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May Arts / DCWV May Craft Challenge!


Welcome to the May Arts / DCWV Craft Challenge!  

That’s right, May Arts Ribbon & DCWV have teamed up to bring you the May Craft Challenge!   We hope you all are as excited about this one as we are!  This time around you will not only get 4 different kinds of ribbon, but DCWV paper to create a craft project with as well.   Now that is enough crafty goodness to make this our most fun challenge yet!

The goods you have to work with:

Your choice of 4 of the ribbons shown above – 2 yards each!


½ a stack DCWV’s Snapshot Stack!


Here are the details:

  • We will provide you the following to work with:
  1.  your choice of 4 of the ribbons shown above – 2 yards each
  2. ½ a stack of DCWV’s Snapshot Stack
  • You will have approximately one month to complete a craft project.  Any craft design will be admissible, as long as you use paper from DCWV’s snapshot stack & each ribbon we provide you with.   You are limited only by your own imagination.   **Your idea must first be approved by myself and Erin @ DCWV**
  • The number of participants is limited to 25 people.  The participants will not be selected on a first come first serve basis, but based upon your idea.  So take your time before you send in your email, as you will have about a week to submit it.
  • One winner will be selected and awarded 3 full spools of ribbon and 3 stacks of DCWV Paper.  Your choice!
  • 10 additional entries will win a prize of either 1 full spool of ribbon or 1 paper stack
  • To Enter: Email me at [email protected] and Erin at [email protected] with your idea & shipping information.  If selected, we will mail out your ribbon & paper to work with.   When you have completed your project, forward both of us a photo with a brief description of your project.   Or, better yet, send a video of your design & we will post it on the blogs.
  • Deadline: June 8th, 2012.  Entries posted: June 11th, 2012.  Winners announced:  June 15th, 2012.


Good luck y’all!


-The Ribbon Lady


  1. Virginia Fynes

    I've never done this type of challenge eirther, but the wheels are turning! Sounds like so much fun!

  2. Barb Mazur

    How do we know if we have been chosen as a participant?  When do we choose our ribbon selection?

  3. Robin Hanning

    Ooohhh what fun! Sent my idea! Thanks y'all!

  4. Amy Jones

    sounds like alot of fun.  I have never done this type of challenge but I really want to.  Im sending an email for sure.  Getting working on some Ideas.

  5. Sharon Gullikson

    Wondering what I could make…

  6. Barbara Johnson

    I hope my mail was sent. It did not show up in my sent mailbox so I'm sending this just in case. THANK YOU soooo much for choosing my project and the ribbons are gorgeous!! Those are huge  spools too!!! I've never had so much beautiful ribbon!! I'm so motivated and inspired!! THANK YOU MAY ARTS!!!!!

    1. The Ribbon Lady

      Hi Barbara,
      Just sent you an email.  You may want to resend that email, I don't think I received it.  🙂 


  7. Barbara Johnson

    Oh wow!! I know I probably won't win again but I had so much fun just doing the challenge, I hope to play again!! Great challenge and gorgeous colors of ribbon and papers!! You are awesome ribbon lady!! 

  8. Jasmine Ford

    Oh so much fun!! Those ribbons are gorgeous, and so is that paper stack!

  9. Ashley N Newell

    Thud!  What a gorgeous array of goodies!


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