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Have you ever sat down to scrapbook and just draw a total blank? Have you ever thought “Gosh I’d love to try that”, but never did? Have you ever wanted to learn how fun it is to just let go and do it? If you answered yes to any of these then you will be thrilled with my new online workshop. It is called 10 challenge Scrapbook throw down.

Hey there, It’s Latrice! I’m a HUGE fan of Bobby Flay and his thrown down show so I got to thinking hmmm, this would be a fab class to teach. You will receive 10 challenges at the beginning of class. Each challenge has it’s own degree of difficulty, but will open your eyes to so many more possibilities. You will try things that push you creatively and love every minute of it. You will complete 10 layouts during this class and gain even more ideas for future use.

Things like Fabric, sewing and stamping have entered the scrap booking world full force and to stay on top of your game you’ll want to know how you can use these techniques and tools to make your pages speak. So please join me in this journey of discovery and learn more about yourself and your scrap booking than ever! For more information and to sign up today for just $10  visit the class blog at

Check out my video below to get a peek into what we’ll be doing!

Thanks so much for watching and I hope to see you in class soon!

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