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May Arts / Helmar Craft Challenge – Ink it!

Welcome to the May Arts / Helmar Craft Challenge!  

That’s right, May Arts Ribbon & Helmar have teamed up to bring you the September Craft Challenge!   We hope you all are as excited about this one as we are!

For this challenge, you will not only get 4 different kinds of ribbon, but also Helmar’s 450 Quick Dry adhesive to create a craft project with.  And this time around we want you to color that ribbon!  Ink it, mist it, paint it…whatever you like!  Just make sure you get some color in there.   Now that is enough crafty goodness to make this our most exciting challenge yet!


The goods you have to work with:


Your choice of up to 4 of the ribbons shown above in the following amounts:

  • 10 flowers
  • 1 yard of suede leaves
  • 2 yards – mini pom poms, canvas, net ribbon


A 1.7oz bottle of 450 Quick Dry!


Here are the details:

  • We will provide you the following to work with:
    1.  Your choice of up to 4 of the ribbons shown above
    2. Helmar’s 450 Quick Dry
  • You will have approximately one month to complete a craft project.  Any craft design will be admissible, as long as you use 450 Quick Dry, each ribbon we provide you with & that you color the ribbon.   You are limited only by your own imagination.   **Your idea must first be approved by myself and Erika at Helmar**
  • The number of participants is limited to 25 people.  The participants will not be selected on a first come first serve basis, but based upon your idea.  So take your time before you send in your email, as you will have about a week to submit it.
  • One winner will be selected and awarded 3 full spools of ribbon and a prize pack of 3 Helmar adhesives.  Your choice!
  • 10 additional entries will win a prize of either 1 full spool of ribbon or 1 bottle of 450 Quick Dry
  • To Enter: Email me at [email protected] and Erika at [email protected] with your idea, ribbon choices & shipping information.  If selected, we will mail out your ribbon & adhesive to work with.   When you have completed your project, forward both of us a photo with a brief description of your project.   Or, better yet, send a video of your design & we will post it on the blogs.
  • Deadline: October 12th 2012.  Entries posted: October 15th, 2012.  Winners announced:  October 19th, 2012.



-The Ribbon Lady


  1. Donata Pfisterer

    What great colors for a 2nd wedding in the early.  Love the pale pale colors that are so opposite of the usually fall colors. 

  2. Susan Jensen

    Sounds like fun but I dont have camera??? I will cheer you all on & keep in touch . Like to buy the glue??

  3. Monica

    This will be an awesome challenge cant wait to see the projects woo hoo!!

  4. Brit Kohl

    Fun! I submitted my entry. 🙂

  5. Sassy

    Love it!  Submitting my idea now.

  6. erin

    Can't wait to see what folks create.

  7. Jasmine Ford

    Fun! Those ribbons are outstanding, and I've never had the chance to use Helmar before!

  8. Doris Widder

    Oh wow! What fun! Good luck to the lucky crafters who are selected!

  9. Pam

    sounds like an awesome challenge, ideas rolling around…

  10. Nikki C

    This does sound like fun I'm gonna think of something 🙂

  11. Kristie Maynard

    WOW!  This looks like it will be a great challenge, can't wait to see what fabulous projects people make!

  12. Linda Grady

    When I worked at the schools, I would pick a day about 6 wks. after school started to call in a personal day.  Off I would go to a craft store and have fun shopping.  Shop, eat lunch, and maybe go to another craft store.  I had so much fun!

  13. steph d.

    awesome challenge :)!!!  i hope that i have a chance to participate!  happy weekend :)!  *hugs* and much aloha, steph 🙂


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