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National Scrapbook Day

Here are some Scrapbook Layouts using LOTS of May Arts Ribbon.  Happy National Scrapbook Day!

Crazy Hair Day

Scrapbook with ribbon

May Arts Ribbons used: 364-15 in orange, iridescent fuchsia, lime
Tip: Use a tape runner or double sided tape to adhere your ribbon.  It is quick, easy and no mess!


scrapbook with ribbon

May Arts Ribbons used: XY in orange/brown,  XL brown
Tip: For the heart on the bottom right corner, I cut a brown leaf ribbon into the shape I wanted!


scrapbook with ribbon


scrapbook with ribbon

May Arts Ribbons used: C Sheer in teal,  340 in turquoise/white
Tip: The May Arts Sheer comes in TONS of colors & sizes!  That ribbon is a must for any crafter!


scrapbook with ribbon

May Arts Ribbons used:WH94 brown/turquoise
Tip: Instead of matting your title with paper, use ribbon!


scrapbook with ribbon

May Arts Ribbons used: 363 yellow twisted burlap

Tip: On a page for a boy use any of the many colors of burlap.  It will add texture and color with none of the frill.

Mummy Girl

scrapbook with ribbpn

May Arts Ribbons used: WP in orange and purple,  WB black/white
Tip: Paper strips can be used right along ribbon strips!  Together they make a nice border.

School Smile

scrapbook with ribbon

May Arts Ribbons used: XJ black/silver/white,  PM yellow
Tip: Black ribbon, and embellishments in small amount can make a bright page pop! It is ok to use on fun kid pages, not only formal pages.

Happy Birthday

scrapbook with ribbon

May Arts Ribbons used: 347-78 in black/white
Tip:  A little ribbon on a page works just fine!  I simply tied a knot and used the ribbon as a photo corner!


scrapbook with ribbon

May Arts Ribbons used: 367 in pink, 347 in pink
Tip: Ribbon on the side of a page works whether you knot it, tie it or just lay it down flat!  It is an easy embellishment that adds a lot to your page!
Blog Posted By:  Leah Farrar-White

This week's contest is All About Scrapbooking!  Win 2 Full Spools just for sending in your Scrapbook Pictures!

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