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Mitten Treat Pouch

This is a really easy project that anyone can do! I hope you will give it a try!


What you will need:

  • Felt in your choice of colors
  • Glue ( I use Flora-Bond from Michaels)
  • Scissors
  • Permenent marker or template (Try using marker in the color of your felt)




  • Cut out template after printing at 100% or you can trace your hand  1 in bigger than actual size
  • Trace it onto the felt and cut out
  • Flip traced side into the center and run glue line ¼ in from the edge without gluing the opening
  • Attach both sides and let dry under a heavy book
  • Glue silver velvet across opening
  • Cut snowflakes apart and glue on sporadically
  • Let dry again


Thats it! Easy gift pouch! It can be filled with anything, candies, gift cards, hot chocolate kit


Blog Posted By: Kim Wilson

  1. Charlene

    So cute! Bet this could be filled with lots of fun surprises.

  2. Karen K

    That is really cute and nice to have a really easy one once in awhile.

  3. jen shears

    What a great idea- those snowflakes are the perfect embellishment!! 🙂

  4. Samantha

    This is so much fun. I think it would be great to make w kids. Thanks for the good idea!

  5. Pam Loris

    This would be a cute gift for a child! Thanks for sharing!


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