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Hi! Tiffin here from Linwood Avenue. This tutorial pairs May Arts velvet ribbon with paper and decorative brads from Creative Imaginations. I love stepping away from the ordinary for wrapping packages and think this mini wreath is the perfect highlight to any gift.


May Arts Ribbon

– 2.5 yds – 1/8″ green velvet (3891846)

•  Creative Imaginations
– Crochet brad flower pack
– Decorative card stock

• 3″ wooden drapery hoop

• Low temp glue gun

• Masking tape

• Wire

• Scissors



Step 1 – Using your glue gun, secure one end of velvet ribbon onto hoop. Wrap ribbon tightly and evenly around hoop and glue in place when you finish where you started.

Step 2 – Cut 3 small leaf shapes out of paper, no wider than 1″. Cut 3 – 3″ lengths of wire and place on top of the back side of the leaf.

Step 3 – Cover wire and paper leaf with masking tape and press in place. Trim masking tape to follow shape of paper leaf.

Step 4 – Wrap wire leaves around your mini wreath to attach. Bend the wire attached to the underside of the leaf to add some dimension.

Step 5 – Open the clasp on your brad flower and slide under wire and green wrapped ribbon. Press tightly to secure in place.

Step 6 – Tie mini wreath onto your present and write a message on the wrapping paper to show through wreath center.

Blog post by: Tiffin Mills

Download the pdf to this tutorial Here!


  1. Rea

    Very creative, love the colors you used on this project.  Thanks for sharing.   

  2. Kathy P

    How cute is this idea?  And something even I can make!  You guys just keep belting out great idea after great idea…thanks so much!

  3. Laura Cox

    Super cute wreath!

  4. ellen s

    This is SO CUTE! LOVE it.

  5. Cathy D.


  6. sue wisniewski

    great little wreath.
    stamping sue

  7. Lynda

    Such an adorable tiny wreath!

  8. Christine Dring

    OMGoodness! This is super cute! Love it!

  9. Becky D

    I love this little wreath Tiffin!  Those leaves especially make me smile – I want to try that!  Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Melissa*H

    So pretty and unique! Beautiful ribbon!!

  11. alice hancock

    I love those leaves!  What a great idea.

  12. Denise Bryant

    This is so pretty! Love the velvet ribbon texture on the wreath!

  13. Karen L K

    Very cute!

  14. Charlene

    Note to the wise…never throw anything away!  This is just adorable, Tiffin!

  15. Sue McRae

    Love that sweet little wreath, adorable!

  16. Marilyn Nimmo

    What a great idea.  And, you could use the same idea with wider ribbon and large wreath for a big home decor idea….LOVE it!

  17. Sue D

    Very cute idea–I knew I was saving those drapery hoops for a reason!

  18. Kristie Maynard

    Oh my!  How simple is that?  And how beautiful?!?!  Love it, thanks for shaing!

  19. Sharon Gullikson

    I love the color of green. It's very springy. And the wired leaves look really cute—patterned fabric was a great idea.

  20. Latrice

    How fun is this?! great idea and i just love the wreath!

  21. Amy Jones

    Very neat wreath.  When I fist saw it I thought of Lime cut up and put around in the wreath.  Thanks for the tutorial.

  22. B. Poteraj

    What a cute little wreath. That's a good use for the ribbon.

  23. Natasha G.P.

    The little leaves are precious!!

  24. Leah

    awesome! perfectly cool, fun and creative!!!

  25. Miriam Prantner

    Love the way that wreath looks!  That skinny ribbon almost looks like a bunch of rings strung around it.  Very cool.

  26. tiffin mills

    you guys are so sweet! thanks for the tutorial love

  27. Jingle

    WOW!  I absolutely love this!

  28. Dee A

    How in the world do people come up with all these great ideas??  The best part is they're things I can do as well!  LOL.  Thank you for the all the inspiration.

  29. Bethany Becker

    What a great idea.  It is so cute.  Thanks for sharing how to create one!

  30. DebbieC.

    What a great gift tag idea.  I have at least of dozen of these rings taking up drawer space and now I can repurpose them.  Thanks for sharing the instructions.


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