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May Arts / DCWV Craft Challenge Entries {and a giveaway}

All of the entries from our May Arts / DCWV Craft Challenge are in & posted! You will find half right here and the other half on the DCWV blog!  Of course, there is a chance for you to win some goodies of your own on both blogs!

First, the giveaway!  The prize up for grabs:

DCWV's Snapshot stack!

All you have to do to enter to win is tell us which project(s) is your favorite!  Post your comments right here! 

…and remember one of the goals was for each ribbon to be used in the project!

**For an extra chance to win, be sure to post on our Facebook Page too!**

Now for the entries:

**Please note these are not posted in any particular order.**

**Please also note that, although I always love to know what you think, the winners are selected solely by myself and Erin**

  • Monika A Davis

  • Jasmine Ford

  • Emily Lanham

  • Jen McDermott

  • Sherry Butcher

  • Karen Hanson

  • Lynn Ochs

  • Kate Wade – LemonJitters

  • Jan Garber

  • Christal Bonner

  • Michelle Mathey

  • Julie Nagl

Now, be sure to hop on over to DCWV to check out the rest of the entries!  Thank you to all our participants that completed their projects! 

The winners for the Challenge & our Giveaway will be posted on Friday June 15, 2012!

Now start posting your favorites!   :-)


-The Ribbon Lady


  1. Bianca

    Jen McDermott and Jasmine Ford are the beautiful ,. like the shape and differents colors that was used.And this frame from Jen´s is amazing!

  2. Bianca

    Jen McDermott and Jasmine Ford are the beautiful ,I like the shape and differents colors that was used.And this frame from Jen´s is amazing!

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  4. Dottie VINING

    The flowers in the umbrella did it for me. So unique yet what happens after the rain,right? Loved it.  

  5. LBAB

    Wow, amazing colors. All the projects are amazing. I really like Jasmine’s mini, Karen’s flowers and Jan’s envelope. Thanks ladies for sharing.

  6. Jen shears

    Wonderful projects by all! Michelle Mathey's is my fave!!

  7. Jasmine Ford

    I had so much fun using these fab ribbons and funky paper for this project! I love seeing what others came up with too, so many great submissions!

  8. Marie

    Love the projects ! I enjoyed this challenge!

  9. Selena

    Love love love Karen's umbrella!

  10. Katie (Lemon Jitters)

    I like Julie's!

  11. Pollyzas

    These projects are all wonderful, I really love Karen's flowers and umbrella it is just so original and detailed.  Jasmine's book is really nice as well, I like the different shapes and sizes as well as the banner.

  12. luanne

    awesome entries from everyone. My favorite is from Lynn Ochs I super love them all. so feminine and stylish

  13. Lisa Dawson

    Wow, great work and wonderful talent here!  Love them all, but I love the ribbon basket that Lynn Ochs made.  I feel in love with the ribbons used for this challenge too.  May Arts rocks when it comes to ribbon!  Now off to DCWV!

  14. Ruth G

    So many creative, beautiful projects! I didn't spy all the ribbons/fibers used in any of them, but I think I love the fresh and fun projects by Lynn Ochs the best! Her basket with the ribbon accents really won my heart! Wonderful job everyone! These were such fun to see!

  15. Corrie

    I love Karen and Jasmine's projects.  The flowers by Julie are really nice as well

  16. Gini Cagle

    The umbrella was my favorite!

  17. Barbara

    Gotta' love Jasmine's min album for the unique use of the ribbons….but will admit that the unbrella is beautiful second choice.

  18. Cathryn Hanson

    I think my 3 favorite projects are Karen Hansons flower hanger, Julie Nagls flower ball and Jen McDermotts frame!!!! SO hard to choose because they are all so beautiful!!!!

  19. Virginia

    All of these projects are great.  Lots of work put into them.  My favorite oe is the bouquet by Julie Nagl

  20. jeri

    The flower necklace is awesome!

  21. Lucy E.

    Wow! These are all super awesome projects! My two favorites are Karen Hansen's and Jasmine Ford's. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. Mommyx2

    Wow – Karen's umbrella is awesome  – so creative and I love Jasmine's smile for the camera mini books – what great projects!!

  23. Lmaisch

    They are all so beautiful – very creative.  But my favorites are Jasmine's and Karen's.  Great job everyone~~ really fun projects!

  24. Becky C

    I love the umbrella, never seen something like that!

  25. Marília Lopes

    I love the umbrella, all the projects are great but the umbrella just did it for me.

  26. Becki Foster

    Cannot possibly pick one! They are all fabulous!

  27. Barbara Johnson

    I love Lynn Ochs' gorgeous project!!! What a beautiful job she did!! All of the projects are sooo nice!! Fun to look at!! 

  28. ava

    Scrappy Canuck studios, K. Hanson is my fav!

  29. valarie

    I think I like Lynn Ochs basket the most, but after that I would go with the umbrella

  30. Kari Cosentino

    wow! great projects, my favs are Jasmine's mini album and Karen Hanson's flowers!!

  31. shartl

    All of the projects are amazing but Monica's mini album really spoke to me. I love the fun colors, all the little details and the sweet happy feeling it gives me!

  32. Kristie Maynard

    So many beautiful projects.  My favorite would have to be Karen Hansn's umbrella, just beautiful.  And a close second would be Christal Bonner's project.  How clever is that?!?!

  33. Brit Kohl

    How in the world do you pick? Glad I'm not the official judge! I love Karen Hanson's umbrella of flowers though, love that the ribbon is some of the flower centers. Jasmine Ford's mini album is amazing too. Love the mini banner on it. Good luck all!

  34. Laura Cox

    Love all of the projects….WOW!!  Karen's and Jasmine's are a toss up for me….just gorgeous!

  35. Ruza

    I love what Michelle Mathey created! Awesome projects, especially the bouquet of flowers!

  36. Anjenic G

    Great creations by eveyone. I have to say I like Lynn Ochs. 

  37. Holly Elliott

    Cool projects! I love the camera and the umbrella!

  38. Bethany Becker

    I love Monika Davis's project. IT is gorgeous!

  39. DebbieC.

    Lots of inspiration and creativity.
    My favorite was Karen's door project.  Loved the paper flowers and the ribbon swag edging. I didn't realize it was an umbrella at first glance.

  40. Cynthia B.

    WOW! All these projects rock!! These ladies really put the DCWV papers and May Arts ribbon to wonderful use.
    I have to say that Michelle's cute gift set (clipboard and journal and packaged pencils – a girl after my own heart) and Julie's bouquet (just stunning!) are my favorites.

  41. Ms. Daiquiri

    Wow, all the projects are great. My fav's are Karen H and Jasmine F.

  42. Kimberlly Jones

    My jaw literally dropped with awe when I saw all these amazing entries! I love Michelle Mathey's office set! So cute! All the projects are just stunning!

  43. Jeannie (blue)

    I'm torn between Karen Hansen and Jasimine Ford's entries.

  44. Denise Bryant

    Lots of great ideas!

  45. Emily h

    All the projects are fab! I love Kate Wade's project!

  46. CathyinMN

    Wow!  There is a lot of talent here!  It was a really hard choice, but the umbrella bouquet really jumped out at me.

  47. Karen Conner

    While they are all awesome-the bridal bouquet and the umbrella are my favorites.  They are so smartly done.  Very unique.

  48. Holly Tolman

    I love Lynn Och's project and the bouguet of flowers at the end.

  49. Sandi Pressley

    I love Julie Nagl's bouquet….but all the projects are lovely!

  50. Mary Jo Hendrickson

    all of the projects are really good, but my favorite is Lynn Ochs and that cute basket and goodies.

  51. Cathy Derouche

    Man, was it ever hard to pick a favorite one!! they were all so amazing, but I guess i would have to say Karen Hanson

  52. Elizabeth P

    the “school” set with the covvered steno book and the pencils and clipboard. I hate picking – but that’s the one I like the best.

  53. Amy E.

    I know we're supposed to pick a favorite but, #1.  I don't want to single anybody out because, #2 I think they're all wonderful!  You can really see the heart and sould that went into each project.  Great job ladies!

  54. Brenna

    Oh wow, I'm a sucker for mini albums and Jasmine's is GORGEOUS!!

  55. C arol B

    I love Karen Hanson's project, but seriously they are all so wonderful!
    Carol B

  56. Lucy

    I like all of them, but would put Jasmine Ford's mini-album at the top of my list.  Lots of talent displayed in these projects!

  57. Sue D

    Wonderful projects–my favorite is Julie Nagl's flowers.

  58. p boszko

    All great projects, but Jamine Ford and Karen Hanson are my favs!

  59. Beth F

    OMG!  These projects are so different than the ones on the DCWV blog!  I LOVE the umbrella project, but I also am seriously in awe of the floral bouquet.  I can't imagine how long it took to make so many flowers out of paper!

  60. Carmen

    They are all great. But I love the flower crafts the best  – especially Julie Nagl's bouquet

  61. DeeDee LD

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh My! Gorgeous, fabulous, creative, inspirational and so much fun.   Loved all the projects but my 2 favs are Karen Hanson's floral project and  Lyn Ochs's ribbon basket.  Both are super cool.

  62. Karla

    These are great! The umbrella is so unique!

  63. Katherine Clayton

    WOW!  I'm glad I'm not a judge . . . all of these projects are awesome!  But I guess my two favorites would be Jasmine Ford's mini album and Karen Hansen's flowers with Julie Nagl's flowers coming in at a close 3rd . . . all 3 are so detailed and so inspiring!  Great work everyone!!!

  64. Esther

    All fabulous projects!  My favorite on this blog is the shadow box by Jen McDermott!  🙂

  65. Ashley N Newell

    I love Karen Hanson's project!  It's gorgeous!

  66. Maggie S

    All the projects were so awesome.  I really liked Lynn's the best and then Jen's.

  67. Kim Sirak

    I really like the umbrellaI could see that ahnging on my door.

  68. Laura Sanchez

    My three favorites were Emily's decorated tray hung on the wall, Karen's darling umbrella (those flowers are so bright and beautiful) and Jasmine's mini with the darling little flag banner across the page.  Great work from everyone!  It's going to be hard for you judges to pick a winner.

  69. Shana aka Drayia

    OMGOSH, that camera and flower boquet blew me away. LOVE those two projects, very talented ladies making them.

  70. Sandy Lewis

    Beautiful work ladies!

  71. craftgirl007

    Wow! So many amazing projects.  I love them all but my favs are Karen's umbrella, so pretty and original…I want one and Jasmine's mini, so cute and chock full of little details…I want one of those too!

  72. Laurel Beard

    I vote for Emily Lanham!

  73. Beverly Jordan

    Monika Davis' project is exquisite!

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  75. Caro

    these projects are all great – as are those on the DCWV blog. here on this blog I love most the beautiful project of Lynn Ochs.

  76. Kelly

    WOW what great projects!  I'm really loving the umbrella!

  77. beatrice lawson

    Scrappy Kanuck Studio just blew me away! All the projects are beautiful and incredibly creative.

  78. mitzi morales

    i love the project of karen hanson the umbrella.. is verry pretty and original….  awesome job

  79. EstherT

    So much beautiful creativity – I guess I'd have to pick either Jasmine's mini-book, or Julie's bouquet!  

  80. JenNeiM

    I really like what Jen McDermott has done with the wood-framed art piece. I've always wanted to make and receive one. It's so inspirational!

  81. Marjeen

    Wow, what great talent everyone has.  I love the project's done by Karen Hanson and Julie Nagl.

  82. Cheryl Walker

    My favortie is Lynn Ochs!!! Thank you 🙂 beautiful job ladies!!!
    Cheryl Walker

  83. julie o

    Woah, tough choice!  These are all beautiful projects.  I have to go with Karen Hanson and Jasmine Ford.  Those 2 projects are just outstanding, but those flowers of Julie Nagl are a close 3rd.  Beautiful job to all the entrants.

  84. Miriam Prantner

    This is tough!  I think that Monika's is my favorite, really clever filmstrip album, but Emily's is a close second!

  85. Lisa P

    I love Jen's frame! All of them are so incredibly cute though.  How amazing to come up with so many ideas.

  86. Goat Girl

    I love the mini-album! But the framed shadow box-type project was soooooo cute!

  87. Lesley @ Trendy Twine

    Karen's umbrella is fabulous.  The flowers are stunning.  Such a creative idea.

  88. by belle

    Holy Moley these are some great projects!  I love Karen's umbrella!  And Jasmines mini is super cute too!!  Sooo hard to choose!!

  89. Kathy P

    Ooh, a really tough choice, as always, but since I keep going back to Emily Lanham's board, that's the one I'm choosing.  It's unique,and so colorful!  Love her rosettes and notes.  

  90. Christina

    OMGosh!! So many amazing projects!Love the mini Jasmine and Karen!How did you make the umbrella?So pretty!

  91. DorothyCC

    This is such a difficult choice.  I liked all of the projects, although my favorites are Kate Wade's clever camera and Lynn Ochs' gorgeous flowers.  Is there any chance that instructions for these projects can be posted for us to copy?

  92. Annette Allen

    wow these are stunning…everyone did an awesome job…i really like Jasmine Ford album…super fun..

  93. NinaN

    Holy Wow!  I can't believe how amazing all these projects are! Great work ladies!
    Love Jasmine Ford's family album. Such a great idea!

  94. April W

    Wow these are all so gorgeous!!  I really love what Monika Davis created…

  95. DeeDee Catron

    I'm voting Julie Nagl – just beautiful!

  96. Kortney Hall

    I love Emily’s board!

  97. Cindy B

    It was hard to decide but I love Jasmine's mini.  It's so beautiful!

  98. Emily Keaton

    My favorite is Lynn Ochs's collection!!

  99. Regena

    Wonderful projects!  They all look like winners to me.  Love this paper stack too. 

  100. Darlene Saucier

    I have 2 favorites – I love the flower umbrella by Karen- so pretty.  Love how some of the centers of the flowers are made with the ribbon.
    The mini album by Karen is so cute – I love mini's.

  101. Debbie Dunham

    I love Julie Nagl's the best, but they are all wonderful creations!

  102. Beth

    They are all really great (I'm glad I don't have to make the final decision), but I like Jasmine's and Karen's the best.

  103. stacie

    I pick Lynn but really everyone did FANTASTIC!!  Way to go girls!

  104. HeatherG

    I love Jen M's shadow box! And Julie N's bouquet is amazing!!

  105. ellen s

    WOW. These are all incredible! I love Emily's…it's clean and crisp and I love the black tray and esp. the photos.

  106. Shona

    They are all so beautiful ! I can't pick just one favorite and can barely choose two, but I love Karen Hanson's and Jasmine Ford's !

  107. Laura G.

    Jasmine Ford's project appealed to me the most! But they are all nice.

  108. Jenni

    I had a hard time deciding as well…..i have several favorites, but i think the mini by Jasmine and the door flower arrangement by Karen are my most favorites!  Great job to all, they are all beautiful!

  109. Suzanne K

    It is a tough choice, but I have to say I love the umbrella- such a unique idea!

  110. KimberlyMarie

    WOW!  Look at all those great projects!  It's going to be hard to chose!!

  111. SuZeQ

    The flower bouquet ROCKS.

  112. Mij

    Karen Hanson and Jasmine Ford — both excellent projects.  Thank you for the opportunity to vote.

  113. Karen H.

    Holy cowzers!  All the projects are amazing!  Beautiful work everyone – I am humbled to have my project in with all of yours!  I love Jasmine and Emiy's projects!  So polished, and great use of the products!

  114. Barb Prendergast

    These are all amazing and creative, but my favorite is Jen McDermott's shadow box of "snapshots". I soooo need to make one of those for photos of my grandkids!

  115. LucyA

    I'm going with Karen Hanson but let me tell you it was tough. They are all really great projects!

  116. alice hancock

    Kate Wade's Camera!

  117. Maureen Hayes

    Since the idea was to use and showcase the ribbons I have to choose Jasmine Ford  and Lynn Och's projects.  They are all really beautiful projects, but I felt those two showed the different ribbons off to their best advantage. They used many types and colors of ribbon and made the more seamlessly into into their idea.

  118. Melinda Wilson

    My favorite is the flower bouquet!

  119. Emma Zajac

    I love the bouquet!

  120. karenladd

    These are all amazing but Lynn Och's project really inspired me! Love how she used ribbon to make those roses!

  121. Dee

    Wow! I'm always a big fan of mini-albums but in this case the most impressive projects are the umbrella and the flowers (Karen Hanson & Julie Nagl). What they made is nothing short of amazing!!

  122. Carol E E Brooker

    I love the umbrella, all the projects are great but the umbrella just did it for me.

  123. Jennie Bobbins

    I really like Kate Wade's project best.


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