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Modern Placemats

May Arts’ selection of ribbon is so diverse. They offer a selection from cute and fun, vintage, modern and everything in between! Today I’m showcasing the modern side of May Arts, with my version of bold, graphic barely sewn placemats.

I picked up two clearance packages of placemats at a sewing distribution center, all together, four placements came to only $1. Then, I purchased a package of Heat n’ Bond Tape and gathered at least 12 feet of May Arts 1.5” Grosgrain/White Ovals Ribbon in Black (331-10).

To start, I cut eight 18 inch lengths of the modern ribbon and adhered the Heat n’ Bond to the back of each, starting an inch from the top and ending an inch from the bottom of the ribbon. On a heat safe surface, I heated the tape with an iron until it was strongly adhered to the ribbon.

Net, I peeled off the tape and carefully pressed it firmly to the front side of the placemat. (I used a ruler to help measure the placement of each ribbon strip!) Then, I thoroughly affixed the ribbon to the placemats by heating with an iron. I was sure to place a towel on top of the ribbon so the screen-printed design didn’t end up on the bottom side of my iron!

To further imply the modern feel of the placemats, I looped each end of the ribbon onto itself, allowing for about a half-inch overhang off the edge of the placemat. I secured the loop with pins.

Finally, my mother helped me stitch the loops to the placemats at the very edge of the seams. I barely notice the stitching because I matched the thread to the ribbon color.

I was able to transform cheap placemats into modern show-stoppers with the help of cool, graphic ribbon from May Arts and just a few supplies. There are many trendy colors available in this design, you can check them out here!

Blog post by: Karen Baker

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  1. NWFlamingo

    Great idea!

  2. Miriam Prantner

    Love these, so easy too!

  3. Charmaine

    What a fun way to transform a plain placemat…this would be great for different holidays throughout the year.

  4. Carole St-Aubin

    What a fabulous look! I never think of making my ribbon accents more durable by using durable heat n bond. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kathy P

    Very dramatic…they would look great on MY table!!!

  6. ellen s

    These are so awesome!

  7. Jeanne Nielsen

    What great placemats at a super-great price!  Love them!  You're right … they're showstoppers!  TFS!

  8. Melanie

    Stunning!  The black and white ribbon with the red placemat is classic yet modern.  Great job 🙂

  9. Emily h

    Wow! This is so cool! You can use ribbon for soo much!

  10. Kristie Maynard

    Very pretty and simple to make.  Wouldn't a bunch of these and some matching napkins make a nice gift?!?!

  11. Jaq

    What an awesome idea the ribbon you chose gives it a retro feel can’t wait until I move and make some for my new dinning room.

  12. Sue McRae

    Love these graphic placemats!

  13. Janet S

    Wow, this is such a cute idea.  I am going to look for clearance placemats the next time I am out.  I think I can do this, it looks so easy.  Also a good project for my granddaughter and I to work on together when she comes to spend time with me this summer.   Thank you.

  14. Lucy

    The bold graphic design of this is very appealing.  Nice work.  Just saw your card and tutorial at PCL, Karen, for the tie card.  Very cute!  I'm sure lots of dads would like the card more than getting another tie.  😉

  15. Pendra

    This is a really neat idea…gonna have to try it!

  16. Sue D

    I like the bold graphic design!

  17. Sharon Gullikson

    I like. My daughter would love to have some made to go with her south pacific theme.

  18. B. Poteraj

    This looks great. It would also look great with other designs that would match my dining room. Thanks.

  19. Dee

    Those placemats looks absolutely amazing! What an original idea!

  20. Charlene

    Very cool!!

  21. Jingle

    These are so pretty!


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