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Nautical Craft Challenge Inspiration: Nautical Magnets

Last week, we announced our Nautical Craft Challenge!  We will be providing 20 participants with a selection of these ribbons:

Nautical Themed Ribbon

to create a craft project with!  So, all week long a different Ribbonista will be creating an inspiration project.  Today we have Prima Ribbonista, DeeDee Catron, with these Nautical Magnets & Pins.

If you are interested in participating, go ahead & email me!!

Hi everyone! DeeDee here today sharing some nautical inspiration with you!   I swear the Ribbon Lady is some kind of genius when it comes to picking ribbons because I just died over all of these.  I decided to make some pins and magnets for our brand new memo board! So grab your nautical ribbons, your iTop, a pair of scissors and your magnet/pin blanks!

Nautical Magnets and Push Pins

Basically today we’re using the magnet daddies as intended, but covering them in glorious ribbons. For the badge daddies, we cover them as normal as well, but leave off the back closure making them a push pin! Watch this video on using the iTop and ribbon:

And just keep covering your magnets and brad daddies in the ribbons just like in the video! For the ones that have more than one ribbon, just layer them as you push them into the iTop. Sometimes I used an adhesive to help keep them in place. The buttons using twine have all be glued down after an initial layer of ribbon was laid down, as well.

And here they are in use:

Nautical Magnets and Push Pins

Nautical Magnets and Push Pins

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck on your entries.

Blog post by: DeeDee Catron

May Arts Ribbons Used:

May Arts Ribbon Burlap Cord

May Arts Grosgrain Ribbon with Satin Edge

May Arts Twill Ribbon

May Arts Woven Chevron Ribbon

May Arts Ribbon Gold Chain Cord

May Arts Candy Cane Striped Ribbon


Partners in Craft Supplies Used:

  • Imaginsice: iTop tool, Magnet Daddies, Small badge daddies.

Other Supplies Used:

  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  1. Sharon Gullikson

    Those are tooooo cool!!!

  2. Kristie Maynard

    How cute!  With the summer months coming up these are perfect for your summer calander!  TFS!

  3. Sue D

    Very cute idea!

  4. by belle


  5. NinaN


  6. Charlene

    Sooooo cute!


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