :).  Thanks so much for the chance to win!!!

  4. Diane Clark-Sutton

    Those cards are LOL funny.

  5. NWFlamingo

    Great stuff!  I'm pondering the advise about not liking people if your dog doesn't like them.  Our neighbor's new dog doesn't appear to like me for some reason…maybe I'm in trouble!

  6. ellen s

    These are awesome!!! And Such a gReAT Cause!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jenny (Wifey Cookie)

    What fun cards! I enjoyed going through each of the. 🙂

  8. sf_crafter

    The cards are wonderful! So very funny.
    Thanks very much for your support of OWH.

  9. Julie E

    Great cards and a great cause.  Thanks.

  10. MARY B.

    What great cards. Thanks for the inspiration and being involved with OWH.

  11. Luz Maria Martin del Campo

    Hilarious cards!!!

  12. C arol B

    So fun! Love OWH, I am a huge supporter.
    Carol B

  13. Virginia Delgado

    Loved ALL the cards. They made me laugh, and I know they will brighten the day of the recipients too!!

  14. Rebecca W

    Fantastic cards! I love all the humor in them.

  15. Carmen

    I love the idea of OWH! And your examples are adorable – thanks for the inspiration

  16. Cynthia B.

    These cards are wonderful! Love the washer/dryer one (even though I hate to do laundry!), and the card-is-your-gift and fire hydrant cards are a hoot!

  17. Lynda

    Of the blogs I've visited thus far on this hop, I think your cards are the funniest!

    1. [email protected]

      I'm a crafter now but before this I was a captain in the US Air Force. I was deployed to Afghanistan and I rcvd a box from OWH. Its a little piece of heaven in a box.  The cards were so beautiful and we we'd proud to send them home.  Now that I am home safe and sound and retired.  I want to make cards for OWH. THANKS  to everyone who works so hard to make OWH work the way it does. 

  18. Daria Zender

    LOVE the fire hydrant card!  All of them are wonderful, but that one made me laugh out loud!

  19. Bethany Becker

    Fun cards.  Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Jennyfer l

    These are all wonderful cards! Love the support OWH is doing.

  21. Nancy M

    Wonderful cards!! Thanks so much for supporting OWH and for this generous giveaway!!

  22. Jan Garber

    Adorable collection of cards! Who wouldn't be happier receivig one! Thanks, May Arts!

  23. Pai

    fun cards!

  24. Michelle Weddle

    Love all the cards…they are awesome.  OWH is a wonderful organization supporting our troops.

  25. LynnR

    This is the funniest collection of cards!  OH! Gosh!  I know our troops would love to see these!  Thank you for supporting Operation Write Home.  We are blessed to have you participate in this hop and oooo-la-la do I ever love your ribbons!

  26. sanketi

    WOW! lovely cards!

  27. Mrs. Hill

    These are all so cute! I love hearing why people like to support Operation Write Home. I'm an Army brat and I've always been military supportive but this is a great way to be more active. I just recently sent my own first box of cards to help! Thank you to everyone who does this! And thanks for the chance to win some great ribbon! 🙂

  28. Linda R.

    What cute cards!  Thanks for your participation in OWH.  I can't wait to get started!

  29. mitz

    ..what fun it is to giggle.. and your cards makes one do that.. how adorable.. thanks for the opportunity at your blog candy….

  30. Yvonne B.

    Wonderful cards! Thank you for sharing your sense of humor and talent and participating in the OWH Bloghop! Your ribbon is a lovely addition to any card!

  31. Linda W.

    Love May Arts ribbons and trims; thanks for supporting OWH!  And thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Christine C

    OMGosh!  these cards are sooooo funny!  thanks for the laughs and thanks for supporting OHW.  

  33. Beverly Sizemore

    All of these cards made me smile (and even chuckle out loud….especially the dog philosopy card).  🙂  Thanks for the fun blog post and supporting OWH.

  34. barbara lassiter

    These are all so cute and would make for many chuckles!

  35. Allison G in TX

    I love the complexity of the birthday card – so many pretties on it!  At the same time I really like the simplicity of the card and the sentiment on the dog philosophy card – it's so true!  Thanks for supporting OWH!!!

  36. Kathy F

    These are so cute AND funny.  Great job and thanks for supporting OWH!

  37. Celeste B.

    Love all the funny sentiments. Great cards.

  38. Kate

    What hilarious cards! Love the images and sentiments.

  39. Monica Hunter

    Every one of these cards is as cute as can be — I love the humor!  Unfortunately, I relate only too well to the "Stories I could tell" one! LOL Great ribbon treatments on the cards too. Thanks for supporting OWH!!

  40. Missy G

    Oh how fabulous are these cards!? Love 'em! Thanks for supporting OWH & for offering up some of your yummy ribbon for us to win!

  41. Heaney

    love all the sentiments..putting smileson my face!

  42. Holly E

    I love your cards! The sentiments are cute!

  43. NanaBeth W

    These are all fantastic cards-but Charlene's first one was made just for me.I fell out laughing.Thank you so much for supporting OWN and our servicemen.You're the best.

  44. Glenda F

    My dog, "Bear," told me the dog philosophy sentiment is only the truth–so why is everyone laughing?!  Seriously, thank you for your support–May Arts ribbon truly adds beauty to our OWH cards.

  45. Aundria B.

    These definitely gave me a giggle! Thank you all for your delightful cards and for your support of OWH.

  46. Donna Nuce

    These cards werer all so funny.  thanks for supporting owh.

  47. Holly AKA KopyKat

    these are such great cards, love the fire hydrant, I think I need that one, lol.

  48. Kristie Maynard

    What wonderful cards you have all made!  Hopefully they will bring smiles and laughter to some of our military and their loved ones.  Thanks to our troops and to you for making these cards for them.

  49. Cynthia Teysko

    These cards are making me laugh! May Arts, your ribbons are beautiful as anyone who warches OWHtv knows 😉 The sentiment "Brain cells at rest" hits a little too close to home! Thanks for supporting OWH

  50. Barbara M

    Brought a smile to my face…really fun cards.

  51. Rufus

    May Arts ribbon is gorgeous!  Some of these cards made me laugh out loud, so I'm sure they'll be a hit with the troops and their loved ones.  Thank you for supporting OWH and our Heroes!!

  52. Katie B.

    All of them are so funny!  I loved brain cells at rest, and the one with the fire hydrant (also neat use of ribbon).  Love your ribbon and Thanks for sharing!

    Katie B.

  53. Jackie H

    I love the cards!! They are so cleaver. Thank you for caring.

  54. Ann Nye

    These cute and colorful cards are sure to bring a chuckle to the men and women who do such serious work in military service!

  55. sandeeNC

    I love funny cards, and these are terrific! First time to your site and looks like I arrived at a great time for a great cause!

  56. Sarah

    Thanks for sharing these amazing cards–love the fire hydrant–sooo funny!

  57. Yvonne Williams

    These cards are perfect, full of color, imagination and FUN

  58. Marianne Squire Maszer

    Great samples, so funny. Love your ribbons! Thanks for chance and good luck to all.

  59. JoyceAnn

    Love your humor! Thanks for supporting our troops. I hopped over today from OWH.

  60. Dolores A.

    Thanks for the smiles these cards will bring… and for your support of OWH.

  61. Jean Sundquist

    Love the fire hydrant card! What a good laugh. All the cards were great.

  62. Patricia Hays

    Thank you for making me laugh, and thank you for supporting OWH!

  63. Tracy

    Thanks so much for all you do to help our troops! As the Mom of a soldier who served in Iraq, I know how much this means to our men and women in uniform!

  64. Cindy McNeil

    Love the cards and the ribbons are awesome.  Thanks for supporting OWH.

  65. Laurie

    Oh gosh those cards are a crack up! 

  66. Bonnie

    Love the cards. The fire hydrant is priceless. It gave me some ideas for my own OWH cards.

  67. Crafty Couple's Corner

    amazing cards and love the little quotes from each card maker!  Thanks for supporting OWH!! 

  68. Kaylee Snyder

    Thanks for the chuckles!  All of your featured cards are so fun.  But what I enjoyed most was reading all the inspiring reasons that your cardmakers support OWH.

  69. Cat Craig

    What a cute and chuckle inducing set of cards. I can't wait to make some cards to send to OWH.

  70. Vera W. Yates

    I am amazed by everyone's cards. Thank you to the troops for everything they do and sacrifice for us.

  71. NancyJB

    Such cute cards.  I especially like the Dog's philosophy on Life 🙂
    Thank you for your support of OWH.

  72. Linda L

    Love the creativity in all these cards…simply amazing!  Thanks for your support of OWH!

  73. Dixie

    Many thanks to the May Arts team for these terrific cards! You all are so clever! The dog's philosophy card is sooooo right! Thank you for supporting our Heroes and Operation Write Home!

  74. Susan R

    Thank you for the LOL and supporting OWH!!!!

  75. Tara Prince

    Super fun an funny cards!!

  76. Cheryl Winget

    These cards are hilarious! I was so impressed with the concept and construction of each card that I just had to sign up for your emails. I'm really looking forward to reading every post!

  77. Leonie

    Wow what great cards and a fantastic casue to support.

  78. Randee S

    Cute, cute, cute cards.  Thanks for supporting OWH.  Love your ribbon.  It is so yummy.

  79. Sherry K

    Still giggling over a few of those cards….very clever.  Great hop for all these companies to do – have been going through my cards to get some ready to send.

  80. Bunnyfreak

    Love the cards. Thanks for supporting OWH.

  81. Sherry H

    Still laughing! Thanks for the fun cards and ideas, and for supporting OWH!

  82. Lisa Oliver

    Great cards – I smiled and chuckled over them all.  Love the fire hydrant and the birthday gift in particular.
    Thank you for your support of Operation Write Home!

  83. Kristie M

    Love the variety of funny cards. My favorite is the birthday cake with cheerful colors and wonderful detail. Thanks for helping support OWH!

  84. Norma W

    Thank you for partnering with Operation Write Home. What wonderful cards, they're hysterical! I love the ribbon on Jess' card.

  85. Susan S

    Terrific, funny cards!  They made me chuckle out loud. Thank you for supporting OWH!

  86. Ruza Rebel

    Love all the cards … lots of chuckles happening as I checked each of them out! ;o)

  87. luanne

    great cards and so funny! love the sentiments.

  88. Ashley N Newell

    Super fun cards!  What an excellent cause too!

  89. Pendra

    Awesome cards… they put a BIG smile on my face!  I just got my back of the card stamp for making cards for OWH and can't wait to get started!
    Crafty Hugs,

  90. Kathryn

    These cards are so funny!  I think my favorite one is the birthday card sliding in and out of the envelope!  It was great to see so many ways to use ribbons and trims on these cards.  Thanks for supporting OWH. 

  91. Sue D

    Fabulous group of funny cards!

  92. Sue B.

    I love humorous cards!

  93. JoAnn Ross

    Oh, these are so wonderful!  The chef and the gnome both made me literally laugh out loud!   Thanks for supporting OWH.  

  94. Rhonda Miller

    What great inspiration.  TFS.

  95. Ellen B

    Cute cards.  This is a good cause- I will make some cards now- it's hard to be funny!

  96. julia george

    thanks for sharing such fun lighthearted cards!

  97. Tami B

    What great cards.  A couple of them really made me chuckle.

  98. Tammy V

    Thanks so much for supporting our troops! These cards are so funny 🙂

  99. S0phia Castillo

    Love all your cards !

  100. Staci G

    Such great cards – very funny, especially the dog ones!

  101. Linda Grady

    Love making cards for OWH; makes me feel so good to know the happiness they must bring.  These cards are great; my favs. are the 2 dog ones.

  102. Kathleen H

    I love the fire hydrant card….so funny!!

  103. Velda

    Lots of great inspiration in these fun cards.  Thank you for supporting OWH.

  104. conil

    I giggled all the way through this post. So funny. Who wouldn't want to get on of these cards?

  105. Alicia C.

    Such a worthy organization, thanks for participating!!!

  106. Amy M

    Great cards! thanks for making us smile, I'm sure they will make our troop happy too!

  107. Jennifer S.

    The cards are fantastic! I just love them!

  108. Lee Mae

    Great cards, they are beautiful and funny.  Thanks for supporting OWH!

  109. Miriam Prantner

    These are so funny!  The DT did a great job, fabulous sentiments/jokes, coloring, and of course ribbon.  Thanks for supporting such a great cause!

  110. Susan Jensen

    Darling cards, gave me a good laugh. Hard to say which is 1 st. choice. All of them. Thanks , makes my week-end.

  111. Paula S.

    What a fabulous, funny group of cards! Many thanks to your design team for the smiles and inspiration and to May Arts for supporting OWH and our heroes.

  112. Anita A

    These are all amazing!

  113. Dawnll

    All of these designs are wonderful-made me laugh and smile-I know someone will enjoy them for sure.
    Thanks for joining the hop and bringing smiles to so many

  114. Kimberley Martini Young

    The fire hydrant card is awesome.  Thank You for supporting OWH!

  115. Kimmy K.

    he hehe … I am all giggles! Love what all you companies are doing for our soldiers! These cards are just adorable!

  116. Jeyatha

    Really cute.. love all the card ideas shown today..

  117. charlsie smith

    Everyone of the cards will give someone a big laugh.  Thank you for your support.   Sandy always talking about May Arts ribbon  The grass is really great idea.  Charlsie

  118. cynthia chapman

    These cards made me chuckle! They are funny and so cute! Thanks for supporting our troops!!!

  119. SandyBear76

    While all the cards are great, I LOVE the card with the fire plug!! I LOVE the grass ribbon. Where can I get it??

  120. Bhawana

    wonderful cards and I loved the blog hop theme. Great topic..

  121. Corinne

    Ok I was laughing so hard at the cards my husband wonder what I was looking at. Great job to the card makers

  122. yolanda d

    Great bunch of cards! I super love that ribbon grass. Thanks so much for your support of OWH. You know our fearless leader Sandy is absolutely gaga over May Arts ribbons and is your best advertiser LOL. 

  123. Pam Tetreault

    Oh my these are too funny…      I love, love, love the fire hydrant ~ dog sentiment card… that one is my absolute favorite.
    thanks for the giggles this morning and for your support of OWH.
    hugs ~ Pam

  124. Sharon Gullikson

    The gnome card is really cute. Keep up the cute/funny entries.

  125. Ivanka

    Oh my…what a treat to come across these cards today.  They made me smile and I know they will bring grins and chuckles to the troops and their families!  I am loving this blog hop, such a great cause and so much inspiraton!

  126. B. Poteraj

    I really like the last one…

  127. Lisa L.

    hehehe!!! Oh my gosh I love these!!!  My favorite is def. the cake one with being worried about the present not fitting! love it!  Thanks for the laugh and what a fun program!

  128. Lee

    These cards are the best, simply perfect in every way. I would love to make and share these. Incredible work here. I'm marking page.

  129. Sue McRae

    Really funny cards, love them!

  130. Kris Whittaker

    Great cards! My favorites are the Brain Cells at Rest & the gnome. Thanks for helping OWH!

  131. Debbie T

    These cards are so cute! I want to thank you for sending cards to our troops. My son just returned home from a deployment and these cards are so appriciated by all of our troops. Thanks Again

  132. Janet B

    Thanks for giving me a chuckle today with your cute and funny cards!

  133. Marsha F

    I love all the cards!  What a great cause!

  134. Teresa Godines #6857

    What a great cause.  Your cards made me laugh, so I am sure the troups will too.  TFS

  135. Trista C.

    Adorable cards! OWH is a fantastic organization. Thank-you for supporting them.

  136. Caryn S.

    This has to be the best reason ever to make cards! Thanks for doing this blog hop.

  137. Susan H

    I most appreciate the time your designers took to write a note with their thoughts of our deployed troops and OWH!  I truly enjoyed reading them and it made the cards mean so much more. 

  138. Kathy P

    I am just sitting here thinking how much these card examples will mean to our heros, who are doing so much to keep us safe!  I am going to make some cards this week for OWH and stop procrastinating about it! Thanks for the reminder!

  139. Beth

    Thanks for the smiles!!  I love your cards!  Thank you for the support for our troops and OWH!

  140. Melissa T

    Thank you for sharing the cards.  The use of the grey ribbon on the birthday cake card was a surprise. What usually looks like a plain ribbon added a nice soft touch. 

  141. Denise Bryant

    Fun cards! Sure to bring a smile!

  142. Sharon S.

    What fun cards — it is hard to pick a favorite.  It is a fun way to start my day –I know our Heroes will enjoy receiving these cards – Lord knows they need a smile.  I am a supporter of OWH and it is so nice to see support from companies like May Arts.   

  143. howdyheidi

    Those are some great ideas for cards.  Love the washer and dryer one best! Thanks for sharing!

  144. KellyG

    Love those cards, so creative!

  145. gscrapbooks

    These are incredible!!! Wonderful job!

  146. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! These are such great cards and love the humor!

  147. Karen McAlpine

    These certainly are great humerous cards and our Heroes will love them.  And, make 'em laugh!  I am a OWH supporter and am so glad to see you supporting  them.  Kudos!!

  148. Nancy M

    Thanks you SO much for your generous support of OWH and for this giveaway!!

  149. Lucy

    Great cards today! Thanks for the smiles 🙂

  150. Barb Housner

    You sure brought smiles to my face so I know you will make our Heroes smile when they are choosing and sending the card to family and friends.  Thanks for supporting OWH and for creating such beautiful ribbon.
    Barb Housner

  151. Ellen Parker

    OMG all of these cards are adorable! They are so funny I just had to giggle over them.

  152. sue wisniewski

    what great cards.
    stamping sue

  153. Chris R

    Fantastic cause and such fun and wonderful cards.  Thanks for the smiles this morning. 😀

  154. Angie

    What a great cause!  We should all support those who serve!!

  155. Sandy Allnock

    Oh MY are these cards FUNNY!!! I guffawed out loud! (That's a laugh with a bit of a snort!) Thanks so much for your support for our heroes, they need to laugh with us!!!
    Sandy Allnock, president, Operation Write Home

  156. barbles

    awesome cards for a great cause!! thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  157. Barbara A.

    Awesome cards……it was good to laugh!!!  Thanks for sharing and for making the "heroes" their day!

  158. Ann Merkins

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for supporting OWH!! These cards will certainly brighten the day of our heroes and their loved ones!!

  159. Jen m

    oh my gosh! Several of these made me chuckle out loud! Love love love the ribbon on all of them!


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