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When I graduated from college and
entered “THE REAL WORLD”, I decided I needed some REAL ART. No more posters for
me.  I would go to a gallery and buy some
paintings for my apartment.   I soon
found that the cost of real art was not yet in my budget.  Ebay was not an option, yet, so I settled on
a few framed prints from Pier One…basically posters.

Word must have gotten out about my
desire for art.  A neighbor I didn’t know
gave me a framed poem she had written with an illustration of a cat and a
heart.  Forgive me: she was NOT a poet or
an artist.  That same week, a good friend
gave me a gift she had gotten on her recent trip to Thailand.  It was a scene of a fisherman –  A fluorescent fisherman to be exact- in Hot
pink, lime and a yellow I really can’t even begin to describe.  My living room color scheme was beige, tan
and ecru.  Let’s say the picture didn’t
really speak to me.  Rather, it
SCREAMED…take me off the wall!!!  It was
then that I decided that taste in ART is a very personal thing.  And I decided never to give anyone art for
their home…without their approval!

When I married my husband, I became
co-owner of his art collection – an eclectic collection of religious
characters, farm scenes and fishermen.
He was allowed to hang it in the garage…we called it the GALLERY!  For our first anniversary we picked out a
painting together.  A Parisian street

Lately my framed prints come from
my pre-schooler and my first grader.
They make some fabulous ART…sorry, but it puts that cat-heart lady to
shame!  I have also come to understand
that REAL ART doesn’t have to be a painting.
I don’t do oil paintings on canvas, but there are a lot of other things
a crafter can do on canvas that can show her artistry.  Now, along with a few more paintings my
husband and I chose together, and pre-school art that warms a mother’s heart, I
display my own –created by my own hands– art work.  Something that young girl w/ the beige sofa
would never have done!

Ribbon art2

Make Something…it is good for the soul.

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Ribbon art1

(For this canvas I used Alene’s tacky glue -applied w/ a paint brush to adhere my May Arts
Ribbons and a brown sakura micron pen for the writing.)

Ribbon art10


Ribbon art4


Ribbon art6

(I used Acrylic Paint, Golden Gel Mediums Molding Paste,
Foam Stamps, Ribbons, Brads, Bling & Buttons! )

Blog Posted By: Leah Farrar-White

  1. Linda

    This is such a refreshing twist for a collage! Very creative

  2. Kimberly Madrid

    {{{ gasp! }}} I LOVE your wall! The kids art, the family photo, your canvas, the quote. Can I come live with you?

  3. Nathalia

    Awesome job Leah! I love how they add that perfect pop of color to the wall grouping! Very lovely!

  4. Jennifer Camplin

    Awesome! Great touch can do to complete the touch on wall with own creative art!

  5. Deanne

    Leah – those are wonderful!!!! Who needs pricey art. These were made with love straight from your heart! I LOVE them!

  6. Wendi R

    oh wow sooo cool love both projects!!! and they are totally gorgeous pieces of art.. I need to try a canvas!!

  7. Alecia Castro

    WOW, these are so awesome, loving this idea!!

  8. Laurie Brauer

    they’re both beautiful! you’re so inspiring, I have a couple canvas pieces that I just might play with……thanks for pushing me outta my box!!


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