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Mother’s Day Teapot



Hi everyone! Jinky here to share with you this unique Mother’s Day Teapot Exploding Box. I personally believe that Mother’s Day is one of the most important occasions on the calendar year. We should be all grateful to our mothers because without their guidance and wisdom, it will be hard for us to be where we are right now. In Latin America, where I currently reside part-time, Mother’s Day is declared as a National Holiday. Everyone makes it a point to show how much they love their mothers by taking them to shopping malls, restaurants and spas. 

My project is inspired by Mother’s Day.  The supplies I received from MayArts were just in time for this project. May Arts teamed up with Authentique, I used their Delightful Collection for my Exploding Teapot Box. Their designer paper is perfect for my project. I also embellished my 3-tier square cake with gold trimmings, and for the lid, I used Crochet/Velvet Center Ribbon by MayArts . I used my templates for the Graduation Exploding Box 3-Tier Cake + my Teapot Exploding Box (Jinky’sCrafts templates). 
With the help of acetate strips, I added some butterfly “floaties” around my 3-tier cake. Also I printed Mother’s Day Invitation wordings, die cut and attached to my panels. Using my Cricut machine, I cut a “Mother’s Day” script and that serves as my topper.
I love how it turned out. The Teapot Box is very versatile.  You can use it as a Mother’s Day Gift Box, a scrapbook layout and much more. For me, I opted into using the Teapot Exploding Box as an Invitation. It is modern and extra-ordinary.
That’s it my friends. I hope I inspired you with my project today.

Blog post by: Jinky Kowalski

Hop on over to Authentique for more inspiration!


  1. Kristie Maynard

    This is pretty amazing!  I've seen and made many exploding boxes, but this is different than any I've ever seen.  Love it!

  2. Julie Shearer

    Beautiful !!

  3. Emily h

    Wow! This is incredible! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    This is AA-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  5. Sue D

    FAntastic project!!

  6. Lisa L.

    Wow!!!  This is beautiful!!! I love how it opens! Thanks for this idea!

  7. Kathy P

    Absolutely amazing, Jinky…I would love to try to make one of these for my mom, who collects teapots!

  8. Gloria Westerman

    How cool is that….awesome creations….love it….tfs

  9. Holly Elliott

    Wow! This absolutely beautiful!!

  10. Leanne S

    WOW! This is the most beautiful project I ever came across.

  11. Virginia Ogg


  12. B. Poteraj

    That must have taken forever to make. I like all of the details. Does it hold tea? Just kidding.

  13. Bethany Becker

    How adorable.  My mom would love one of these!

  14. Amy Jones

    Amazing.  I love this idea.  What a wonderful project.  And so many beautiful elements….

  15. Michele D

    Amazing box, love it !!!

  16. Sharon Gullikson

    Mom will love it!

  17. Christine Dring

    Cool Beans! This exploding tea pot box is awesome!

  18. Karen McAlpine


  19. Becky D

    Sweet exploding box!  I love exploding boxes and teapots so together they make me very happy 🙂  Thanks for sharing this great project!

  20. Kelly Malacko

    Wow! Impressive!

  21. Marsha F

    I love your teapot box!  Such a unique gift!

  22. Jessica Toulmin

    Wow. I love your creativity! That's definitely a mothers day gift that will be cherished.


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