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In my family, we have a hand-made Christmas each year. I try to come up with gifts that are easy to make, but also ones that will actually be used. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with pillows and with this easy custom monogramming, you definitely can’t go wrong. I am all about making sewing easy, so this tutorial is for an envelope pillow, which means no zippers or hand-sewn edges. There is an opening in the back of the pillowcase that your pillow form can slide in and out of, especially nice when your pillow needs cleaned.



­– 1 yd – 1.5" black grosgrain ribbon (QH10)

– 2 yd – 3/16" black/white stripe ribbon (RG10)

•2" or 14" square pillow form

     – Size depends on the firmness you want in finished pillow

• 1 yd light weight canvas fabric

• Scissors

• Ruler

• Disappearing pen

• Stitch witchery – 5/8" fusible bonding web

• Sewing machine and white thread

• Pins

• Iron


Step 1 –Wash and iron canvas. Cut out 3 pieces of canvas sized: (A) 18"x18", (B) 18"x18", (C) 18"x14".

Step 2 –Take (B), measure 6" in from one side. Iron and pin a fold to create a flap. (B) Will now measure 18" x 12". Pin the edge of the flap under 1/2". Sew down each side of the flap with a 1/4" seam allowance.



Step 3 –Take (C) and fold one 18" side in 1/2", then fold in again. Pin in place and stitch along the edge with a 1/4" seam allowance. Set aside.



Step 4 –With your disappearing ink pen, draw a 7.5 inch square in the center of your fabric. Fold your black grosgrain ribbon into the shape of the initial using the pen lines as your boundaries. Use your stitch witchery and an iron to tack ribbon in place before stitching. For certain letters (such as E, K or Q), you will need to cut your ribbon and begin again with each angle. Tuck under each exposed end of ribbon to prevent fraying.



Step 5 –Going slowly on your sewing machine, stitch a straight line on top of the ribbon following the stroke of the letters to secure ribbon in place.




Step 6 –To create envelope pillow, lay (B) on top of (A) with right sides together lining up 18" cut edge of fabric. Next, lay (C) on top of (A) and (B) lining up the cut edge of (A) and (C). Pin in place and sew around the entire 4 sides. Turn right side out and press edges flat.

Step 7 –Next, with disappearing pen, draw a line around all 4 sides measuring in 2" from outside edge of pillowcase. Pin black and white striped ribbon along these lines and sew in place. When you reach the corners, turn the ribbon inward 90 degrees to form a mitered corner. Note: this creates a flange-edge pillow. Pillow form only fits within the inner section.

Step 8 –For the outer decorative band, sew your black and white striped ribbon around all 4 sides 3/8" from the edge of your pillowcase.

Step 9 –To finish pillow, insert pillow form into the opening on the backside of pillowcase. Work the form into the corners of the pillowcase and you are done!


Download the tutorial to this Here!


Blog post by: Tiffin Mills

  1. B. Poteraj

    So wonderful. Who wouldn’t love that? I could tailor it to anyone’s taste and color scheme. Nice.

  2. Sharon Gullikson

    What a great present that would make. Thanks for the idea…

  3. Christine Dring

    Oooh! I love this idea! Very original! TFS!

  4. Gloria Westerman

    Love this idea…..this opens up a world of monogrammed everything….tfs

  5. Christina

    Fantastic tutorial! This is a great idea for a gift. Thank you for the tutorial. I’m downloading it for sure.

  6. Charlene

    Awesome project, Tiffin!

  7. Kristie Maynard

    Great job! This is a wonderful idea.

  8. Annette A.

    so so awesome…I love it…I might just have to try it…thanks for sharing..


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