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Ocean Inspired Card

Hi Everyone! Johanna here with an ocean-inspired card for friends overseas…or mothers in Montana who just want to hear from you every once in a while.

Sometimes May Arts’ ribbon just creates a project for you, and that was definitely the case for this card. Looking at their leaves ribbon, net ribbon, and sheer box pleat ribbon, how could you not be inspired to create a multi-textured underwater scene?

For this project I started out with some dark teal colored cardstock, cutting the top and side with pinking shears for curvy, wave-like edges. From there this was pretty much a project of layering – first the net ribbon (I cut the tops to be slightly wavy,) then the “sand” which is cork paper with an adhesive back. Then I added the box pleat and leaves ribbon on top, gluing down the leaves somewhat sporadically to get a loose, organic feel.

I was going to add a few small shells I had saved from beach trips to glue onto the sand, but you know how these things go – I lost them right before I started. So instead I used the top I had cut off of the net ribbon for some extra dimension.

Finally, I added a small handwritten note and used my hot glue gun to attach a border of the leaves ribbon. I also thought it would be a cute idea to use May Arts’ gold metallic/chain cord ribbon to create a porthole around the note – I’ll save it for next time, I guess! Or, if you have mothers in Montana waiting for cards from you, maybe you can try it for me?



Blog post by: Johanna Descoins


  1. Kim H

    great inspiration, love the ocean theme you created. thanks for sharing.

  2. Kristie Maynard

    How very creative.  Great job!  TFS.

  3. Kathy P

    Soooo cute!  Love that meshy ribbon!

  4. Janj

    Fabulous design with the ribbons!

  5. Nikki C

    Oh that is so kewl I love how you've combined all those ribbons together 🙂

  6. sharon gullikson

    Such a cute idea!!

  7. Sue D

    Perfect ribbons for this underwater scene!

  8. Barb Ghigliotty

    Gorgeous card!!!

  9. Nicole Martel

    Very pretty, love that ribbon!


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