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May Arts / Our Craft Lounge Weekend Giveaway – Winner!

Wow, we have had such fun this week!   A big thank you to Our Craft Lounge & to all of our fabulous fans!   We just couldn't finish off this week without a proper Weekend Giveaway! 

So, here's the prize:





3 Spools of May Arts Ribbon – Your Choice!


What do you have to do to win?  Comment, comment, comment! 


First, browse through the projects created on our blog this week.  Then, come back here & tell us which Our Craft Lounge Stamp Set & M/A Ribbon we used is your favorite!

Easy peasy, right?  😉


For an additional chance to win, post a comment on our Facebook Page too! 

I will post a winner on Monday, August 29th.


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:


41. Lisa Fuller August 28, 2011 @ 7:47 PM

"I love all the projects, I cannot choose just one! And I love all the ribbon and animal stamp sets! Thanks for all the wonderful products!"


Lisa, email us at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize.



  1. Janet

    I love the aligator!!!!!

  2. Kathy P

    Way to go, Lisa, congrats!

  3. Iris s

    Little black dress is the best ! Love it!

  4. Marie

    I love the grooviness of the lava lamp party! The stamp is cute plus the ribbon is something I’d love to get my hands on!

  5. Lisa Fuller

    I love all the projects, I cannot choose just one! And I love all the ribbon and animal stamp sets! Thanks for all the wonderful products!

  6. Dana Tatar

    All the projects posted this week were fabulous! Thanks for all of the inspiration! My favorite post was the Halloween Tote and Treats.

  7. Jennifer Dunn

    Thanks for the inspiration! I loved the OCL’s “Out for a spin” set best! My favorite ribbon was the orange scalloped grosgrain. So many great designs and products to choose from!

  8. erin t

    Oh those are tooooo cute.

  9. Leanne S

    Love all your ribbons. The lava lamp set was great. Very versatile.

  10. Shartl

    I love all of May Arts ribbon, but a special project was the one of the tree, with the leaf shaped ribbon! I also loved the green striped twill as well.
    As for my favorite OCL stamps, I am crazy about the lava lamps! So ultra cool!

  11. DeniseB

    The Halloween set is my favorite, and I love the BY66 leaves. Lots of great ideas and projects this week! I was gone for the last 11 days so I’m just catching up on my favorite blogs! My Mom had surgery and I went to spend some time with her and help out!

  12. Cindy M

    I loved the project with the Under the Mistletoad set and the green twill ribbon!

  13. Wendy Orme

    I loved the green, chevron design ribbon and the sunflower stamp. Great week here!

  14. Kelley

    They are all cute sets but the mini cards with the ‘Shout it Out’ stamp set are my favorite. 338, the Scalloped Grosgrain, is my favorite ribbon.

  15. Cheryl Arnold

    animals, animals, animals, they are all so cute and adorable. Love this stamp set. Thank you so much for giving us yet another change to win a giveaway.

  16. Wendy aka Roo

    I love this set!!! Favorite project was the Halloween bag, Favorite ribbon was the twill for the Christmas Wreath, Favorite stamp set was is actually this set for the lunch box notes.
    Thanks for all the chances to win!!!

  17. Carol Ann Ater

    Every little critter deserves an exclamation point to say how cute they are. !!!!!

  18. Barbara johnson

    I adore that orange ribbon!! Very cute projects!! I really love the way your ribbon is displayed on line. I can actually see it and get a sense of the texture too!! Thank you!!

  19. Lucy

    I really like the animals. They make any card! May Arts ribbon finishes the card off 🙂

  20. sue w.

    I like that big mouth toucan image in fact all the big mouthed images.
    So far my favorite projects are the ones made with the lava lamp image. I remember those in fact I had one. Years ago I carved a lava lamp stamp….hmmmm will have to see if I still have it.
    stamping sue

  21. Aki

    Argh another giveway~ Oh my, how cute the animals are! Especially the whale~ XD

  22. Герцогиня

    I love the mistle-toad set with the green twill ribbon

  23. Mumsie

    Love the stamp set and the sparkly fluff looks like it would be fun to play with. I loved seeing all the projects this week made with your gorgeous ribbon!

  24. Kelly Braund

    I’m a sucker for frogs so I love the Under the Mistletoad” set! And I love the scalloped grosgrain ribbon!

  25. Sue D

    I like the sunflower set used on the Sunflower Seed Jar and the striped cotton twill wrapped around the jar.

  26. Sandra ltb

    it has been a great week – love this set!
    Sandra ltb

  27. Janet Sisk

    What a fun stamp set! So fun to make some comical cards with it. Thanks for the chance to win. 😀

  28. Cheryl Leong

    I lOve the cute giraffe!!!! And all of the ribbons are stunning!

  29. indy

    Darling! This has been a fun week.

  30. Kathy P

    I absolutely loved the Under the Mistletoad set! i am definitely going to make several of them for my DD to hang on her tree! They are too cute!

  31. Tanya P

    So much fun this week, thank you! My favorite stamp was the sunflower one and my favorite ribbon was the orange one that was just used, I love the bright orange, it’s so fun and happy! 😀

  32. Chris Dring

    My favorite is the ornament made from the OCL Under the Mistle-Toad stamp set and May Arts green twill striped ribbon. Super cute!

  33. SLachan

    All the projects were great this week but my favorite is the lava lamps. Thanks for all the great ideas and chances to win.

  34. Michelle Smith

    I like the “Under the Mistletoad” stamp set, I think its adorable as can be. Thanks for the chance to win such a great giftaway!

  35. Kimberly Sudol

    First of all….what a CUUTE stamp set!! And my favorite project this week was the lunch box cards! Those would be so cute to put in my kids’ lunches!

  36. Marcy H.

    What a cute Animal Set!! Could use some new May Arts Ribbon for the fall & Christmas projects. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  37. Holly Tolman

    I love the mistle-toad set with the green twill ribbon

  38. Lillian

    We just had our annual company event at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo and this set would be SO PERFECT to scrapbook my 3 year old grandson’s adventures with! What a fun week this has been – thanks for all the inspiration!

  39. b. poteraj

    Who doesn’t love animals? They are really cute.

  40. Krissy

    I loved all the projects this week! I especially like the OCL New Digs stamp set & Fueled by Caffeine. I’m totally loving the May Arts striped twill ribbon!

  41. sharon gullikson

    I especially like the alligator.

  42. Kristie Maynard

    There have been some really wonderful projects this week! I think my favorite is the set that is in this post with the animals and sayings. I love Latrice’s little cards for her daughter’s lunches. Just adorable.
    My favorite ribbon would be the orange scalloped grosgrain that was used in the Lave Lamp project.
    Great stuff ladies! Thanks!

  43. natasha g.p.

    These animals are so cute!!!

  44. Tory Anders

    I love all your ribbons. I don’t know what ribbon it is, but the cute card called Tree-mendous Love with the giraffe is so very cute!

  45. Crafty Math Chick

    I liked the lunch box mini cards using this cute set & May Arts ribbon (I like animals). Thanks for the chance to win! It has been a great week and I have enjoyed seeing all the different projects.


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