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Matchbox Advent Calendar

Advent’s coming. Time for waiting.

Whether your countdown is awaiting the Christian holiday, or just to keep the kids from asking if tomorrow they can open gifts, an advent calendar can add a lot of fun to the waiting period! My favorite one was made of felt; it had a big tree on the top section with gold cord strung across it, and each day a tiny ornament was added to it from a pocket below. My sisters and I had to take turns decorating that tree…some were felt pieces adhered straight to the felt tree, and others had teeny hooks to dangle from the gold cord!

Watch the video to find out how to make a cute advent calendar out of matchboxes and ribbon!

For quick reference, stack the boxes this way when gluing them together:

  • Bottom row: 1-7
  • Second from bottom row: 8-13
  • Third from bottom row: 14-18
  • Fourth from bottom row: 19-22
  • Top row: 23-25 (I centered the red “25”)

It’s time for YOU to share…what was your favorite advent calendar growing up? Have you made any fun calendars for your children?

Be sure to come back and share a link to a photo of yours if you try this out!

Blog post by: Sandy Allnock

May Arts Ribbon Used:

Partners in Craft Supplies:

Other Supplies Used:

  • Lifestyle Crafts Matchbox die set
  • Glue dots

  1. Maureen Hayes

    What a great Advent Calendar project! I hope I can find something to create those boxes with because I would love to try this myself.  We didn't have an Advent Calendar growing up, but I have had one for years myself, I think it was a corporate gift when I went to a performance of The Nutcracker Suite in Lincoln Center one year.  It is a music box base with all the wooden boxes numberd for each day.  On top sits a tree.  Each box has a tiny ornament in it, so as you open each one you put an ornament on the tree to decorate it.  I still enjoy it to this day.
    Love the May Arts Rick Rack Ribbon you used, I had never seen it before and wish I knew where I could purchase some!  Thanks again, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Reisa

    Now that is a really cute advent calendar.  I don't know why but we never had an advent calendar when I was growing up

  3. Sherry Hickey

    What a fantastic project, Sandy; and I loved your video with the Christmas background music! I still love Advent Calendars; we always had the ones with the little paper doors that opened to reveal a scene. Thanks for helping to make the holidays fun & creative!

  4. Heather C

    Too cute Sandy!  I love it! 

  5. Virginia Fynes

    great advent!  I love the bow on top!  I will be putting this idea to use!

  6. Sue D

    Very cute!  Growing up we had a felt strip with jingle bells and a bow you untied every day.  I made from a preprinted panel at the fabric store a wall calendar of the nativity and you moved a star every day.

  7. conil

    Didn't have an advent calendar but I do remember those loopy ribbons that you put on top. Very cute project.

  8. Barb

    great idea
    we had one that the little windows opened to reveal a little scene every day

  9. Barb Ghigliotty

    Great video! Thanks so much, Sandy!!!

  10. Kristie Maynard

    Thanks for the great video!  Such a cute Advent calendar!  I don't think I had a favorite when I was a kid, but when my kids were little we had a Precious Moments tree that had drawers with little ornaments in them.  We all loved that one!


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