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New Releases & a Giveaway – Winner!

New ribbon!  *sigh*   The words alone brings a dreamy smile to my face.  I really just love when we get new ribbon in. 
And today, I am going to show them to you.  Well, most of them…..all off my favorites are buried in here anyway!  😉

There will be a giveaway at the end of this, but first I must show you the ribbon:

385 series in 1.5″ – Organic Cotton


398 Series – 2.5″ Wired Burlap


407 Series – 3/8″ Solid ivory / Woven check


408 Series – 1/2″ Woven Burlap


410 Series – 1.5″ Satin / Horizontal stripes


410 Series – 3/4″ Satin / Horizontal stripes


BY – Leaves – NEW COLORS!

EM – 1.5″ Net – NEW COLORS!
412 Series – Bakers Twine
415 Series – 1/4″ Grosgrain Mini Dot
416 Series – 1/4″ Grosgrain / Picot Edge
417 – 1.5″ Single Faced Satin / Animal Print
411 Series – 2.5″ Wired Sheer Iridescent / Satin Stitched Center
413 Series – 3/4″ Solid Ivory / Black & Gold Print
409 Series – 1/2″ Sheer / Two Tone Stripes






EX71 – Satin Cutouts – Peace Signs
Now that I’ve showed you our Winter 2012 Collection, I have a couple questions for you:
  1. Which of these series are your favorites?  Do you have favorite colors in those series?
  2. What other kind of ribbon would you like to see May Arts come out with next time?


I did mention this was a giveaway, right?   That means we need a prize:

Well, I will put together a prize pack of some of my top picks from this season for 1 lucky winner!

I will post a winner here on Friday, March 9th.

For an additional chance to win, post a comment on our Facebook Page too!


Good luck to all!


The Ribbon Lady


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:


Oh wow … the Wired Burlap #392-25-11 is great but so is the Baker’s Twine #412-14.  What I’d like to see in the future?  Perhaps a Christmas red and a Christmas green in the wired burlap.  Perfect for the holidays … now is THAT planning ahead of what?


SuzeQ, email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

  1. Lynn

    Tryng to decide on a "favorite' and having difficulty!  I'm loving the horizontal stripes particularly in the burgundy color.  Beautiful as a hair bow, package decor,  Something new? How about twinkly felt snowflakes (like the leaves)..several differen snowflke patterns in a row..

  2. Jovita

    I love the colours of the two tone stripes… I also like the leaves… all in all yummy!!!

  3. Lynda

    I like the grosgrain with the picot edge in a contrasting color.  I also really like the net & the leaves.  I'm not partial to any special color.  As for future offerings, I don't have any ideas, but I can say that I have more need for the narrower ribbons vs. real wide ones.  Also, I have a hard time resisting those that are more than 1 color & more casual.

  4. Jessica P.

    I love the printed vintage style ribbon #413 the best, but they are ALL wonderful and would be great to have! 
    I would have chose bakers twine to come out with next time, but THERE it is! I can't imagine what I would like to see next, you seem to have it all! 😀

  5. ava

    wired burlap, the light 02 color is my fav

  6. GM

    I LOVE the wired burlap! (no specific color)
    I'd like to see more interesting/folksy prints & more traditional fabrics.

  7. Amanda Coleman

    My favorite is the 385 Organic Cotton in gray.  It looks so versatile!   I also really like the woven burlap in natural.  Looks fun to play with!   I use a lot of twine in my card making and crafts so more baker's twine is always good!

  8. Gloria Westerman

    I'm loving the 410 series…they are so unique and just beautiful….tfc

  9. Sue D

    I like the 408 series woven burlap in natural and green.  I like the  BY leaves in greens, and the EM net in all the colors.
    Do you have chevron ribbon?

  10. {vicki}

    my top 3 are
    wired burlap
    dotted grosgrain

  11. Mary-Anne V.

    Love the net (em04) , twine and leaves!!! Such nice ribbons! Love to see semi translucent chevron patterns. 

  12. Lisa L.

      Which of these series are your favorites? 3/4" horizontal stripe Do you have favorite colors in those series? black What other kind of ribbon would you like to see May Arts come out with next time?  karate, basketball…boys sports in general

  13. Julie O

    I love the horizontal stripes. What a great idea!
    I would love to see more thin ribbons — they are my favorites. 

  14. Carol E Brooker

    Wow! I just love them all such a great variety, Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Amy Brennan

    I love all the new ribbons, it is so  hard to pick one, but I think my favorite is the woven burlap. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  16. Dorothy C.

    Woven burlap is my favorite. More colors would be nice. Also wired burlap in a narrower size.

  17. Laura Cox

    LOVE the net, LOVE the woven burlap!!  Just gorgeous!  Holiday type colors of both would be awesome!!

  18. Jean MacLeod

    Absolutely love the burlap!! Oh and all the yummy new colors in leaves!! Cannot wait to get my hands on these!!

  19. alice hancock

    My favorite  of the new ribbons is EM – 1.5" Net –  Love the purple!
    I'd love to see some embroidered halloween ribbons – black and burlap.

  20. Ashley N Newell

    I love the woven burlap!  I would like to see more ribbon that can be used in vintage projects.

  21. Pam

    I love the woven burlap in the brown/natural shades!

  22. Doreen

    I love the woven burlap.

  23. Tina Mayo

    ooo  those are fabulous…do you just take pieces off each roll and run streaming them around you?// I would like I was 2 y/   lovin all of them

    1. Tina Mayo

      forgot..I love the twine and the colored leaves

  24. Karen McAlpine

    The organic cotton sounds interesting.  I have been in a burlap mood lately and have used it on several projects lately.  So, I am liking that wired burlap.  The wired sheer looks like something I would use a lot.  They are all gorgeous!

  25. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    I am loving the wired burlap, but maybe next season to have it in a smaller width.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  26. Rebecca Ednie

    I love the two burlap ones! But my very favourite is the ivory with the black n gold images on them! 

  27. Cynthia B.

    I love the 408 series – woven burlap, and my favorite color is red – 408-05-28 and the green – 16! I also can't get enough of baker's twine, the 412 series, and the BY series of leaves is very cool too!
    As for what else I might want…I can't think of any other types – you've thought of everything. Maybe some more colors of baker's twine: an olive green and a turquoise would be nice, as well as some combos besides white – like red/blue, red/green. Thanks for asking! 🙂

  28. Rachelle Olaridge

    I like series 398, 415, 413,412, by leaves and 410. They are so pretty. Love ribbon. Love that burlap.

  29. Cathy M.

    I love the woven burlap natural (408-05-10), the 1.5 net in brown, gray and purple and of course the baker's twine (current favorite is tan 412-02 and black).The netting would be great fun to use on a card.

  30. Connie Smith

    Wow, I just can't pick my fav but I guess if I had to give you my two "Top 2" it would be the Wired Burlap and the Woven Burlap. I'm always drawn to the more natural colors when dealing with this type of material (but not always 🙂 ) I really love the 408-05-16 and of course the 09 and 10 too! Then for the 398 series……I just can't pick! LUV them all! I love all sizes of ribbon. It just depends on which craft project I'm currently working on to which size I use. With that said, 75% of my crafting is cards so I would love to have more of the crochet lace in the 1/2" and 3/8" sizes. I love mixing the natural burlaps with the dainty laces. Fun, Fun, Fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  31. Carmen

    I love the Wired Sheer Iridescent ribbon. It’s beautiful! Also the mini dots – I love polka dotted ribbon

  32. Jan Garber

    Oh, that wired burlap is terrific! So hard to work with regular burlap pieces and the fact that this won't shred while using it, is wonderful!  Burlap bows…my heart is singing! That and the netting… as fond as I am of the naturals, I would use the white and blues in so many projects!

  33. LynneZ

    Love the woven burlap.  Would look so nice on masculine cards!

  34. Linda Grady

    WOW, tons of new gorgeous ribbons.  I think I like the 410 series best; am always drawn to striped designed papers.  

  35. Rea

    They are all super, but I will say my two favorite are the Wired Burlap, and the Animal Print.  I would love to see you do something with ribbon that had a vintage flare to it, for Christmas.  Love your ribbon, and twine.

  36. Michelle Weddle

    Such great new ribbons!  Everyone of them are so yummy.  I love the 407 series ribbon, 410 3/4" ribbon & the bakers twine.  I have no suggestions at this time for any new ribbons.

  37. Tracy Hinton

    I love the 416 series and the peace sign satin! All the colors are beautiful.  In the future you should have more colors in the peace sign ribbon and larger sizes of the 416 series.  Thank you for a chance to win your wonderful product.

  38. ShalahJ

    I like the woven burlap , especially in yellow and green. I also love the Horizontal Stripe satin, all colors; so pretty! I'd like to see more of the shabby chic look too; maybe frayed roses on ribbon or wrinkled seam binding.Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Tonya Roach

    They are all very nice! I love the woven burlap! What I could do with that! Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Nora

    One of my favorites has always been the wide mesh, and I appreciate the new dark colors, especially the blue and red for my "boy" pages and cards. I wonder if a gold or silver is possible next time…

  41. Barbara Moore

    My favorites are the twine and the leavess. Not sure which colors though. They really are so beautiful and I would be ecstatic to win any of them.

  42. April W

    Oh my gosh I loooove the Burlap…all of it!!  I'd really love to see some smaller sizes of Burlap in the future if that was possible…
    – April W

  43. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    As a lover of all things neutral the woven and wired burlap just shouted out to me – However, the leaves and horizontal stripes are favorites too!!

  44. Carol Ann

    Oh, the grosgrain Mini-Dots are my absolute favorites.  As a suggestion, I have been searching for soft large brown leaves to be cut apart and used to decorate an egg-shaped foam to mimick pine cone 'petals'.   But for now, I want every mini dot ribbon – luscious.

    1. Ribbon Lady

      Hi Carol Ann,
      Have you seen our faux suede leaves? Sounds like it may be a good fit for what you are looking for:
      Hope this helps! 🙂

  45. Kelly

    1/2" woven burlap and the animal prints!  Perfect for a book I'm making about an African safari. For something new?  MA always amazes me so I have nothing to suggest.  You meet my needs and exceed my expectations!

  46. Jenny Jean

    WOW! What a great showcase of new ribbons! They all look so yummy. My personal favourite would be satin with horizontal stripes. I love pink, all shades! I’d love to see some fringes on May Arts ribbons. Or maybe lacey/crocheted ribbons adorned with gems/bling! Ooooh! Those will be really pretty!

  47. terriavidreader

    Gorgeous ribbons. Would love to be able to get them all!!!

  48. ~Tammy~

    Oh my ribbon goodness! I love the texture of the burlap and the fun colors it comes in! So many pretty new ribbons…yay!

  49. Vicki Wilson

    Leaves is my all time fave. I love the brown, but the light blue is so pretty too. I would like to see a narrow burlap in chocolate brown.

  50. DebbieC.

    Wonderful new lines and colours for us to see.  I really love the  bakers twine -yellow and blue and the Grosgrain mini dots in green and brown.

    I would love to see narrow cotton with a chevron pattern or narrow burlap that could be coloured or stamped on.

  51. Zenaida

    Love the giveaway! My favorite of these series is the 398, 408, and 412, who doesn't like bakery twine. I like the earthy and bright colors especially in the woven burlap (blue, green, and red are really nice, eventhough I can't live without the nutural colors of beige and tan.) In the 398 series of 2.5 wired burlap I would like to see other colors like rust, green, red, and blue. Burlap is other sizes is good too for the next time. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  52. sue wisniewski

    wow! so many great new ribbons.  I have a bunch of favorites:
    1.  woven burlap   2.  satin horizontal stripes  3. net  4. baker's twine
    My absolute favorite of your ribbons are the silks…..any color any size!
    stamping sue

  53. Roxy

    I love the grosgrain mini dots, so different from what I've seen and they'll make a nice addition to any card, gift tag or project!

  54. SuZeQ

    Oh wow … the Wired Burlap #392-25-11 is great but so is the Baker's Twine #412-14.  What I'd like to see in the future?  Perhaps a Christmas red and a Christmas green in the wired burlap.  Perfect for the holidays … now is THAT planning ahead of what?

  55. Deb Prewitt

    So hard to choose…..I adore the peace signs, being a child of the 60's and 70's. But I really love the new bright leaf colors too. Oh, maybe you should do the peace sign in some funky colors?

  56. Kathy P

    Oh, [sigh], i hate having to pick when I love them all!    But I was first drawn to the 407 collection because of its neutral colors, 408 because I LOVE bright colors and they have great texture, same for EM because mesh adds such great dimension to my layouts and cards!

  57. Monika/buzsy

    These are all so pretty and fabulous! I think my fav is the woven burlap. What fun and bright colors! But I also love the Baker's Twine! I am into soft and crinckled stuff these days. Also cords… any color, any type! :o)

  58. Patti

    Oh my I love all the new stuff especially the lace, the animal prints, all that wonderful bakers twine. Oh who am I kidding I like it all!!!

  59. Lucy

    I'm going with the baker's twine because I don't have any but I love a few collections. Especially the ones with purple – my favorite color!

  60. Nicolle Kramer

    Wow! A Ton of awesomeness. I love it all! ..;)

  61. Jenn Guymon

    I love the 385 series, the EM, and the 410 series. Would also love to have the bakers twine.

  62. Pendra

    I truly love all ribbon… I think I need a 12 step program!!  I adore the Satin Woven check and the Net in any of the colors, I think the Leaves are just adorable and I can think of tons of ways to use almost all the colors again!  I wish you would do something in velvet at least 1/2" wide!  Just love ribbons… did I mention I am totally ADDICTED!

  63. Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    I love the wired burlap in all colors, the woven burlap in all colors as well, the leaves in color 28, 34, 36, 66, 05, 01, 16, 17, all of the colors in baker's twine and all of the colors of grosgrain with picot .  Thanks for a chance to win. 
    [email protected]

  64. rush

    i like the organic cotton stripes in red. as for what i want to see next, i will leave that to you. when i think you have exhausted the kind of ribbon you offer, you come up with something new!

  65. Marie

    I love them a llllll! I’m loving the wired burlap, the woven burlap, the satin stripes, the leaves!!! Ahhhh all of them! Love the bakers twine, too!! Hoping to see more burlap and crochet in the future!!! Lace, too!

  66. karenladd

    Oh, I love the Leaves and the Netting!! They are so unique and would be wonderful on not only crafts, but also clothing and accessories. My favorite BY colors are BY 36, BY 66 and BY25. They are SO beautiful! I would love to see more trims that look like crochet or fancy trims like the leaves! Rich, jewel tones are my favorites!

  67. Kathy S

    I think my fave out of this release is the B10 Series- Horizontal satin -both widths and the BY- Leaves new colours. but I think I am like you-sigh any ribbon is beautiful and it's like being asked to pick a favourite child. Thanks for the chnce to win some of your yummies.

  68. Vicki Carleton

    WOW !  The animal prints are great. Gotta be my favorite for lots of wild projects. Journal book covers, scrapbook pages, etc. etc.
    Would love to see some of the same prints in a sheer, 3/4" or 1".
    Loved all the other additions as well.

  69. Jeyatha

    Love the burlap.. I like all the colors on it..
    If I want to see more of something new, I would want to see more on cotton crochets… 🙂 
    Nice new addition..

  70. Denise Bryant

    I love the 416 series, and the red and green combo is fantastic for Christmas! I'm also happy to see the baker's twine! Yummy colors!
    Great new additions!

  71. Ann Merkins

    Wow! Does it get any better than this?!?! Burlap, new leaves, horizontal stripes? Awesome, but I don't think you can beat peace signs!! 🙂

  72. Nancy Peterson

    I love everything purple!  But also love the burlap with wire and woven burlap.  Awesome!!!

  73. Tammy V

    Such a hard decision to pick a favorite since I like each collection for different reasons! Leaves in gold and greens if forced to choose 🙂  You have so many great ribbons already, don't know what else I could want, but I am sure you will come up with something 🙂

  74. Cynthia Jacobs

    The wired burlap and the woven burlap are awesome!!! Like the tiny dot grosgrain too though!  Very fun choices!!

  75. Heidi Tucker

    Love the LEAVES!!!  As for future temptations, any ribbon that incorporates beads into/onto it is sure to please.

  76. domestic diva

    I love the decorative bakers twine — so fab for packing edible gifts from my kitchen.

  77. Ginny

    I like them all and all of the colors but I guess I would say I like the 407 series the best. Now off to FB to comment there.

  78. Rebecca W

    Wow- awesome new ribbon. My favorite is the horizontal stripes with my favortie colors of that being 34-04 and 34-47, I also love the leaves line expansion (especially color 05) and the Net added colors (espescially color 94). As far as other styles I have no idea- I have only started using your ribbon and haven't explored much of the different styles yet so much of it is new to me.

  79. LindaG

    WOW  tough decision, but I would have to say the By Leaves is my favorite ribbon and to pick a colour I couldn't… I love them all!!!!  Love the woven burlap and the satin cut-out peace ribbons as well.  I would love to see more of the satin coutout in different patterns and colours. The peace cout out would have been great in some funky 80s colours, orange, red yellow blue!  Love the new collection of ribbons!!!

  80. Caryn S.

    Well it's all so cute but if i had to pick just one I would have to choose the wired burlap. Great rustic looking stuff!

  81. by belle

    I really like them all but I LOVE the wired and woven burlaps!!!  I would like to see vintage velvet…thanks for such great products!

  82. Melinda Wilson

    I love the 1/2" woven burlap and my favorite color is the lime green.

  83. Katherine L

    WOW!  What a great collection!  There are so many that like but I really love the horizontal stripes, the woven  burlap, and the twine.  They all look so pretty!

  84. Gwen Windham

    Wow!!  What a beautiful collection!  Choosing just one would be very difficult!  🙂  However, one that really caught my eye is the Leaf Ribbon–so, so pretty!!  This ribbon could be used for SO many different projects— and pretty much any season!  With Springtime and Easter right around the corner, I am just imagining all the uses for those pretty Spring colors– in particular BY-05 (Periwinkle-ish :-),  BY-22 (Hot Pink), BY-34 (Sky Blue)– wouldn't those be perfect for decorating Easter eggs and baskets!  🙂  And there are other combinations that would be perfect for all the other holidays of the year!  🙂
    One thing that you do have a small collection of – and I would love to see more – is lace…

  85. Cresta Woodruff

    love the wired burlap (all colors), woven burlap (09 and 10) and the baker's twine (all colors). So excited to see these added to your line-up!

  86. Indy

    Love all the new series, especially the purple in Satin / Horizontal stripes.  You have so many great ribbons!

  87. B. Poteraj

    The Organic Cotton in the green is perfect for me. Green is my favorite color, and this is semi-subtle. It would be great for all kinds of crafts. I'd like you to make this in a thinner size, too.

  88. Micah G.

    Your blue woven check is great. It would be good for summer. New one I'd like would be other rustic ones like the burlap, but maybe softer.

  89. natasha g.p.

    The woven burlap in green is unusual and great. I hope that you make some twine that has holiday colors (like red and green, pink/white/red, etc.)

  90. Sharon Gullikson

    The organic cotton -34 is my favorite since I saw it again. I fell in love with this while collection at the CHA. It was my favorite of all the new ones. Ones I'd like you to make: unusual mixtures of colors like a double ric rac of some sort (2 colors woven together?)

  91. Teresa Godines #6857

    I am liking the 398 series "wired burlap" .  Since you have so many wonderful choices, I have no ideas for what you should stock next… surprise me…LOL

  92. Janice Aeschliman

    I love the Peace signs and the leaves (green). I can't think of any other ribbon I would love.  Thank you for the giveaway!

  93. Joy Hager

    Oh my so much to choose from! Love them all..I think my favorite would have to be the leaves in color By-16. Thanks for the peek and the chance to win!

  94. Maggy

    Look at all the posts! Mine will probably be lost, but March 9 would've been my wonderful father's 99th birthday, so I had to take a chance. Did I say mine is March 14??!! Anyway. I love the BY-Leaves in all of the colors, but especially in BY-34, light blue. They will make a great addition to any spring or summer card. Being a product of the 60s and 70s who's returned to school and is majoring in conflict resolution and peacebuilding, I also love the peace symbols. Very nice that they are in white! They would make quite a statement on cards for my teachers at the end of the quarter! Finally, the EM-1.5 " Net is very pretty. I'm brand new (1 month) to cardmaking so it may already be available in other colors since the post says "new" colors, but I think it would be awesome in black for Halloween cards. I'm a;ready starting to envision cards I could create! Thank you for this opportunity to see your new ribbons and colors. They're all beautiful.

  95. sandysewin

    I'm loving the organic cotton with the brightly colored stripes, and I adore that deep, deep purple in the horizontal stripes. The animal prints are too much fun. But I'm happiest to see the baker's twine, I can't find ANY around here!

  96. Vannessa Miller

    Love the leaves, twine and the small dots! Pink, PInk and PINK!!!

  97. Brenda Smalle

    Love the organic cotton, the woven burlap and the fun peace symbols!    I'd love to see more colors in that fabulous soft, wide grosgrain striped ribbon too.

  98. stephanie hines

    Oh my! I am loving the dark brown wired burlap and that green woven burlap..and all those twine colors!! I just ordered some of your chevron striped ribbon and im patiently waiting for it to get here. Not sure if you guys have it but I would love to see some pleated ribbon.

  99. Sar Tann

    OMG I've died and gone to ribbon heaven !!! lol I love the Horizontal stripes, In every color. How beautiful are they….. I' also like  the leaves in the berry,greens, black, white and light pink. The Net in brown, red and silver. The Twines and Burlap is awesome as well. Seriously it all looks RiBbOnLiCiOuS:)  I would love to see double sided satin ribbon with one sides color say for example green and on the flip side pink. Or for Halloween Black on one side and orange on the other. I've had teh WORST time trying to find this type of ribbon. I also have difficulty finding silk ribbon which I just love.    Thank you. 🙂

  100. Bhawana

    OMG, never saw so many designs in ribbons.. all are in pretty colors. I love those leafy ribbons. would love to see something hearty shapes…

  101. Nancy M

    1. My favs are the 3/4" satin hor. stripe, which just edged out the animal print ribbon. I like all the colors this comes in!!
    2. I can never get enough of sotf velvet ribbons–they are so wonderful!!
    Thanks and keep bringing us your yummy ribbons, PLEASE!!

  102. Stacy Caddy

    Love the woven burlap in all the colors but my faves right now are anything in bright colors….

  103. Beatrice Lawson

    Oh the wired burlap wins hands down but the striped satin is so yummy… love purple right now!

  104. shartl

    Wow, love all the new releases! As for my favorite…it's tied between the organic cotton and the new netting colors! I love earthy and deep colors the most…and I am crazy about  grosgrain. I would love to see more patterned grosgrain in mid-widths!

  105. Luanne

    I love the 408,412 and 410 series so gorgeous. I just love all the colors so fun to play with them. Hmm I'm not sure what I would love to see. I love ribbons so definitely love anything.

  106. Karen L K

    I like the woven burlap. I like the light brown and off white color which may seem kind of boring but they would go with alot.

  107. erin

    I love the burlap!

  108. Amy Serbaroli

    I love the woven burlap and baker's twine. If you don't already have it, I would love a narrow silk ribbon!

  109. jeanette munson

    oh love love them all! the peace trim is awesome.

  110. Rhonda Gibbs

    My fav is the EM ribbon (too bad there is no pink) . And I love the burlap (but no pink). I guess what I am trying to say is I love your ribbon, and I love PINK..Thanks for a chance to win. Good luck everyone. Its a great win no matter what the color!

  111. Paula

    I LOVE the 398-25-11 Burlap… it is amazing!   hummmm…. how about something that is braided?

  112. Sara Westhead

    I really like the woven and wired burlaps! I'm new to May Arts, so I'm not sure what I'd like  to see, but I do like the suggestion by another for denim!

  113. debb

    Love them all! The peace sign is adorable! My fav though is probably the net in em04 and em 94- both  have thoughts running through my head right now—of course- ask me in 5 minutes and I will have another fav-lol! I would love to see some denims- in all shades  and colors with torn edges- all widths! And some denim with embroidery- blue on blue – goes great with the burlaps and canvas too!

  114. Holly Elliott

    Wow! I love all the colors in the 410 series!!! My next fav is 4080516! I love the green!!

  115. Jill

    I love the Burlap and animal print and would love them both in smaller widths.

  116. Jean Marmo

    Each row was better than the next – if that is possible. Love the woven  burlap!!  And those colors – yummy!!! Thank you for a chance to win!

  117. Kris stice

    I love all the burlap. I hope it will come in different widths.

  118. Kelly Massman

    Love so many but the Solid ivory / Woven check and the burlaps excited me most! Thanks!

  119. Cyndi Pink

    I love, love, love the woven burlap – my favorite color (if I have to choose) is the darker natural (kraft) color.  I'm going to have to find out who will be selling your wonderful ribbons (the wired burlap, the woven burlap and the baker's twine need to find a home with me).  I am not sure what I would want to see in the future – I'm a ribbon hoarder so am happy to see anything that looks good on cards.  🙂

  120. Dorina D

    WOW!!!! the new ribbons are GREAT.  Love the  net in all the colors and the new woven burlaps.  So cool,  I can't wait to use some of these products. They are so awesom.  Thanks for sharing

  121. Tina Freeberg

    I Love the Bakers Twine and the woven check.  Oh the wonderful things we can do with so many different  ribbons.  Thanks for the chance to win.

  122. Anita A

    I love the woven burlap! My favorite color is cream beacause I can see changing the color with inks or sprays.

  123. Joan Iurato

    I love the 3/4 Horizontal stripes, the peace sign and of course the twine!

  124. Carol B

    I really love the Peace Sign ribbon! So cool!
    I love all the things MA comes out with, so your ideas are better than mine- keep the good stuff coming!
    Carol B

  125. Amy Jones

    Oh my…Where do I start…I love so many of them and want them all. 
    1. I love: All the wired Burlap in all the colors.
                  The leaves and my favorite colors are: By-34, By-05
                  All the net in all the colors
                 Bakers Twine: 412-94 and 412-15 are my favorite
                Animal Prints all of them…..Im loving so many of these,  This was a great release.  Such fun colors.
    2.  Im not sure what i could suggest except for maybe different sizes in a lot of them.  Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  126. mamichelle

    I LOVE the picot edge but I don't see my favorite color (same as 410-34-04).  Love the burlap too!  I'm a skinny ribbon girl so I would love to see more of that in the future.

  127. Lisa S

    I love the woven burlap, especially in our local school's colors of blue and gold. I can see lots of pages for my kiddos using these! I love the twine and think it would be awesome to have it in a bit wider width as well…maybe 1/4" or so. Thanks for the chance to win!

  128. Shelley

    I love the leaves and the 1.5" net. The burlap would look great in pastel colours.

  129. Miriam Prantner

    I love the woven burlap and the satin/horizontal stripe choices.  My favorite in the woven burlap is just the natural color, and in the satin/horizontal stripe, many of them are speaking to me.  Normally my answer would be red, but I really love the turquoise and purple, so I'm just going to say jewel tones.
    In terms of what I'd like to see, a really tightly woven burlap that really holds a stamped image well would be great, actually, lots of stampable ribbons in general would be good.

  130. Dawn Walsh

    417 – 1.5" Single Faced Satin / Animal Print  this is one of my favorites i love the zebra print I would like you to come out withNot sure what kind 

  131. Rosann

    1. My first choice : Love that 408 Series 1/2 woven burlap … all the colors are pretty but I  especially love the  05-16 green and 05-03 blue !
     Second choice :Love the 407 Series too woven checks so soft and pretty looking, 38-05 lavendar looking and the 38-34 aqua-ish ,
    2. Does  May Arts have a ribbon with the similar texture as a seam binding that can be crinkled ( or is already crinkled) that comes in vintage colors? You may already have, I'm not sure

  132. Emma Zajac

    I love the woven burlap in yellow. So bright and cheerful. I also love vintage style ribbons, so anything along those lines would be fantastic 🙂

  133. Kristen

    I love the net and  the leaves in all colors and the purple 410.

  134. Krista Ritskes

    Loving that woven burlap!  I'm drawn to the red and natural colours.  Since I'm new to May Arts, I'm not sure what I'd like to see other than what you've already posted.  Maybe lacy ribbon?

  135. Cyndi Stephenson

    My favorite is the 3/4" Satin Horizonal Stripes.  I could not possibly pick one color.  I LOVE all of them.  I cannot think of anything that I would like you to show, you have everything covered.  

  136. jenny v.

    Wow all such pretty ribbons! I love the woven burlap and the leaves.

  137. Jackie Rakoski

    I simply LOVE the new net colors, I have this one in the previously released colors and these look great, as do the new horiztonal lines! If you could make a thinner burlap, maybe say a 5/8" that would be fabulous!

  138. Tory Frail

    I love the wired burlap in all colors, and the leaves, in green, silver and gold.
    I would love to see more in burnt orange to match my wedding colors. I would also like some plastic mesh with really small holes (like 5mmx5mm)  on larger format rolls like 1" or 2".

  139. Jill B

    The wired burlap! I love that. I would like to see that in a variety colors.

  140. Kristie Maynard

    My favorites are the Baker's Twine, the Leaves and the Solid Ivory/Woven checks.  As for favorite colors of them, the Baker's Twine I like the black(10) and the pink(17) the best, the leaves I like the green(16) and brown (36) and the woven checks I like that soft brown or maybe it's a green tone, hard to tell on my screen (32)
    I can't imagine what you could add to the collection, you have just about anything I could think of.

  141. Christine Dring

    Look at all this delishous yumminess! My favs are the 408 series woven burlap and the 412 series bakers twine – I want all colors in both!!! What would be cool to see is the 408 series in metalic colors. Thanks for the chance to win!

  142. Fifi-T

    loving the net and the horizontal stripes

  143. Samantha T.

    I love the 385 series, and all the possibilities for the wired burlap. You could make some gorgeous burlap bouquets out of that!
    I'm dying to see someone come out with a twined that's kraft (or jute colored) and colored insteade of white and colored.

  144. S

    I love the 385 series, and all the possibilities for the wired burlap. You could make some gorgeous burlap bouquets out of that!
    I'm dying to see someone come out with a twined that's kraft (or jute colored) and colored insteade of white and colored.

  145. Janet Lebeau

    I love the woven burlap in all the colors!!!! Lots of beautiful new ribbon! How can you stand it!!!

  146. KellyG

    Lots of great stuff!  I love the woven check especially the white and tan and I like the first series with the stripes.  Love the blues.  Not sure what I would like to see in the future, you guys always do such a good job!

  147. Jessica Toulmin

    Oh I forgot to answer Q2. I would like to see some more softer colours. For example, light blue & pink in the striped satin. Also, a mid size burlap, for example a 1" wired burlap. I like the browns, but I would also like some colours – but lighter colours rather than the brights offered with the 1/2" burlap  🙂

  148. Melinda Abrahamson

    I love the woven and wired burlap, such great texture! The green in the woven will make great stems and leaves for flowers and accents for spring.
    I love the idea of the organic cotton. I would love to see a stamp-able, color-able version of that in the future.

  149. Chris R

    I love the woven burlap especially in the green.  I love the  Satin Horizontal Stripe 3/4' size especially in the black & the turquoise.  I love ALL of the leaves but my top colors would be the orange, the purple and the light blue.  The net series is really cool.     You have so many amazing ribbons it's hard to say what you would need to add but maybe some new colors in the Sheer/Woven Rosettes line would be cool, like an orange, turquoise, bright green, or coral.  THanks for the chance to win. 

  150. Donna O'Neil

    I love the burlap ribbon and the twine.
    I would love to see purple twine.

  151. rush

    i like the baker's twine in yellow.  i can't think of what more i could want in ribbon from may arts!  just when i think you can't come up with anything else, you do!

  152. Lyn Gill

    I'm so new to Scrapping & May Arts that I love them all, but my fav. is the leaves BY-16 but with BY-01 I could die it to match any project! This was a tougher choice than I thought.

  153. Naomi Armenta

    I love the leaves…and anything in green is given my full attention.  Any ornate, or lovely lace vintage look would be great!  Light and airy!

  154. Colleen Alburger

    I love the satin peace signs, and the leaves in all the color. I would like to see cutout roses similar to the peace signs in vibrant rose colors.

  155. Annette A.

    I love the burlap twine..favorite color in brown..I would love to see ribbon with all the rainbow colors on it…
    Thanks for the chance to win..

  156. Tifany DeGough

    I love the woven burlap and the horizontal stripe satins. I am always a fan of greens and neutrals (white, cream, and black). 
    I am REALLY hoping that you will come out with the silk ribbon in 1/2" and/or 3/4". The silk is SO gorgeous. Love it!

  157. Linda Harris

    My favorite is the striped satin, Love the reds!!!!!! Thanks for the chance, I love all grossgrain in the wider widths for my sewing projects.

  158. Dana Johnson

    I love the Grosgrain Mini Dot and the Bakers twine!!!  I love every color!!

  159. Jessica Toulmin

    I love natural and neutral. So I love both burlaps, both striped satins, the twine, leaves & woven check. I'd give the net a try, as well as the animal print. The main ribbon colours I use are blue, brown, white/ cream/ neutral, (light) pink. But I would definitely find a way to use anything & everything (colour, print, texture), especially since i've started making more cards now 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  160. Barbara H.

    My favorite is the net ribbon, EM33 is my favorite color, 3/4 inch burlap is my recommendation.  Thanks for opportunity to win.

  161. Gabrielle Lowe

    I love the wired burlap the most closely followed by the woven burlap and the organic cotton!!  I love natural colors and fibers in 398-25-11, it is definitely my favorite!  I'd love to see more natural fibers, though I love your baker's twines and crossgrain, too!  Love May Arts, the best!!

  162. Slammie

    Leaves – any color! All are gorgeous though!

  163. Christy

    I LOVE it all!  The grosgrain mini dot is awesome!  I want it in every color.  Oh, and I can totally see myself "tyedying" the peace signs with my glimmer mist sprays! 

  164. Ruby

    I love the 410 series….so beautiful. My fave colors are the 410-34-04, 410-34-14, and the 410-34-66. But, if the truth be told, I would love to have any of them! I would love to see more lacy ribbons and crumpled looking seam binding type ribbon.  Thanks so much for the new line and the chance to win!

  165. Anita Mulcahey

    1.  Wired burlap in the brown is my fave.
    2.  I would like to see the wired burlap in a narrower style too.


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