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My First Quilt

Ribbon - quilt


In college, my professor, Dr. Jacobson asked the class,
“What is something that you have taught yourself how to do?”  We went around the room and answered his
question.  While the others were
answering, I racked my brain to think of something, anything.  My turn arrived, and I half answered,  “I know that I would like to teach myself to
play the guitar, but I haven’t taught myself anything-yet.”

This question of his has stayed with me for 18 years.  Sure, once I borrowed my Aunt’s guitar, and
tried to teach myself how to play.  I
really did try. I just didn’t get anywhere.
Even after signing up for lessons-I got nowhere even faster.  Bored, calloused fingers, guitar sounding
really bad, I decided maybe this instrument wasn’t for me.

Quilting.  Another
thing I have always wanted was to learn. My Grandmother was a quilter, she made
the quilt top my daughter sleeps under every night.  She also had a quilt on every bed in her
home.  Something about quilts reminds me
of her and my childhood.  Quilts seem to
symbolize comfort, coziness, connections and love.   My Mother-in-law is an amazing quilter who
can create anything she sets her mind to.
A few years ago, I mentioned to her that I was interested in
learning.  For Christmas she gave me
every quilting tool you need to get started.
My gift contained: a strange pizza cutter type object; a nice really
long, wide, clear grid ruler thingy; a very large, green flexible mat; and a
book filled with plastic templates.

I didn’t dive in right away.
The gadgets really were a bit intimidating.  While trying to use the pizza cutter on
something I learned that it was sharp. VERY sharp.  Unsure on how to proceed, I went to the
sewing store deciding that a lesson might be in order.  Unfortunately, the next beginner quilting
class was 3 months away and it already had a waiting list. A bit discouraged, I
ended up putting the supplies away.

Last month our family went on a get-away weekend and I
happened upon two fabric stores and a quilt show.  The spark was re-ignited!  I bought a charm pack.  I discovered that meant the squares are
already cut for you! 5 inch squares. ( I figured that meant I wouldn’t have to
use my dangerous pizza cutter!!! )  I
played with my new fabric squares as if I were a child rearranging puzzle
pieces.  My own children were under the
table w/ blocks playing a game they called “let’s make quilts.” It was magical!

So I just did it…like the old Nike commercial.  JUST DO IT.
I borrowed a few magazines,  let
myself play and I created this quilt.  I
did have to ask the Home Ec teacher at the school where I work, how to cut
straight.  She thought I was joking at
first,  after realizing it was a serious
question she showed me how to use the rotary cutter.  The rest…I taught myself!  Dr. Jacobson would be proud.  I am proud.
Now,  it is your turn.  Teach yourself something!

Ribbon - quilt

sashing between the fabric is May Arts ribbon: HA-02 in

Blog Posted By:  Leah Farrar-White

  1. Maria

    I love this quilt!! I love the colors and how you incorporated ribbon into it. Good job!

  2. Kimberly Madrid

    This is so beautiful! I love the ribbon between the squares — it adds a perfect touch of panache. Wonderful work.

  3. Leah

    Thanks, gals! now I am on to quilts 2, 3 and 4 is planned out in my brain!!!

  4. IndyCinD

    I love what you did, and I REALLY love how you got to that point! Sometimes the stars have to be aligned perfectly before we take the plunge into something we’ve wanted to do for ages. Congratulations on the beautiful result!

  5. Deanne

    Leah, that is beautiful and I am so proud of you for taking the plunge and making a quilt. Very inspiring!!!


  6. doria

    looks fantastic! I like to learn how to quilt too:)

  7. Alecia Castro

    I LOVE, LOVE your quilt Leah, you rocked it my friend!! WONDERFUL!!!

  8. Daiva

    Beautiful quilt! I love that you used ribbon in it as well.


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