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May Arts & Converse: The Perfect Pair!


This is SUPER EASY!  Ready?  Okay, here we go.  Cut two lengths of ribbon (You can use the same or do a different one for each shoe depending on how much you want to channel Punky Brewster.  Just say’n.) at 1 ½ yards each.  This is approximately the same length as the laces that come in the Converse to begin with.

Use the lighter to very carefully ‘seal’ the edges of the ribbon so it will not fray.  This is harder to do with the twill, be aware.  (There may have been a quick run to the sink on that one.  *maybe*  Just say’n.)

Lace your shoes!  That’s it!  And look at how cute this is!!!

You can use just about any kind of ribbon you want and totally customize your Converse!  I had so much fun trying the different kinds!  Have a happy day!!!

To see more of my work check out my blog, Just Jingle!

Blog post by: Jingle

  1. Barbara Moore

    Jen that is an amazing idea! I'm sure you've started a trend.
    Hugs XX

  2. Leah

    fun, hip and cool!  love it!!!

  3. ellen s

    Jingle you are the bomb! This is brilliant!

  4. Charlene

    Too cute, Jingle!!

  5. Kristie Maynard

    Cute idea!  TFS.

  6. Kimberly Jones

    A very clever idea!

  7. Sue McRae

    What a clever idea, so very fun!

  8. Rosann

    Aah cute idea …even at my age…humm , I still have my converse, lookout world … LOL!!

  9. Miriam Prantner

    I have been eyeing the cute little kids converse shoes at Target, and now I MIGHT just have to get a pair for the wee ones because it would just be SO cool to dress them up with all sorts of girly May ribbons!

  10. Amanda Coleman

    What a fun idea!  This is a good idea to remember next time shoelaces need repaired/replaced!

  11. Amy Jones

    My daughter had to have a pair of converse this year.  And she chose the ones that had all the fun color shoe strings.  She will love this Idea to add ribbon. 


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