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Moore College of Arts & Design: Ribbon Ideas

May Arts’ partnership with Moore College of Art & Design was a great opportunity to see new designs from up-and-coming fashion designers. We set out with a goal to add more variety to our already large inventory of ribbons, and with the help of the students we can reach that goal. The students designed with fashion and apparel in mind, but like all of our ribbon they can be applied for many uses and across many industries. Three students rose to the occasion and presented us ribbons we think can be made.


Pure Sweetness- A Picnic Theme


Oksana Turlina presented this picnic themed ribbon as a take off of Marc Jacobs’ picnic line for Spring/Summer. She was inspired by Pantone’s greens and pinks. Her goal was to create a ribbon that was fun and whimsical. 



Lost at Sea- A Nautical Theme


Helga Gardner presented May Arts with a nautical theme evoking standard images associated with sailing like portholes and anchors.  Helga suggested her design research proves that nautical is consistently “in” year after year. 


Helga’s first design was a nautical motif made for the existing satin cutout line. She proposed we add a blue anchor, gold compass rose, and a lifesaver.  Helga wanted to add the nautical elements to the satin cutout line so there was a more seasonal option for summer.


Another design Helga presented was a compass rose printed twill ribbon. The twill ribbon would be 2" in width and come in thirteen different colors. She wanted to evoke the feeling of the sea with deep to light blue Compass Roses, as well as the feelings of a ship with the rich browns and tans.


Helga’s last design was a ½ inch satin ribbon with gold-embroidered eyelets. She named this her “Port-hole” design. Like with the twill ribbon above, the “Port-Hole” design would be available in various different colors. She used this ribbon in a bikini and cover-up to go along with the nautical theme.


Mod Squad- A 50’s Geometric Theme


The last standout ribbon design was from Jessica McKay. We were impressed with her geometric patterns and incorporation of vintage colors. Jessica presented five different ribbon designs inspired by Pantone’s Burnt Orange (16-1363), Seafoam Green (14-5714), Off White (11-0601), and Black (19-4006) colors. Geometric patterns saw a rise in popularity last year, and will be on the fashion radar for years to come.

Jessica’s first ribbon design was a color addition to the wired XD line that comes in a 5/8” width. Her last design pictured above was also a color addition, but for the WG line that comes in a 1.5” width.  The four designs in the middle were new suggestions based on next year’s geometric fashion trends. The seafoam green used was an inspiration, “from looking at kitchens in the 1950s with the green stoves and fridges.”


Jessica did a great job demonstrating how her ribbon could be used in fashion and apparel as well.  She used the ribbon as trim for dresses and pockets, woven together to make shirts and pants, and as decorative elements across her clothing. 

What do you think?  Would you like to see any of these ribbon ideas available for next spring?  What projects would you use them for?  Check back on Tuesday for more fashion inspiration.  Also, if you work in the fashion and accessories industry and are looking for interns we would be more than willing to connect you with any of the Moore College of Art & Design students.


  1. Caryn S. (Scrapnsing)

    Love the picnic and nautical themes.


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