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Michelle Philippi – Cameo Ribbonista {2011-12 Term}

My name is Michelle Philippi – and I live in Idaho.
I’m a wife to a fantastic guy who supports my crazy adventures, and I’m a mother to the cutest little redheads you ever did see.  I’m a working mom, but at the same time I strive to be Super Mom.  In my “spare time” you will find me and all my chubby cheeks plopped down at my craft table making cards, goodie bags for the kids’ parties, school and church functions, and making gift tags too.  I’m all about the heartfelt and handcrafted – but at the same time I’m all about the quick & easy.  I don’t have the time or the patience to make anything that takes more than an hour.


Some of Michelle's favorite projects are shown below:

  1. Kathy Miller (@ScrapNDaze)

    Love them.

  2. Melinda Wilson

    I love your projects and your bows are perfect! I need to learn your secret!

  3. Kelly massman

    especially love the first one!

  4. Rebecca Ednie

    Lovely! So pretty!

  5. sue w.

    Michelle, great cards….like the way you used all the ribbons.
    stamping sue

  6. Tini

    HI Michelle… your cards are amazing! Great works!

  7. Mumsie

    Love your projects, Welcome.

  8. Sue D

    Fabulous use of the ribbon.

  9. b.poteraj

    I really like how you used May Arts’ ribbons and twine. They look great.

  10. Sharon Gullikson

    Don’t you love MA’s ribbons???????

  11. natasha G.P.

    I love that you used twine. I love it.

  12. Betty Anne

    I love all your wonderful projects and look forward to seeing many more. So glad to see you here Michelle.

  13. Chunyuan

    Love the gorgeous ribbon and cards.

  14. Adi

    Lovely colors and lovely projects!

  15. Cynthia B.

    Absolutely love the ribbon touches on the projects you’ve shared. Hope you can share some of your techniques on how to make beautiful – and quick- projects! 🙂

  16. Kathy P

    Love these creations…make great gift presentations! Welcome, Michelle!

  17. MARIA

    I like these!!

  18. Karen K

    Nice! Welcome to May Arts. It will be fun to see what you come up with next.

  19. MARIA

    all are very beautiful!!!

  20. Papellion

    They are all beautifull


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