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Have you ever thought that it would be fun to be a Prima Ribbonista?  Would you like to have May Arts Ribbon's entire online catalog, available for you to use on your projects?  Would you also like to play with lots of craft goodies generously sent by our Partners in Craft?  If so, this Design Team Call is for you!  

I am currently looking for a variety of designers to create either written or video tutorials for our ribbon blog.   There are no restrictions for this call – everyone is welcome to enter!


As a Prima Ribbonista, you will:

  • Receive a regular supply of May Arts Ribbon to work with. 
  • Prima Ribbonistas will also receive product from our Partners in Craft. 
  • Have your name, bio, headshot and link to your personal blog on our site.
  • Be compensated for all work posted for the M/A Blog.
  • Be compensated for any published work where May Arts is credited, courtesy of our Publication Appreciation Program.
  • Receive exposure through the M/A blog & our other social media sites.
  • Receive a discount off our wholesale prices for all your purchases.


In return, you will be expected to:

  • Use May Arts Ribbon in your projects and link whenever possible.
  • Actively promote May Arts Ribbon.  This includes social media participation. 
  • Prima Ribbonistas are to have regular posts, as well as participate in cross promotions whenever possible. 
  • Using product from our Partners in Craft is appreciated. 


This call will have two rounds, so please read carefully.  Details for both are listed below:

Round 1:

  • Post a minimum of 3 projects on your own blog, one of which should be in tutorial form.   Please choose projects that best exemplify your style & talent.  You are expected to use ribbon in all your projects.   While it is appreciated if M/A ribbon is used, it is not required for the first round. 

Email me the following no later than June 10th 2013 at [email protected]:

  • Subject line: May Arts Ribbon DT Call
  • Contact information: name, address, email address & all blog/website addresses
  • Which position you are applying for: written or video. 
  • Your resume.  If you don’t have one, please list the past & present Design Teams you have been a member of.  (Being on another Design Team is not a prerequisite.) 
  • A brief description of yourself, including your design strengths and why you want to be a Prima Ribbonista.
  • A link to your submission post.  (If you do not have a blog, you will be permitted to email me your projects instead)

All finalists will be announced on the blog on June 14th, 2012.


Round 2:

  • For the final round May Arts will provide the finalists with their choice of ribbon to work with to create a final project.
  • All finalists are required to create a minimum of either one tutorial or one video, whichever applicable.  Again, please choose a project that best exemplifies your style & talent. 
  • Email me at [email protected] with your ribbon request.  There are no yardage restrictions, but please note all requests must first be approved before we ship. 
  • When you have completed your project, email me the following.  For Video Submissions:  Post your video tutorial on your own blog.  Then forward me the YouTube link to your video, plus photos of the completed project.  Please also include a brief written introduction to the video.  For Written Submissions:  Post the tutorial on your own blog.  Then forward me the link to your post, along with photos of the completed project.  Please also include a brief written introduction to the tutorial. 
  • All photos should be sent as an attachment and in jpeg form.
  • Deadline: July 12th, 2013.  All submissions will be posted the week of July 15th 2013.


Our new Design Team will be announced July 29th, 2013.


The Ribbon Lady


  1. jennifer Dove

    What a twilling chance to get.  I cotton wait to hear the results.  If I dont get in I will go silk in a corner.  Ha ha….i just had to do it 🙂  

    Very excited and would be a big honor and a blessing to be a part of this team.

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  3. Cindy Connell

    Off to go create some fun!  How long is the position for?  6 months, 1 year…

    1. The Ribbon Lady

      1 year.  🙂 

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  5. Daniella Hayes


    I have been waiting for this call!!  I missed the last one 🙁

    Can't wait to share my work with you!!!  YOU are AWESOME~~~


  6. Nicole

    Good luck to you all, this is a fabulous team to be apart of. You will feel spoiled!

  7. kathy/NorthCarolina

    Just sent in my submission, and am keeping my fingers crossed!

  8. Veronica Johnson

    I have been a May Arts fan from the first day I picked up a piece of paper to start scrapping.  this is very exciting

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  10. Fran Hancock

    Are we ok to enter from the UK ? x

    1. The Ribbon Lady

      Hi Fran,
      Yes.  All entries are welcome.  There are no restrictions.  🙂 

  11. Lalo

    Love this team!!!  I can't wait to see all the awesome entrees 🙂

  12. Virginia Fynes

    Looking forward to all this excitment. Let the creating begin!

  13. Sassy

    Been waiting on this call and looking forward to giving it my best shot!

  14. Jasmine Ford

    I'm so excited for this! Hmmm…now to figure some things out!


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