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May Arts / DCWV Weekend GiveAway – Winner!


We want to start by thanking DCWV for an amazing week!   We had a fantastic time this week & hope you all did too!   I hope we all get to do this again sometime soon!

I have one more GiveAway for everyone. Because as many of you know, I just can't stand posting all those winners without a chance for everyone to win one more time!


First, the goods:



and the matching ribbon:



What do you have to do to win these incredible prize package?

Well, one of my favorite parts of a Blog Week GiveAway is matching ribbon to our craft partner's products.  So, I thought I'd give you all a chance to do just that!

Tell us what your favorite DCWV stack is & match one May Arts Ribbon to the stack!

For an additional chance to win, post a comment on our Facebook Page too! 

I will post a winner on Monday May 16th.


Good luck to everyone & have a great weekend!



We have a winner!  Congratulations to:

45. Robin Hanning May 14, 2011 @ 1:04 PM

"My all time fav DCWV collection is Linen Closet. These papers can be used for endless themes, from vintage to favorite, beach. Add my all time FAVORITE May Arts Ribbons from the series Silky Crush UK04 or UK02 and you have a layout in the making!"

Robin, email us at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize.

  1. Liz

    Ha I read this all wrong.. I put four out like you did.

  2. {vicki}

    the pet stack or safari
    paired with solid colored ribbon

  3. manda

    Cotton bloom for stack and the ribbon would be

  4. Renee J.

    I love the Dots, Stripes and Plaid stack! I think that your polka dot grosgrain ribbon would look awesome with this paper! Thank for the chance to win. Oh, I love how you match the DCWV paper with your ribbon. It’s so yummy!

  5. jengd

    I’d love to put the 5/8″x20y SATIN / PLEATS ribbon, particularly the violet and green ones, together with the Latte Paper Stack.

  6. Sue D

    I like the Garden Party mat stack and would pair it with 379-58-33 satin pleats.

  7. Jennifer H.

    Grade School stack matched up with fun ribbons like the pom pom, or ric rac, or plaid ruffles, or the loose braided, or looped trimmings, or the eyelash ribbons. All fun ribbons that any kid would love to touch and feel the texture.

  8. manders aka amanda

    Dcwv stack I would pick cotton bloom with the following may arts ribbon
    Hy09. 374 1 17. 358 15. 94. BW01

  9. auntie ang

    For the stack I would match up the following may arts ribbon to the black armoire stack
    367 58 10
    371 38 14
    379 15 01
    Thanks for the chance to win fun stuff

  10. erin

    I could’ve sworn I posted a comment here, my favorite was Mi Casa green and 386-15-46

  11. Barbara A.

    Gosh….I love all the DCWV stacks and the…ribbons…ohhh got to say I love them all too!!!! So, really they are all my favorites!!!

  12. Kristie Maynard

    Hmmmm, thought I had already commented on this post!
    You have chosen my favorite stack! I love the ribbons you have chosen. Here are a few more that would go great: 379-58-04 Satin/Pleats, #386-58-47 Sheer/line edge in purple and 337-32 Satin/center band.
    There are a lot of ribbons that would look great with this stack!

  13. Jennifer

    My very most favorite DCWV line is La Creme, hands down! And I finally bought the paper stack yesterday! To me, the line says simple elegance. The Double-edged Satin or the Silk ribbons would be a great match not only for their texture but also to add that splash of color against the blacks, whites and ivories of the papers.

  14. Kim

    My favorite DCWV stack is sweet paper stack. And I like solid ribbons. xD Thanks for the chance to win. :”D

  15. Leanne

    There are so many to chose from, its hard to select just one. That said, I am particularly enjoying the La Creme Stack. And any of the lace, sheer ribbons and satin ribbons would go nicely with this stack. The stack is so neutral, any color would go nicely with it.

  16. Aki

    My favorite DCWV stack is paper stack and I like bubble dot ribbons!

  17. auntie ang

    ^ love love the Black Armoire stack I thin that these ribboms would match great with that line. Black white cream is a fav with a spash of color

  18. Desiree' Clary

    I am in-love with the *Vintage Collage* stack and I would choose ANY of the laces by May Arts… in WHITE… =] [Maria, honestly… got outta my head! LOL! Best of luck too!]

  19. debbie Garcia

    What a fun thing I have all gransons so I would say
    All about a boy
    Ribbon choices
    379 58 01
    370 14 44
    Apr 16

  20. Elsa Tolman

    I really had a hard time choosing this one. I would pair “Pocket full of Posies” with TZ, all of the flowers on sheer with pearls.

  21. Carol

    WOW Love this stack and the ribbon is just too awesome.

    The stack I am curently working with is Mariiposa and i would use the sheer and grograin/satin edge in coordinating colors.

  22. karenladd

    I love everything that DCWV makes, but this Garden stack is so beautiful that I will have to pick this one. For a matching ribbon, I love the TZ, flowers with pearl center ribbon. The combination of the sheer ribbon with the flowers is perfect! Thanks for the chance to win !

  23. shartl

    OMG! That Garden stack is incredible!! I would have to say that is my favorite DCWV Stack, and a matching favorite ribbon would be the sheer rosettes! (although that gorgeous magenta web-like ribbon is just amaziing as well!)

  24. Deebi27

    As I look back for the comment I left…it is not here…so here I go again. My favorite paper stack is Once Upon a Time…yes it is older but I have bought this stack in several sizes and just love it. You cream crochet ribbons would be beautiful with my fav papers, as would many of your purple, pink ,green ribbons so rich in color! Thanks for this chance!

  25. Beth W

    I totally agree about the Vintage Collage collection-scrumptious! My favorite ribbon is any of the wrinkled ones. I saw a wreath on the Stamp Simply blog a while back and have been in love with it ever since. It ties the prettiest,easiest bows of any ribbon I have ever used.

  26. Eniko

    I’ve matched the DCWV “Once Upon a Time” with the gorgeous AP31 color of the 1.5″x30y – SOLID/IRIDESCENT/WIRED ribbon…fabulous!

  27. Lagene Sands

    I love the “Once Upon a Time” stack & I thing “Pleated” ribbons would go well, the colors look perfect!

  28. Karen ka Soccerboyzmom

    I don’t know if blogger is working yet. I left my post last night and it is gone now.

  29. DeniseB

    Street Lace paper and NQ10 lace ribbon… scrumptious!

  30. Elizabeth P

    Tattered Timeless – and now I’m hoppin mad because I can’t find where I put it ! I’d love vintage laces and twill with it !

  31. Deebi27

    It doesn’t matter how many times I buy this (as long as I can find it) but I just love the older Once upon A Time paper stack. The richness of this paper stack keeps me buying! Your ivory crochet ribbons and too many to list purples, pinks, greens…I could keep going! Thanks!

  32. SuZeQ

    I think the above would have to be my favorite … the colors are so vibrant on the papers and the ribbons match perfectly. LOVE IT.

  33. Angie

    They are like children, I love them all…lol. But, my new favorite is the Lemon Flower. As for ribbons, I would pick satins or velvets. I love it all!!! he he he

  34. Robin Hanning

    My all time fav DCWV collection is Linen Closet. These papers can be used for endless themes, from vintage to favorite, beach. Add my all time FAVORITE May Arts Ribbons from the series Silky Crush UK04 or UK02 and you have a layout in the making!

  35. Lisa P

    I like the Dots Stripes and Plaids matched with the Loose Braid/ Wired. I love the look of the ribbon. Fun stuff.

  36. Amy Smidebush

    I’ve got to say that my favorite May Arts ribbon is the red satin bows, and I’m sure they could be used on the immortal love stack of DCWV!

  37. Kathy P

    I love the Safari stack….I use it for zoo visits, and visits to wild animal parks, as well as for Epcot pages. I think the May Arts Picot edge ribbons in brown, ecru, or orange match this line perfectly!

  38. Diane Standish

    Wow ! The Royal Garden and the ribbon on this blog post is beeeaaautiful!!! I love All theDCWV stacks and your ribbon is second to none!!

  39. Denise Johnson

    I love all of it but I will have to say the vintage is my favorite. I also love all the ribbon may arts puts out there.

  40. Jess B

    Okay you guys got me hooked on your ribbons. they are much nicer than your retail competators (no names mentioned lol). Heck why not spend a little more! The DCWV stack and ribbons selection are soooo beautiful. Thanks for a chance to win.
    Jess B.
    [email protected]

  41. Denise Coulter

    I just love their new Lemon flower stack. Your Sheer/Line edge ribbon in lime w/ brown border would look gorgeous with it.

  42. Carole

    Oh be still my heart, what a tough choice. At the moment I’m going to say the Lemon Flower Stack. I think I’d add lace and satin cutout ribbon, or maybe the sheer square print ribbon.

  43. Naomi A. of Colorado

    Love them all, but if I had to narrow it down to one, right now I would say Timeless with the metallic solid band edge ribbons! Beautiful!

  44. Stephanie

    This was quite the task. Picking just one is hard! That’s why I picked two! 😀

    I love the Hippie Chic stack and I would pair it with the 1″ solid/satin stitch edge in the navy blue.

    I also love Café Mediterranean and would pair it with the 5/8″ satin/grosgrain double band in the aquamarine-ish color.

    Of course, if I had all the wonderful options in front of me in person, I’d probably pick totally different pairs – after I picked myself up off the floor 😉

  45. marie

    Love the Downtown loft stack with the velvet cordorouy ribbons!!

  46. erin

    Oh, what fun, can I get my pick too :), Mi Casa green would be fun with 386-15-46

  47. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! I love so many of them but I am really into the lime green color right now. My favorite DCWV is Green Tea Stack and I love the Crochet Lime Green Ribbon from May Arts.

  48. terriavidreader

    I love the Nana’s Kids matstack and I use sheer line ribbon with it. Thanks for the chance!

  49. ava

    Love DCWV street lace and would it not go well with sheer pleated black ribbon 392-58-10 oh my, the thoughts that could make magic layouts….smile

  50. jan m

    DCDV Street Lace and May Arts 1 1/2 inch lace would be a great match!!

  51. f lynn rush

    my favorite stack is the chipboard stack. it provides a nice firm surface. as far as the may arts ribbon, i would have to choose a white silk…it can be dyed to match.

  52. Marjorie Barker

    Have to say that I am loving so many of DCWV stacks! Their “Immortal Love” stack is currently my favorite. Thanks to them, now I have been introduced to May Arts ribbons. All I can say is WOW! Now to choose one of those gorgeous ribbons to go with the stack… so many good choices from May Arts… I think I would go with the “Metallic/Velvet” line in that beautiful silver color.

  53. Catherine Lippert

    I can’t decide! I love it ALL!

  54. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    I think I would pick: Scrapbook kit in a stack — Dog for the paper stack.
    Next the ribbon would be:
    #379-58-33 which is.379 5/8″ x 20 y Statin/pleats in brown.
    #389-18-46 which is .389 1/8 x 50y velvet in green.
    #363-09 363x 50y Twisted Burlap in beige.
    #AH, AH 5/8 x 50y Mesh in blue.
    Since I love to scrap my puppies

  55. Lagene Sands

    I love the Once upon a time stack asnd I would pair it with Pleats ribbon, I think the colors go well & love the texture!

  56. marie

    I love the Downtown Loft stack with the velvet/cordouroy ribbons!! The color selection for the ribbons go perfect with the stack!

  57. Tiffany H

    I just Love the Lemon Flower stack! Bright yellows, lime green mixed with black…gorgeous. I think a spool of crochet trim velvet would look lovely paired together!

  58. Kelly massman

    376-1-46 and 368-15-37 and NP-09 with Lemon Flower for me. Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  59. Jan Hennings

    Beautiful stacks and gorgeous ribbon 🙂

  60. Carol B

    Blossoms and Butterflies Stack with the Organic Cotton Stripe ribbon.

    Carol B

  61. Monika

    My favorite stack is Blossom Song, and I would pair it with the Satin/Grosgrain double band in the pink or green, and maybe even the teal.

  62. Debbie McGinnis

    i would pic the Floral / Felt xf 1.5y-xF01and the papper pack that i like is the Black Current Papper Stack w / Foil

  63. Kristie Maynard

    Wow! I saw the post on facebook asking which stack is our favorite and what products from May Arts match. I come back to my computer and low and behold there is my favorite stack with the matching ribbon. Does this mean I have to make another choice? No, guess not, but I may have a different ribbon to go with it. LOL!

  64. DeniseB

    I’d pick the Street Lace stack with NQ10…. scrumptious!

  65. Carol Douglass

    I like the Whimsy stack and the delicate loose braid-wired ribbon. There are many colors that would go good with the papers in the stack.

  66. Natasha G.P.

    I really like Latte with crochet velvet center in the light pink.

  67. sharon gullikson

    I would pick Royal Garden and sheer ruffle edge in blue!

  68. B. Poteraj

    I would combine Nana’s Kitchen with the pink organic cotton stripe. Yummy.

  69. angie

    I just saw this first on FB and posted Royal Garden as the stack I thought was best for this ribbon! These are FANTASTIC!!!

  70. Lindy

    So hard to choice…but I like the Thrifty Gifting Treasure box and the Pattern Stack Collection and the coordinating ribbon. Thanks for the great inspiration and the wonderful chance for AWESOME products!

  71. Anita A

    What a perfect match!

  72. Annette A.

    I have to say I am loving this royal garden…such bold colors. I love the pink ribbon of course…I just lve pink

  73. Crafty Math-Chick

    Oh this one is easy – The Pet Stack of course, paired with EX99!! Thanks for the chance to win – I have enjoyed the week of projects created with supplies from two terrific companies.

  74. Suzanne Morse

    I love to add your Grosgrain Animal Print to DCWV Safari Chic they work great together. Great for books, cards and scrapbook layouts. Also made a really great woden box combining the two.

  75. ellen s

    love love love!

  76. Liz

    Ok HEre we go The Bella Armoire Stack
    392-58-14 Box Pleat
    Em02- webbed
    330-10 Ric Rac
    353-15-14 red

  77. Chris Dring

    Tough choices to make! I’d go with DCWV’s Mariposa stack and May Arts sheer/floral vine/pearl center ribbon #374-1-09. Thanks for a great week and for another chance to win!

  78. MARIA

    it is hard to decide on one paper product – but I would go for the vintage collage collection with lace, net, velvet and sheer ribbons in coordinating colors


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