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Card – Ombre Lace

One of the hottest trends in the crafting and fashion industry as of late is the use of gradients –slow change in color, or emphasis on ombre-the graduation of color, usually in a monochromatic tone. I want to show you an easy clean and simple, yet sophisticated card that highlights the trend with the help of a hot ticket beautiful May Arts product, crocheted lace.


You’ll need just a few supplies:

  • ~2 feet May Arts Crochet Lace in White 361-58-01
  • Cardstock
  • Distress Ink
  • Double Sided Adhesive


To start, create your gradation/ombre by applying two colors distress ink from a similar color family onto a clear acrylic block, spritz water and rest your cardstock on top. Slowly lift your paper and allow to dry, then trim the panel to size. (4” wide)

You’ll need to divide the lace by cutting the top and connecting threads so you are left with a delicate, yet solid pattern. Trim the graduated color strips to the width of your lace.

Next, adhere the lace to each strip using double sided adhesive.

Adhere each lace wrapped strip to the card base with more double sided adhesive, being careful to layer the strips in a graduated fashion. Finish your card with a stamped sentiment and embellishments like rhinestones for an elegant card.

Blog post by: Karen Baker

  1. Janet L.

    Very, very pretty! I love the gradiant paper made with the distress inks!

  2. Helen Lebrett

    great use of lace and the gradation of color (and cool tip on doing the gradation!!)  Thanks!1

  3. Michelle Weddle

    Love it!  Such an easy technique if you can get the colors just right.

  4. Kathy P

    What a cute idea!  Love the look on your card!  Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. sue wisniewski

    very pretty card. thanks for sharing
    stamping sue

  6. Karenajo

    Very striking card and technique!

  7. Bethany Becker

    Love this idea!  Pretty card

  8. Marjorie

    What a fantastic idea.    Love the card and the colors are beautiful.

  9. Amanda Coleman

    Such a pretty effect!  Great tutorial, too.  I just picked up my first distress inks today!

  10. anne

    love that card!

  11. Jeyatha

    Simple and neat..

  12. Christine Dring

    Oh, this is too CASual cool!!!!! Thanks for sharing and for the tutorial Karen!

  13. erin

    Love this, CAS perfection.

  14. Ann Merkins

    Fabulous idea! Gorgeous card!!

  15. Vera W. Yates

    What a fab idea, Karen! Beautiful card.

  16. jen shears

    This is so inspiring!!! Beautifu!

  17. Chris R


  18. Julie F

    How cool is this card!!! Love it!


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