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No Sew Half Apron



Warning:  I am not a sewer!  Hence, the no-sew apron tutorial.  However, I am also not a measurer.  Each piece is cut  based on holding it up to my body to see how  long I want it and how much I need to go around.  You will find precisely ZERO measurements, however, I am sure you could use a traditional apron pattern for measurements if you need them.  This is how I work, folks.  Sorry about that, but it works for me!  LOL!  Enjoy!


Step  1 – Cut lengths of the two fabric patterns.  One will be for the bottom accent fabric, the other for the main body of the apron.




Step 2 – Cut a strip of Heat and Bond the same length as your pink fabric and place along the bottom edge on the ‘right’ side.  Layer the brown fabric strip ‘right’ side down over the other and match up the edges.  Iron to secure the fabrics to one another.  Open the two fabrics and iron again to create a neat, finished seam.




Step 3 – Form pleats with your fingers at the top of the piece by folding and ironing each one as you go along.  *You could probably use a ruler to do this evenly…again…I don’t measure.  Just say’n.*




Step 4 – Iron down a strip of Heat and Bond over the top of the pleats.   Remove the backing from the heat and bond and place the wide brown grosgrain ribbon over it.  I put a strip of fabric over my grosgrain before ironing to avoid any melting.  Iron the grosgrain to secure to the waist band.  Do this on both the front and back of the apron.





Step 5 – Add Heat and bond along all of the ‘rough’ edges and fold over to create finished edges.  You will not need to do this along the top, as the ribbon takes care of that for you.




Step 6 – Layer the dot grosgrain over the pink and white grosgrain and use Heat and Bond between the two (again, place fabric over it to iron to keep from melting the grosgrain) to secure them together.




Step 7 – Use a strip of Heat and Bond to secure the layered ribbons onto the brown ribbon waistband to finish your apron! 




Blog post by: Jingle

  1. SimplyMe


  2. Samantha Morris

    I remember the first time I sew an apron was when I was in my fifth grade. It took 2 days before I finished it. Your apron is really adorable. FUNTASTIC!

  3. Kristie Maynard

    Cute, cute, cute and it looks so easy too.

  4. Charlene

    Super cute apron, Jingle!

  5. Jan Hennings


  6. Julie

    I “sew ” love your apron. I do not sew either, but Im sure I could handle this. Thank you for the inspiration.

  7. Anita A

    I love this idea. I am not a sewer either.

  8. Annette A.

    Awesome apron…


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