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New Ribbon Colors Contest Winner

Thank you all for the overwhelming response from this
contest.  No matter who the winner is, we
are listening to each and every one of you while we select next season’s
line.    You all have given us a wealth
of ideas and inspiration.  Also, be sure
to keep checking back for more contests involving our upcoming collection. 

This week’s winner was a difficult one to choose!  Therefore, we have added two bonus winners
again.  The bonus prize will compose of 4
– 3 yard spools of your choice!

Our contest winner is Jessie Beans:

“I work in a retail
craft store with the biggest trim selection in the city we are located. The one
thing that customers can never get enough of and is hard to find suppliers for
is LACE! Especially stretch lace. Anything we get in sells out immediately
(including the one style of lace ribbon currently offered from May Arts that we
carry). It is in high demand, and limited supply! Double scalloped stretch lace
in black. ivory. white, charcoal, old pink, aqua, coral, old gold, olive,
burgundy/red, aubergine etc. – great for clothes or crafts. Or a ruffle lace –
anything pre-gathered is a great trim. With my experience I know lace trims are
a hot item, and I’d love to see what other things May Arts can do with lace!
I’d buy an entire spool of a few colors for just for me that’s for sure!”

“Another thing
I’d love to see are ribbons that coordinate nicely with colors from the
fabrics/scrap-booking items seen in the Amy Butler Midwest Modern collections.
Her palettes are great for spring and incredibly popular in the world of
crafts. With combos like celadon/heather grey, or coral/aqua/brown, or
ginko/prink/cream etc. (As seen in this picture;
The colors are so wonderful and the line is so popular in quilting, fashion,
and scrap-booking – but there are so few trims to coordinate with them! Pink is
usually the only thing that goes with that collection. So a line of pretty satins
or reversible stitch edge satin, or grosgrain – /etc. in that type of pallet
would be AMAZING! Any basic trims for purses, skirts, scrapbooks etc. would be
great to coordinate with these items that are already out there and people are
buying/have in their stash and need coordinates for! They aren’t available in
trims, so it would be great to see that pallet for spring.”

Jessie, thank you and congratulations!  We were so excited by all of your suggestions
& appreciate the time you took with your comment!

Our first bonus prize goes out to Kristen:

“I know in the
papercrafting world Vintage is it. Vintage embroidery would be great, crushed
velvets, printed twill ribbon with numbers or flowers that look old. Vintage
looking lace and crochet. Ribbon that looks like it was found in a paris flea
market that is what is really hot.” 

“Ribbon that
looks like you found it at a Paris Flea Market. Vintage embroidery, lace, and
crochet. Old looking twill printed with numbers/flowers/letters. Crushed
velvets, ruffles, ect…That is what is really hot and will continue to be

Kristen, congratulations! 
Great ideas! 

Our second bonus prize goes out to Avina:

“There are many
places to buy ribbons. And with so many dying mediums like glimmer mists,
paints and so on, colors are important but not the “cutting edge” of
design on my list! So I think unusual textures with unexpected combinations of
luxurious fabrics / materials is the way to go. For example, velvet with coarse
gurney can potentially have unexpected results!

To make way for spring and summer – pastels would be lovely but rather
predictable! Brights would be definitely interesting and eye catching!”

Avina, congratulations to you too!  Thank you for your comment! 

Ladies, thank you all for the time and thought you put in
your comments.  Please forward your
shipping information & your ribbon selections to [email protected]!  

thank you to everyone for posting your comments.We are working hard to incorporate everyone’s
ideas.And be sure to keep checking back
for more posts & contests on our upcoming 2010 ribbon line!

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